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Found 107 results

  1. Hello there, I've been a ghost here for quite some time and now decided I need to post since I need some help with setting up my party properly. I'm playing a wizard according to this build: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84911-class-build-wizard-%E2%80%93-vecna%E2%80%99s-legacy-the-casual%E2%80%99s-guide-to-soloing-normal-difficulty-major-spoilers-301-approved/ Which is a lot of fun so far. I have also found 2 companion videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVtz0MZ8SdQ&t=1146s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n952lELi1s Which aren't too bad though I was wondering whether anybody could improve upon them. If the concensus is that the builds are good (I'm playing on normal with a full party) then I would ask you if you could give me some advise on how to outfit/equip each of those companions or what to look for in terms of equipement (pistol, arquebus, rapier etc.) since the video doesn't really provide a lot of info on that and I would like to set my party up as well as I can. I know there have been a couple of those threads but most are old as dirt. Before an argument ensues: yes I want to play with the story companions, no I don't have any preferences other then that the group set ups work well together (you can advise me on those as well if you like). I'm grateful for any feedback you guys can give me. My experience with the Unity Engine is fairly limited tbh so I really need some sound advise.
  2. Not sure if Durance and Grieving Mother truly count, but added them anyway. I suppose their conversations are the quest, after all. Otherwise, let's hear what your favorite companion quest was! I myself loved Hiravias and Aloth quests, but after finishing today Zahua's quest I have to say that his mission was absolutely the best. Visual effect may have been over the top, but I myself loved them. And the visions were really awesome at subtly lead to the revelation Zahua had to make. Great stuff.
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I made it to Gilded Vale and spoke with Eder (one of the 'known' companions). I just followed the natural flow of the conversation...don't recall telling him to "pi** off" or anything...and he basically ended the conversation saying "Welcome to our fair town" or something. Now, whenever I speak to him he just says that and ends dialogue. Have I somehow missed the opportunity to recruit him? I don't recall offending him or anything (ie. some reason he wouldn't offer to join up). Thanks in advance for any feedback! In the meantime, I've had to recruit an adventurer from the inn, but I'd rather have the scripted companions in my party!
  4. Description: When the party enters the Abbey of the Fallen Moon and Maneha is in the party, the dialogue bubble appears on her portrait. The Player can talk to her. As soon as the party starts moving, the same conversation starts automatically again. Steps to reproduce: 1. Have Maneha in the party. 2. Enter the Abbey of the Fallen Moon area. 3. Notice the speech bubble on Maneha's portrait. 4. Talk to Maneha and go through the conversation. 5. Move the party anywhere in the same area. 6. Maneha initiates the same conversation with the player. Expected behavior: Maneha shouldn't initiate the conversation if the player has already had this conversation with her.
  5. Ok so I have been struggling with this for a while but basically I think around the begin of act II my party became fixed with the characters I had at that time. Where as I used to have all my companions on the roster at Caed Nua and I could switch them around making parties of different make up, suddenly and I cannot remember exactly when they disappeared and return back to the locations where I first found them. So the Grieving mother is back at the Drfold Village, Hiravias is at the Stormwall Gorge etc etc. When I approach them and talk there are no options to have them join me again even if I have empty slots available. While this is mostly just annoying as I because they can not longer level along with the rest of my party it is most frustrating because there are unfinished tasks and quests which are linked to this characters that I can never complete because they cannot come with me. Now I have been playing this from the first release (I was a backer) and so I am thinking maybe some patch may have corrected a bug but left me with this problem. Of course now I have moved on and on with the existing party but I am thinking now I am meeting new enemies I could really do with a druid or a cipher but I cannot add them to the party. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it is expected behaviour? Is it a bug? What can I do to resolve it? Can my save files be fixed to repair this problem? Thanks for any help.
