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Found 17 results

  1. After a lengthy period of gathering players' feedback, theorycrafting and balancing, we have come with a Community Patch Mod - a community based collection of tweaks and improvements. Community Patch consists of the following stand-alone modules: Basic - includes a lot of suggestions from the Deadfire Polishing Poll - a poll made by players for players, in order to pinpoint the possible balance problems and address them. Basic mod - is a conservative patch, it includes only those suggestions that have twice more votes pro than votes against change. (note: in case of suggestion with multiple options - we were aggregating them) Extra - also includes the suggestions from Deadfire Polishing Poll. But only those that didn't make it into Basic package, but still have more votes pro than votes against. Additionally, Extra includes a few fixes for several bug reports that we have found on the official technical forums. Keywords - address the randomness and apparent lack of systematic approach to spell keywords. This mainly affects priest, and to a lesser degree druids, ciphers and wizards. Typos - fixes a wide array of typos found in the English version of the game. Icons - adds a completely unique set of icons for all passive talents and effects. They were handcrafted with being as suggestive, unique and fitting as possible, in mind. For more info, you can check the mod page, or original thread on these forums, here.
  2. What do you think if we could fix a few bugs ourselves, test them, and offer Obsidian the solution; or as a backup plan make a mod (compliant with IEMod's Patchwork)? Obviously stuff like stuttering or shaking popups is out of our reach, but a few in-code changes probably could be done. I have in mind the following list: Bugs: 1. DoT damage is not being registered in party member stats 2. DoTs do not benefit from elemental talents 3. DoTs do not benefit from slaying talents (like Beast Slayer, Ghost Hunter, etc) 4. Charm occasionally ending prematurely 5. Powder Burns is hitting allies standing in FoE (yellow) zone. (screenshot) 6. Charmed enemies quickly regenerate a portion (10-25%) of hp/endurance when switching alliance Balance suggestions: 1. Make Deep Wounds stack 2. Duration of "fixed" DoTs (Wounding Shot, Wounding, Enduring Flames) should no longer be affected by INT (since their total damage is not affected by INT neither). At the moment, I know how to fix the first bug, and partially the second. What do you think of p3, and of the whole idea? EDIT: UPMod.1.01.306 is ready. Go to this post for download and installation notes.
  3. I’m sure everyone has had the problem with trying to find the last Milk Molar that they need, but can’t find it anywhere. This is a big hassle and can be quite aggravating at times. My idea is to add Milk Molars and Mega Milks to the map as small markers, perhaps with a toggle, so you know where NOT to look. Maybe adding a feature to the Sca.B in the Science Shop to do so. If anyone disagrees, please tell me why, as I think my ideas require some constructive criticism. I hope all have a great day, Imma hop on Grounded now :)
  4. Hey everyone, I hope I'm in the right place to post such a post ... It is really difficult to find German forums in which there is still activity. We as the Grounded GER Discord Community are currently increasingly looking for members who want to play together. Whether PC or Xbox, everyone is of course welcome. Everyone can come and go whenever they want, there is no compulsion to play. Various text channels are available to everyone such as Automatic news about Grounded, Secrets, construction projects etc ... We would be happy if you join our server. Best wishes Oliver German below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Hallöchen zusammen, Ich hoffe ich bin hier an der richtigen Stelle um einen solchen Post abzugeben... Es ist echt schwer deutsche Foren zu finden in denen auch noch Aktivität herrscht. Wir als Grounded Discord Community suchen aktuell verstärkt nach mitgliedern, die gemeinsam spielen wollen. Egal ob PC oder Xbox, jeder ist natürlich gern gesehen. Jeder kann kommen und gehen wann er will, es herrscht kein Spielzwang. Es stehen jedem diverse Text Channel zur Verfügung wie z.B. Automatische News zu Grounded, Secrets, Bauvorhaben usw... Wir wurden uns freuen wenn ihr unserem Server beitretet. Viele Grüße Oliver
  5. Was thinking that a future Update could be set around : Most of the Feedback you've received from the Community & how it is regarded by the Devs.Like : "We've seen your concern about [X], here's what we think of your proposals". About [Y], we think you're right, here's what we intend to do to adress it". On [Z], we don't believe anything needs to be changed, here's why". Just to share, where you're at, what is being regarded, Etc. What are you thoughts on Community proposals, be it right or wrong. I don't really know how difficult it would be to do this but, answering everyones concerns by hand on each individual Forum Threads, seems unfeasible. Better off setting up a Stream or an Update & "globalize" All/Most of the informations you've gathered & what you can share. Just my two-cents. If I had to point most of the things being discussed : Pace of Combat / Spellcasting. Difficulty. (PoTD seems to be the most discussed around various Threads) Classes. (Paladins Order, Wizards, Shifter Subclass, Etc. What people wanna see changed) Resolve vs Strengh/Might. (Devs State on this) Anything Devs wanna brought on the table. If it's possible to give us a sense of what is : A Priority at the moment. B & C priority, as far as you can think about it.
