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  1. Hi, I am currently at begining of the game, at the Hound Dog to be more precise. I am trying to recruit a lv 2 companion in my party but the game crashes EACH time after the character creation. The screen goes black then I have the following error message: Has anyone encountered this issue yet? Is there any workaround because It is very annoying. I've just bought the game and I'm already putting the game on hold because I can't do something as simple as hiring a new party member... I've attached the output_log.txt file. I still have the crash reports if needed. Thanks for your
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands? I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class. I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. When I load a saved game my companion bear is no longer there. He was there when I saved. A green x is where he should be when the save loads but then it moves off across the screen . When I double click the icon spot where his symbol should be it takes me to a random point on the map as if that's where my companion is.
  4. This might not just be Sagani specific but an issue for rangers overall. Anyway I haven't had her much in the party due to the bug but the faithful companion status effect is only active if the companion is alive right? Here's a picture of the bug.
  5. Dear developer team, I just encountered a severe bug that keeps me from moving further in the game: In caed Nua, my wolf companion disappeared after reloading a saved game (after I died fighting Maerwald). Now, I cannot leave the hold, because it is said that I have to assemble my party first (i.e. also the disappeared wolf companion…). Now comes the tricky part: the wolf companion is also gone in all of my other savegames, thus I am completely stuck… I saw that some other people encountered this as well... Hope you can help me out, Best Alex Here is a dropbox link to the s
  6. I am not really sure what caused it but for some reason one of my companions, Kana, Has suddenly gotten a lot of extra stats I am pretty sure he didn't have when I found him. He has 20 intelligence where I remember him having 18 or 19 when I hired him (he has 20 intelligence with no items equipped at all) 16/12/9/14/20/10 being his overall stats. For defensive stats he is 56/48/38/52. This is with no chants or armour or shield or anything at all equipped. His deflection goes up to 93 with a fine large shield and braces of deflection equipped. The bracers add 5 to deflection as advertised but
  7. I do realize other people have made posts about this, just wanted to throw some more output logs and saves into the mix. I did attempt the restart fix, but it was a no go. Not sure if you guys need more outputs and saves, but there they are. Output is attached, dropbox saves are as follows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmn5owamb7d508m/54e9e5de-d056-45e5-91e4-43119f3e75dd%20autosave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%20778
  8. Not playing the beta (I don't use Steam), but I watched: Is that still the case in the current beta? If so... It costs a minimum 5000cp to create a full party? Unless it rains coins in Dyrwood, that seems damn expensive. You could rest 25 times in the most expensive room in the inn for that amount. How about an option to say: "I'm looking for an old friend." to which the innkeeper could respond: "Tell me 'bout this friend of yours and I'll tell ya if they've been around..." Is that too much to ask? Pacing is not an excuse: The number of companions could be limite
  9. So... there is some discussion here about the possibility of Justin Sweet joining Project Eternity, and some of the things we've mentioned in that thread have sparked an idea. First, the relevant posts: That portrait, at least to me, looks slightly inspired by the Icewind Dale style. I like it. Sure, and that supports the idea that we could have multiple artists creating portraits that share a basic style or feel to provide more variety and choice without things seeming too mix-n-matched. Indeed, as was the case with IWD I and II portraits, they were different, but shar
  10. So, in your first playthrough is it going to be BG style companions or IWD style companions for you guys ? PoE luckily gives the option for either, or a mix of both. Personally I am probably going for all custom, since I have my mind pretty much made up about classes and race (Elves, or godlike w/ elf parentage) for my party. Leaving the companion stuff for second playthrough, if I hire them in the first I will park them in Stronghold most of the time... I don't think I will mix them though.
  11. Forgive me for adding another poll (because I know you guys are sick of these), but I'm just curious on whether people would like a dog companion. Since both Arcanum and Fallout had dogs as companion, I figure, why not stick with tradition and add dog companion in this game? The dog's class doesn't have to be unique, so he could a slightly modified version of the fighter class that would fit dogs. For example, the dog would have "headbutt" instead of "shield bash", but both skills could be exactly the same damage-wise. Obviously, a dog companion won't have as much character development
  12. Heros! Ha! I'd rather be a companion. Almost all games put you at the front of the action as the hero, chosen one, saver or destroyer of the world. I can’t think of one game where I was the support character helping support the main character with my actions or decisions or where I was allowed to work against them. As Obsidian writes this game there will be main branches of storyline. From those main branches as heroes we will be able to deviate and have our own unique experience. My thought, and I’ve never made a game in my life, is while developing this story they could create conduit cha
  13. Flagellants were mentioned in Shadenauts' post in the Monk topic; I think they're an interesting concept - what if they were one of the classes of PE? Here's a few ideas : 1) Overview So, who are we dealing with exactly? Using Warhammer as a point of reference : In other words, flagellants in Warhammer are usually simple people who have, figuratively speaking, gazed into the abyss, but the abyss gazed into them - and their minds simply snapped. It could've been a supernatural event, or a personal loss. Sanity was then replaced with fanaticism - this renders them utterly fearle
  14. So after seeing the tweet about Project Eternity hitting 1.8 mil on Kickstarter I asked if the new companion had already been decided. This was Obsidians response. So now I am here, and I am personally voting for Claptrap from Borderlands fame as our new Companion. On a more serious note I would like a companion that has some serious flaw in their personality, like kleptomania or schizophrenic. The player would be force to take a stance and make choices about how tolerant they are. The companions in many games are just an extra damage dealer and occasional questgiver. I would l
  15. I both like and dislike what I've been reading about the companion characters in the party. Deep stories and so on are great, but there is a downside. Dragon Age is a good example of having a few very deep NPCs to add to the party. The characters in Origins were mostly all fantastic, and I enjoyed them, but there were a couple of issues. 1) The NPCs got so much camera time and were so interesting that I felt my PC was somewhat overshadowed. It felt a lot like I was just there to be a witness to all the cool things happening to these other characters. By necessity, I was somewhat of
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