  6. Only for sleep ,hiring, buying stuffs? how about dine party or something ,make drinks and foods necessary in some circumstances,May even open some quests, dialogues when parties gather together . that could be fun
  7. As it says in the title. Just a small oversight when adding the new Spell Mastery for 3.00, probably a five minute fix.
  8. Looking at (1) and (2), it seems there are a number of issues with the automatic levelling of companions that have persisted since launch. I have gone into the game to quickly verify a number of these on a new save (so I've looked at Aloth, Edér, and Durance). The main issues are: Edér has Confident Aim twice (which is impossible when levelled up normally), and they stack. Kana has no level 1 phrases, which is impossible when levelled up normally. Neither Zahua or the Devil of Caroc's attribute scores add up to 78, the standard number. Zahua's attribute scores are actually exactly the same as when the character was called Forton, and was only partially implemented. Kana does not auto-level past level 10. None of the base game companions level up past level 12. This is probably an oversight as the progression tables were not updated with the increased level cap. The Devil of Caroc does not auto-level past level 12.
  9. Hi! Last evening I was playing to PoE. I was exploring the Endless Paths of Od Nua. I finished exploring Level 13, so I went back to Level 12 to return the items needed to finish the related quest. When I returned the items, a new adventure started in the Stronghold. I clicked to select a companion to assign to it, but all of them disappeared from the party management window. The game says: “No companions at the stronghold”. There is a way to correct this bug or my save file is corrupted and my game gone? To check what happened to my companions I went back to the Stronghold main room and so the game overwritten all the other previous saved games… The dropbox link to the requested files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtvgg2qo9px6gey/Bug%20report%20files.rar?dl=0
  10. Hi, I would like to report a bug that's really affecting my gameplay: Since patch at start of June, the companions and custom characters I had in my stronghold have disappeared. Custom Characters are completely gone while the game npcs have returned to their original locations but are now non-recruitable. Those in my party remain fine, but I recently hired a custom character from an inn and had to remove Durance to make way for them. Durance is now back in his original location of Magran's Fork and is, like the others unrecruitable. I enclose a link to a drop box zip containing: dxdiag output log save file - everyone available - which is a save from before the june patch save file - Dur, Greive, Sag & Hiv missing - from current game with everyone missing save file - Durance non recruitable - from current game showing how characters cannot be recruited https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3glmnvu0pdj7dg/PoE%20Saves%20-%20output.zip?dl=0 Is there any way I can re-recruit these companions as I have not completed the quests for any of them. Also, Eder's quest seems to be broken now as he permanently wishes to speak to me but has no further dialogue options. Any response gratefully received.
  11. Hey guys, I'm playing through PoE and hit 5th level on easy mode. The hardest thing for me now so far is deciding between all the companions available to me. They all seem so interesting! This is my current line up: Me (a Cipher), Aloth, Sagini, Kana, Eder and Durance. It's a solid party so far, especially because I'm playing on easy, but I wanted to know if I should explore other companions. I'm wondering if playing on easy means I can basically have any party combination I want without really suffering heavy penalties. Also, what companions, in your subjective view, have the most interesting quests / personality? Finally, can I recruit and dismiss and re-recruit companions easily?
  12. So several months ago when I got PoE I got some great advice from players on making a character. I ended up giving up on the cipher simply due to the cheese factor of the class. It's not a bad class and I enjoy the "swordmage/arcane archer" archetype but it felt overpowered (I understand they've been nerfed now and have had their power level adjusted). After trying out the chanter and rogue I finally settled on the barbarian and had some fun. Made it the keep then got about 10 levels deep into the dungeon beneath the keep before I stopped playing and moved on to other games (re: my summer got busy). My biggest complain about PoE was how my party felt like it was slowing me down and combat became an endless slog of micromanagement. While it brings back fond memories of the old infinity engine games, I've become spoiled by the modern gaming advancements where I can set companion spells/powers and behavior and basically forget about them until boss battles came around. One of the purported changes in 2.0 is improved companion AI and I'm curious if it holds up. So does the new companion AI work? Or at least well enough for the casual player just playing on Normal? I'd like to play and not have to micromanage Aloth every 2 seconds because he either isn't fighting or being useful (or more importantly not dying every encounter because of the old trope that Wizards have to suck until endgame where they become overpowered). Tied into that question; I'm seeing a lot of complaints now on the interwebs about monsters ignoring engagement due to their improved AI. Is the companion AI smart enough to counter this? Or will I just end up micromanaging Eder (or any other tank) constantly?