  6. Hi, there have been a couple of bugs which we as community were able to track down, fix and test. The idea was to make an unofficial patch mod for the game, plus provide the solutions if you would want to incorporate them into one of the future (if any) official updates. What was done: 1. Fixed inflicted DoT damage not being tracked/registered in "Total Damage Done". 2. Fixed an issue with DoTs not benefiting from Elemental talents (Scion of Flame, Heart of the Storm, Secrets of Rime, Spirit of Decay). 3. Fixed an issue with DoTs not benefiting from Race Slayer talents (Beast Slayer, Primal Bane, Ghost Hunter, Sanctifier, Wilder Hunter). 4. Fighter's ability Take the Hit will no longer protect non party characters (there was a problem where it would affect charmed enemies). 5. Fixed an issue where charm and dominate effects could unexpectedly break if affected character had no target despite enemies being in range. 5.b. Last enemy will no longer break charm and dominate effects immediately. These effects will last at least 5s, and player will be notified with "<Creature> has broken free!" message. 6. Consume potions duration reduced from 2.33s to 1s 7. Going invisible (Shadowing Beyond, Withdraw) will no longer end combat if there are enemies in range (12 range, 3s linger). And the more detailed list: BUG #1 PROBLEM: DoT damage done by the party members is not registered in the "Total Damage Done" section on their character sheet. Which makes it hard to estimate their damage contribution. SOLUTION: Invoke StatsOnHit tracker from Health.ApplyDamageDirectly() CODE: https://pastebin.com/UFD83fC2 (Ctrl-F RELATED BUGS) BUG #2 PROBLEM: Elemental talents actually do not increase all elemental damage, specifically they do no affect DoTs. WHY IS IT SO: The tick damage does not go via usual attack resolution routine, but instead is applied directly, and elemental damage modifiers were forgotten to be added. SOLUTION: Add respective checks to Health.ApplyDamageDirectly() CODE: https://pastebin.com/UFD83fC2 BUG #3 PROBLEM: Racial Slayer talents actually do not increase all damage, specifically they do no affect DoTs. WHY IS IT SO: The tick damage does not go via usual attack resolution routine, but instead is applied directly, and related damage modifiers were forgotten to be added. SOLUTION: Add respective checks to Health.ApplyDamageDirectly() CODE: https://pastebin.com/UFD83fC2 BUG #4 PROBLEM: An enemy who switched sides (due to charm, dominate, confuse) could benefit from Take the Hit modal ability. This was quite harming fighter's survivability. SOLUTION: Allow TransferDamageToCaster status effect to be applied only to party members, in StatusEffect.ApplyEffect() CODE: https://pastebin.com/g3FibpLi BUG #5.a. PROBLEM: Sometimes charm and dominate effects end prematurely even if there are enemies in range, because AI fails to pick a new target. BUG #5.b. PROBLEM: If you charm or dominate a single target, it breaks the effect immediately and without any notification. RELATED BUG REPORTS: one, two, three, four SOLUTION: Add additional condition (in StatusEffect.UpdateHelper()) that would check if there are any enemies nearby, and (optionally) provide a 5s grace period before breaking charm/dominate on a single target. CODE: https://pastebin.com/g6DLEG62 BUG #6 PROBLEM: Drinking potions occasionally fizzles STATUS: minor SOLUTION: not found WORKAROUND: speed-up consume potions animation CODE: https://pastebin.com/9NwRPKuL BUG #7 PROBLEM: Going invisible (Shadowing Beyond, Withdraw) resets the combat and breaks these effects. This is especially important for solo players. SOLUTION: Prolong combat if there are enemies nearby (in GameState.UpdateIsInCombatAndGameOver()) CODE: https://pastebin.com/T51KWeDv
  7. Update by Feargus Urquhart, CEO and Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Backer Content It's come to our attention that a piece of backer-created content has made it into Pillars of Eternity that was not vetted. Once it was brought to our attention, it followed the same vetting process as all of our other content. Prior to release, we worked with many of our backers to iterate on content they asked to be put into the game that didn't strike the right tone. In the case of this specific content, we checked with the backer who wrote it and asked them about changing it. We respect our backers greatly, and felt it was our duty to include them in the process. They gave us new content which we have used to replace what is in the game. To be clear, we followed the process we would have followed had this content been vetted prior to the release of the product. We appreciate the faith you have all given us into making Pillars of Eternity the great game that it has become, and we appreciate the strength of conviction all of you bring to every conversation we have together. Sincerely, Feargus Urquhart, CEO Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. Shipping As some of you may have seen already, the game has started shipping out. When your shipment is sent, you should get an email sent to your email on record in the Backer Portal stating that it is in transit. People in the United States should be seeing their physical items coming in very soon - if they haven't gotten them already. Our shipments going out to Europeans should be landing in the U.K. early next week. At that point the shipments will start going out to folks. The best estimate that we have currently is that people will start seeing their shipments arrive around the middle of April. For those people who only have a standard physical copy of the game and no additional physical goods, the box will ship once the discs are finished being pressed. You shouldn't be hindered from playing the game as we have made sure that all physical copies of the game were also given a digital copy. You can go to your Products tab in the Backer Portal to redeem your key if you have not done so already. One last note, if you were late in confirming your pledge and placing your order your items will be sent in a later shipment. We appreciate your patience as we try to get your rewards to you as fast as we can. Patch 1.03 Hello, Backers. The Pillars team has been hard at work collecting feedback and fixing bugs for our upcoming 1.03 patch. The focus of this patch was to quickly identify issues that were causing the biggest problems for the community and work to getting those fixes out as soon as possible. Note: We have hotfixed the problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests. We are going to have a list of fixes below, but some of the big ticket items that we have fixed include: Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke. Double-clicking to equip items was causing passive abilities to get removed from the character. This has been fixed and we were able to retroactively fix the problem for people that have already run into the issue. If you open your saved game in the latest patch, your characters will be repaired. We have fixed a problem where attributes on characters could permanently increase by equipping certain items. This will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue. The crash in Raedric's Hold has been fixed. We fixed the looping audio sounds that can occur if you play with minimized tooltips. Previously Wizard summoned items could persist after the spell's duration. This has been fixed and it will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue. The items Drinking Horn of Moderation and Talisman of the Unconquerable were causing Ciphers to permanently lower their amount of focus gain. We've included a fix to retroactively resolve the issue on Ciphers but the effect is still on the items. Unfortunately the fix will not fix the broken effect on those items, so you'll need to keep those items unequipped until the next patch. If you do equip them, perform a Save/Load to fix your Cipher. We released this patch earlier today on Steam. You can start downloading it by quiting out of your Steam client and starting Steam up again. The patch should download at that point. For those of you that have Origin and GOG, we are working with them to patch their platforms as soon as possible. We are hoping for all platforms to be up-to-date within a few days. Comprehensive Patch Notes Features Added pro tips to the Glossary. Many new icons for items. Added graphics setting to toggle antialiasing levels. Added new voice set reactivity for lockpick, poison, enemy spotted in stealth, spell