  13. We have a video wherein Eric Fenstermaker (Lead Writer) talks a little bit about Zahua, one of the newest companions in Pillars of Eternity: The White March. Enjoy!
  14. I am sure some of your heard about it but for the rest I decided to mention this cool little game. It is a new party RTwP RPG done with PIXEL ART and the shortest description of gameplay/story would be: Imagine someone taking Darklands, Baldur's gate and Fallout 1 and mixing it up to make a cool new game. The longer official description you can find here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/335120 (there is a GoG versions as well here http://www.gog.com/game/serpent_in_the_staglands) To hype you up let me leave some of my impressions and experiences with it. Story You start as a Moon God that is stuck in mortal realm and must find his way home. As you must take a mortal body to travel and find out what happened you can be slain. You can create more than one body at start and travel with full (5) premade party if you want to or you can collect companions through the game (or kick premades to make room for companions). I been told there are around 30 possible companions to find. Some of them are only temporary with you and if you want to roleplay an evil guy/god you can bind their souls to yours so they lose their free will (they change their behaviour than). The story is very free form like Fallout, you explore the overland map like in Fallout at your own leisure and run into random encounters or villages/towns/places of interest in your quest to return to the Moon. Character System It is a classless system but you can choose from couple of races which each have 3 subraces. Your race gives you your look while subrace gives you a mechanical bonus They are not a direct copy of any other RPG I seen. You don't get to choose a class but skills are split into 3 groups: War skills, Spells and Aptitudes. War skills and Spells each have 3 ranks that you can get access to as you raise their primary skills during level up (Str and Dex for War skills and Int and Occult for Spells) while Aptitudes are a mix of non-combat skills and unique combat abilities (for example Linguistics lets you use an Incantation book to cast Curses on enemies and environment (a powerful curse can speed up day/night change which normally you can only do by spending money on a Inn, camping supplies or running around the Overland Map) but also lets you examine certain things in the world or get more from some conversations while Woodwise will detect/set traps and give you more information about nature phenomenon you run into). You get points at each level up and can put them into War skills, Spells or Aptitudes of your choice that you have access to. There is of course an inventory system that is like in BG games, one spot = one piece of gear but lots of items can stack. The whole party has one common inventory (the system is done better than in PoE) while the inventory itself is split into combat and non-combat items (two button filter one of the other part). Inventory screen will show for each character how currently equipped gear affects their stats while on Character Screen you can see the total results that take into effect your active War Skills and spells. Gameplay Like expected you get to explore the world, talk to many NPCs and try to loot anything you can see (NPCs will give you one warning if you try to loot their items) You will often need certain Aptitudes to get access to quests or just a bit of extra stuff (in above scene 1 point in certain Aptitude will give you a cool special item). Thing to note is that the game does not hold your hand. I am not kidding. The game has a Journal screen but you need to fill it yourself (although many quests will put scrolls into your inventory that will usually have most info you need), and the local area map is just a zoom out of your normal view that you can then scroll around to get your bearings or watch your party move long distance over the map. But it has many cool things hidden that you can find with the proper use of ingame resources and a functioning brain. Combat is often brutal like in BG1. Remember the first time you went out of Candlekeep and got murdered by a single wolf? Yes, that can happen here as well. Play smart and the game will reward you with victory. The start is hardest, I can tell you that. Your created characters start naked and with little money (and first shop has no armor to sell), but companions you can find early start with armor and weapons so use them well (or loot their