failure, death, immobilized, and completed task. Added indicators on the loot screen when looting crafting and quest items. Party can now use lockpicks that are in the Stash. You can now cast AoEs on party member portraits and the spell will be targeted at the companion's location. Digital soundtrack now includes track names, track order, metadata/tags, and album art. Balance Monk unarmed attack buffed by 1 point at the top end. Arbalest damage has been lowered. Fast melee weapons do slightly more damage. Slight bump to sabre damage. Tuned down Mind Blades. Tuned ranges of many Wizard spells to be higher. Slicken spell is now a single hit AoE. Chill Fog is now a friend or foe spell. Curse of Blackened Sight is now foe only. Changed reload speed multiplier from 2 to 1.2 for Sure-Handed Ila. Fixed the price on Seal of Faith. Adjusted price on figurines. Adjusted price on rings. Tuned up the Goldrot Chew. Reduced the penalties for Bonded Grief. Tuned up Bulwark of the Elements. Modified attributes of companions and Itumaak. Raised the bonus for having fewer than six party members from 5% per character under the limit to 10% per character under the limit. Added cooldown to NPC Rogue's Escape ability usage so they won't use it back to back. Rebalanced fight difficulty and spell selection for the Old Watcher. Lowered the scale of the Defiance Bay reputation by 15%. Beloved Spirits adds 0.4 Endurance to Ancient Memory instead of 2. Changed duration of the Flagellant's Path defense penalty. Adjustments to the Mantle of the Dying Boar. Reduced the price of the Brighthollow Hearth and Courtyard Pool. Heart of Fury will now apply to all damage types. Tuned damage on Brilliant Radiance down. Systems Changed one of the fatigue status effects to not end with combat. Fixed save game issues with spells and abilities that place down traps. Fixed issue to prevent Ciphers from casting abilities without the required Focus. Restored modal flag for Reckless Assault. Set Transcendent Suffering to not be combat only. Fixed duration issue with Plague of Insects. Fixed companion audio triggers for some status effects. Fixed issue with Wizard's summoned magical items getting stuck after save and load. Wizards will be restored to a proper state after loading a game. Hunting Bows had the wrong speed descriptor. They are now listed as Fast. Character Hit Autopause option should be working as intended. You can now close the Grimoire and Chant UI with a hotkey. Fixed issue with summoning magic items while unarmed. Fixed delay issue on Knockdown. Fixed a few issues with Dominate and Charm spells. Fixed a bad item mod on the Ring of Protection. Fixed issue with the Terrible weapon mod. Changed bad data in ranger summons. Made Takedown to be consistent with Knockdown. Fixed multiplier on Blooded. Summoned weapons will be removed when Spiritshifting. Fixed issue with bouncing reflected melee attacks. Party members will no longer switch to different weapons after being Charmed or Dominated. Ancient Memory is now Ally only. A summoned weapon will not unequip the grimoire. Fixed Spellstriking mod. Fixed trigger count issue with the Prone reduction mod. DOT spells should clean up properly when combat ends. Fixed Deflection +10 mod. All Exhortations are now combat only. Only play weapon ineffective VO if the attack is hostile. Aggrandizing Radiance will now last until combat ends. Holy Radiance is now combat only. Carnage now works better. Quests Fixed issues with factions and super friend quests with Lady Webb's dialogue. Adjusted trigger in front of the Salty Mast to fix a possible way to skip a required cutscene. Fixed issue with the Winds of Steel quest line. Fixed a trigger outside the First Fires Keep that could have been avoided. Many fixes to music, audio, and VFX to a scene near the end of the game. The prybar should now display the correct image in the Raedric's Hold moat scripted interaction. Changed faction on the Hall of Warrior's containers. Fixed scripted music for the forge knight combats in the keep. Visual effects in the introduction cutscene should now be triggered properly. Fixed conversation of the guards in Raedric's Hold to not repeat. Added cape and armor to the loot for the Fampyr boss. Fix to Osrya's starting