stuff and kick them in good old Bg1 style :D). Read what your spells do and come up with good battle plans that uses most of your party skills and you will do well. Combat is often short and brutal so don't be afraid to use all resources at your disposal. War skills are all passive and you can have 3 of them active at any time and can change active one at any moment. There are all kinds although lower level ones are just some direct combat boosts (the notable exception is skill for Elixir bag that lets you elixirs do splash damage - yes you can throw Elixirs in the game as a weapon ) Unlike Bg1 spells in this game are not as OP, they are more toned down like in PoE but you don't have any limits on spellcasting. There two basic type of spells: those that need to channeled and those that don't. Channeled spells last until you stop channeling them which locks down your caster for that one role, while other kind last a fairly short time (except Shapeshifting which can be prolonged a lot if you build your character right) and use those at start of battle. There are no classic fireball/Lightning/invisibility/teleport/fly spells but you can still do a lot. Some fun spells can do things like turn a target into a Fiend that makes everyone around want to attack him (both friend and foe) and he channels negative energy while being attacked and releases that as a AoE damage once he dies. There are some fun outside of combat uses for spells like using some spells to change your form so you can fit where you normally would not be able to. What is that cat doing there Aptitudes can also be used in combat to charm enemies, summon helpers or curse them (like I mentioned earlier), set traps, craft potions to use in battle or check out the stats of your enemies to know how to fight them better. Closing Word Of course the number one question will be: Can I play games with pixel art? If you can answer this question with YES go buy this game today. It is only 20$ (and on Steam sale atm), done by only two people (can you believe that), it has 30+ hours of content and devs are improving it fast (mostly some UI issues left now) while listening to the best community suggestions. If you like the game spread the word around as all mainstream sites have completely ignored this gem. BTW, both Chris Avellone and Sawyer tried it and liked it.
  15. I tag this thread with Possible Spoilers, not because there is intended to be any, but because there'll possibly be a few, probably minor ones, but possibly major, so if you are sensitive, stay out. Now, anyway, there was this other thread, where I found myself running away with a concept, and realized that we needed a thread for suggesting CNPC:s! Woo. As I have harped on numerous times, the number of CNPC:s in the game is abysmal, and leave very little options in regard to choice, and it's exceedingly hard to push them away. Also, their reactivity leaves a lot to be desired. And during the course of the "Lack of Evil Companions"-thread, I started drawing the outlines for a suggested CNPC, and realized I wanted a thread like this. In it, we will both broad-stroke suggestions for various companions as well as flesh them out as much as we desire, albeit not write them. It's mostly meant to be food for thought and little more. Now, from my own perspective here, I'm going to be assuming balanced Attributes, as well as more diverse and different weapon focus groups. I hated how the existing CNPC:s got compromised and actually changed because of the Attribute system resulting in them getting "bad" Attributes, so if I suggest "bad" Attribute spreads for anything, it's because I operate under the assumption that they're not bad, and Attribute spreads are more about characterization and playstyle (beyond Tank vs. DPS), rather than lopsided and simple min/max. I suggest everyone else does the same. I will also assume a CNPC Level of 2, meaning 1 Ability, 1 Talent. This is purely because that's what I think CNPC:s should be limited to in terms of auto-leveling, in order for them to be a bit fleshed out, but still have ample room to move. It is by no means a rule; feel free to post full progressions suggestions in the same way CNPC:s in the game already has. And without further ado, a "proper" post of my original idea that made me want this thread, below. I will put it in a separate post.
  16. Whenever you dismiss your custom made recruited adventurer in your stronghold, they lose their voice when you recruit them again. Happened to both of my custom companions Is there a workaround/fix for this?