timer not being attached to the trigger in the area. UI Fixed sound issue when collapsing the tutorial UI. Fixed issue with double clicking items to equip. This is a retroactive fix and will restore characters with proper stats. Fixed issue where camping supplies were disappearing when added to Stash. Cage Cursor setting should not turn off after loading a scene or cutscene and is now on by default. Fixed cropping on a few portraits. Fixed issue with highlighting dead bodies and containers in the fog of war. Fixed item stacking issue that was stacking items inappropriately. Reduced the intensity of the explored fog of war on the area map, and fixed an issue where the shadow layer was causing the area map to be darker than it should be. Small UI updates to the journal screen. Reworked the enchanting UI to work better with multiple lines. Fixed UI sorting issue in store. Fixed UI sorting in crafting menu. Fixes to Capitular glyphs in end game slides. Fixed issue with stronghold alert widgets not hiding properly. Fixed an issue with weapon mods were incorrectly being displayed in some cases. Drag select should work properly when starting the drag over an enemy. Fixed a few issues with drag select and formation rotation causing issues when the mouse goes over UI elements. Fixed some control issues with holding down keys. Shot on the Run recovery value should be now displayed correctly. Fixed issues to how the HUD fades out during conversations. When the party receives or loses items, those log messages now go to both logs. Cleaned up the character sheet formatting and made more items clickable. Store item names can now take up two lines. Spells now show DT bypass in the description. Consumables now show per-Rest and per-Encounter usage limitations. Other Fixes Fixed stats issue with saving and loading on the same map where a companion is found. This is a retroactive fix and will restore companions and characters to the proper state. Fixed issues with save games in Raedric's Hold, causing the game to not function correctly or freeze. Ranger Animal Companions should not disappear anymore and broken animals will be restored after loading and saving the game. Fixed possible issues with disappearing items and weapons. Minor fixes to a few select voice over lines. Fixed size issues with equipped capes on Godlike characters. Changed Explorer achievement to check for 152 maps rather than 160. Fixed many issues where combat would not end properly. Updated credits with more backer names. Updated paperdoll level up lighting. Scripted music should now be restored properly after loading a game. Updated Temple of Eothas render. Fixed some rendering issues with Fog of War on some areas. Fixed sounds on movie that plays near end of game. Reduced antelope feet sliding. Fixed issue with weapon caching causing issues when weapons are swapped. Interstitial music no longer loops. Fixed issue where party members could take damage in cutscenes. Fixed voice cues during looting for full inventory. Fixed transparency on ghost characters. Fixed issues with cutscene pathfinding if the game's process is halted. Fixed issue with Expert mode settings getting saved improperly. Fixed issue where characters were not properly stopping at the last waypoint of their path. Adjusted Skuldr scream vocals. We now handle some edge cases in resolution management on some hardware configurations. Fixed issue with the party member Knockout achievement not reporting the correct numbers. Crowfall Our friends at ArtCraft Entertainment just finished up their Kickstarter for Crowfall, a really cool MMO being made by some serious industry vets. In Crowfall, players each get their own personal Kingdoms that they own and that other players can visit. Kingdom owners have full control over who can enter, trade rules, and taxes. It has the potential to be really amazing. Mix in the Campaign Worlds, limited time campaigns that players can play through, and you have a recipe for a great time. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, you can still pledge now. Just head over to their website for more details.
  8. Old thread here. Forum maintenence so far, but today I'll be playing games and reading up to a coming exam in European divergence.
  9. Hello everyone! I watched this video again, checked YouTube and then I was struck by lightning. The smoke is still coming off my now bald head, but I just had to crawl to this forum and post this "idea" before I pass out from the pain. It is not really an idea, it's an ORDER. Repost this video on relevant forums across the web, share it on your Facebook pages, like it, Twitter it #PillarsofEternity (twitter link), and furthermore, SEARCH FOR PILLARS OF ETERNITY IN GOOGLE! Or click this link and this link and this link (these links link to google, in an attempt to bump relevancy). Why? Marketing. Not standard marketing. Community marketing. Fan marketing. People marketing. Underdog marketing. "Just get those views up"-Marketing. Find forums and share the news. Spread this video like wildfire. If you've got a YouTube Channel, discuss it, upload videos and talk about it. Do everything in your power to up those views on it! Let's get this bad boy up to 500'000 views (It's at 180'000-ish views as I post this message). Can we do it? OF COURSE WE CAN! *insert "Yes we can!" logo* for Sparta Eir Glanfath!!! Glhf P.S. we could spread this (Pledge site) too while we're at it Hugs!
  10. Last thread here. I'm studying for my finals here in January and getting serious with the bartender, so this single life might be coming to an end soon.
  11. Hi friends. My name is Armand, and I've been doing fan songs in the spirit of Project Eternity. I've done four songs so far, and would like your help in doing a fifth! Let me know what you'd like me to sing about! I'd really like to do something more specific to Project Eternity, but as information is scarce as of yet, I've sorta winged it on the info we've got. So far we've got one song about getting killed by sea monsters, as mentioned in Update #5, a song about a very skilled thief that I recorded for fun, and a song about a strange man that can steal your soul by placing his hand upon your head. I based this on the possibility of having multiple souls in your body at once, as also mentioned by Josh. I imagined a evil magic user of some kind, using Shang Tsung-esque powers to rip souls out, and collect them as his own to draw power from. What could the next song be about? I've been thinking of singing about guns and the veil. Based on the mention of how gun users disable arcane veils in battles against mages by shooting them. Or maybe, a song about the Obsidian Order? Or about Edair's whip-lasso thing!? All ideas welcome, as long as they are related to Project Eternity somehow. I'll be sure to dedicate the song to the forums at the beginning of the clip, and mention and give credit to all who helped in either the description or at the end of the clip! Let the ideas roll in, and feel free to talk amongst yourselves of what you like the best among all the suggestions. Based on that I'll write together a final plot for the song, and if that then gets green lit by you, I'll record and upload it! Song can't be any longer than 2 minutes though. So compress your epics into that time frame. It would be wonderful if we could settle on an idea before Friday, as I'll be gone during the weekend and won't be able to check the forums or record anything during that time. Looking forward to reading your posts! Here's the last song I did! "Stealer Of Souls" -
  12. Hey guys, you might know me from the Project Eternity forums. My first few threads were a bit of good-natured trolling, but I would hope that since then I've proven that I'm very interested in discussing games on a deep and serious level. Like many of you my gaming background includes playing classic RPGs by great developers like BIS and Obsidian, and I've played more recent RPGs as well in addition to other genres of games. In an age of blockbuster titles with huge budgets, it's remarkable what Obsidian (and several other studios including inXile) has achieved via Kickstarter, and I believe that this bold and innovative move on the part of the developers has great potential to benefit gaming in general. However, I think that if progress is to be made, we can't simply rely on the production end; the consumers must make efforts as well, and there are many ways to do this, ranging from talking with one's wallet to simply creating and sharing new ideas. In fact, I think that activists, critics, designers, and theorists all have a part to play in the progress of gaming, and I want to foster these efforts by creating a common home for them. The level of discussion in the Project Eternity forums has been very inspiring to me, and I've actively participated in a lot of exciting discussions. I suppose I can only speak for myself, but in my eyes the thing that tends to happen is that, in the course of giving suggestions specific to Project Eternity, we reference other games, and then we find ourselves making theoretical statements about RPGs in general, and finally we