  17. When I go to the inn in gilded vale and hire a adventurer, I can pick from a level 1-5 adventurer.... I pick a level 5 and they are still only a level 1 character. why??? please help
  18. I keep hearing about these dialogues between, for example, Eder and Aloth, but so far I haven't heard zip. However, I did witness some snark between Hiravias and other party members. But it seemed to happen when exiting the inn in Dyrford Village, not when just walking around. I'm curious whether others have discovered banter triggers in specific areas, or after certain quests have been completed, XP accrual, or time. For example I know there's some barks when you cross major milestones, such as after meeting Maerwald (which also triggers some "one on one" conversational requests), but I am more interested in the meant-to-seem-random inter party banter.
  19. I looked through text files of the game and found out there is supposed to be a quest with Pallegina about Leaden Key and saving the Valian Ambassador. Apparently there were supposed to be assassins that attacked her at the stronghold while you were away and then she talks to you about this event. However Pallegina never talked about this with me. Did anyone actually do this quest? What triggers it?
  20. I think it's time to find out which companion people love the most! No multiple votes allowed, because I want to make it difficult for you folks. My personal favorite is Hiravias. He is irreverant, easy-going, gets angry easily, but always controls himself. Hiravias is very clever and his comments especially on gods were pretty much always on spot. He is very much a Glanfathan Orlan who calls Engwithans the Builders and he feels guilty about how many Engwithan ruins my party has desecrated... but he also is very rational and knows that this has to be done, for the greater sake. Even worshipping Galawain Hiravias never forgets how dangerous such a god is. It's odd to see him almost grovel in front of Galawain, but on the other hand, Hiravias has a strong need for belonging. Even better to see how if you don't do his companion quest, then he just abandons all gods, because **** them. There is no sob story at the epilogue, Hiravias just goes off into the sunset with both middle fingers up. He's exploring the world on his own and gets along just fine. Somewhat similar to the ending if you do the companion quest and make Hiravias worship Galawain: he returns to his tribe, kicks some butts and once everyone accepts him for being the cool druid Galawain chose himself... then Hiravias just leaves to explore the world on his own. I like this combination of an independent streak and this need to be accepted. Even his banter about sex things isn't as eye-roll worthy as I usually see in video games. Probably because he is not coy about it, just really passionate about sex things. Most of the comedy comes from how everyone is like... "oh God, I really didn't need to know that".
  21. Since we cant level companions from lev 1 to our lev and thats just automatic I have request: -HOW CAN I edit/mod or just reset my companions to lev1 and back to my lev but with skills/talents that I want. Not crappy one. Please help.
  22. Like many other people here I feel that my companions are useless. As a Paladin I'm more or less screwed for not going mechanics as when I did manage to pick up my new companions they all had botched skills. The attributes I guess I can live with but some of the talents are just horrendous. So my question is if there is any safe and well working way to change my companions? Like putting them back to level 1 and then letting me choose how they level up. I know people have mentioned IEmod but I've also read it's not working perfectly. Being able to keep getting achievements would also be a plus
  23. I finished the game and found lack of content for Pallegina surprising. Digging around text files I saw lines for a quest that didn't trigger for me. The quest is meant to happen in third act and involves Leaden Key assassins going after her and the Valian Ambassador. What triggers the quest? Do you need to go to a certain location?
  24. A Moment's Respite ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Saving Heodan ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/lmSEVG_YL9s?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Ruins of Cilant Lis ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Dungeon Guide ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/kOBIbepM2eA?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Vengence from the Grave ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ►Different Outcomes ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/Np3-DOw557Q?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Late for Dinner ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Quest Guide ► Saving the Dwaft ► Inn Discount https://youtu.be/NDlBrvbquI8?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Buried Secrets ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Quest Guide ► Walkthrough https://youtu.be/4fsfnYsv1E0?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Against the Grain ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Quest Guide ► Walkthrough https://youtu.be/wWaZq-yb41U?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Pillars of Eternity ► Character Creation ► Classes and Characters ► Abilities and Races https://youtu.be/A_YCUFTjpgQ?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza
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