end up dreaming up cool stuff that is probably beyond the intended scope of Project Eternity. While I'm ultimately sure such ambitious suggestions don't hurt, it's got me thinking about whether there might be a better place for some of the brainstorming. Project Eternity will be a great game, but it's obviously not going to include all of our crazy ideas. However, that doesn't mean that the ideas that are left out aren't great ideas, and I think it would be a shame for such ideas to languish, buried by tons of other Project Eternity-specific stuff. Needless to say, I'm not proposing a replacement for the Project Eternity forums, but I think all parties stand to benefit from there being a place where broader discussion can take place among like-minded individuals, and to promote other games similar to Project Eternity. To that end I've been doing some searching for a gaming community based around discussing the theory of game design and ideally also promoting more grass-roots development and consumer activism. The thing is that I have not really found anything that entirely suits these purposes. RPGnet seems to be the place to go for tabletop RPGs but it's a bit lacking in video game-related content. The Forge used to be another popular place for such things, but now it's closed. Gamasutra has some quality blogs, and there are a lot of other cool game design blogs out there, but ultimately I don't quite think blogs achieve the objective. I'd like to see a place where everyone, not just the minority who are committed enough to run their own personal blog, can share their ideas about game design and promote projects they feel are worthy. I just don't know of such a place currently, though feel free to correct me if you do. With this in mind, I was just like "what the hell, I'll give it a go". Yesterday I started messing around with creating a free forum, and I'm a complete noob at it, but I'd really like this to succeed because I think something like this could greatly improve the gaming experiences of those involved. If any of this resonates with you or you've always wanted somewhere to post your ideas about RPGs or gaming in general, I encourage you to come visit what I've got so far. As you can tell the work has only just started, and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to help out and have their own influence on this endeavor (nothing's quite set in stone yet, especially the name). Please feel free to post in there or on this thread if you have input or suggestions, or if you feel like this is enough of a worthwhile endeavor that you'd like to assist me. -mcmanusaur
  13. A friendly match, Community vs Developers. I challenged Adam jokingly on Twitter and he said "Sure. I'd be down". So who's interested? The current [Team 1] in D&D terms: Ranger: .Leif. Priest: Osvir Wizard: -Open Slot- (Can also be Cipher, Ninja) Fighter: -Open Slot- (Can also be Paladin, Barbarian) Rogue: -Open Slot- (Can also be Fighter, Assassin, Cipher) In League of Legends terms: ADC: .Leif. Support: Osvir Mid Lane, AP: -Open Slot- Top Lane, Tank: -Open Slot- Jungle: -Open Slot- I live in CET (Central European Time), that is 9 hours ahead of California and 6 hours ahead of New York. GMT+1. Here you can search for your city. Which days works best for you? - Weekdays - Weekends Weekends would work best for me. Saturday. I'll use Indira's method #IdeasNotForgotten. Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: | Sunday: As I won't be able to edit this post, I will simply copy+paste the list of participants and positions and update the thread rather than update this post. Looking forward to play with you
  14. Being relatively new to the forum, I have not taken the time to read back on topics of the past, so forgive me if I'm digging up something that's long been forgotten. What sort of community involvement is OE going to have during the development of PE? A great many of us are already beta testers, so that's promising. I'd also love to take part in regular input of the game if OE decides to reach out to the community, but at the same time I don't want them to feel obligated to do so. This is their vision after all, and I would be really sad if it turned into a "try to please everyone" fest. Especially if it's from entitlement people may feel after Kickstarting. I know I feel it, but I'm resisting! On the other side of the coin, I wouldn't like to see things that they ask of us (I'm imagining this taking place in poll form) flat-out ignored in the end. I'd rather not have been given the choice in the first place. All-in-all, I'm happy where things have ended up, and whether OE keeps everyone in the loop throughout, or closes their doors for the next 18 months to only re-open them Willy Wonka fashion, with golden tickets and everything, to something so fantastic words will fail me - I will be very satisfied.
  15. Assuming this game is going to have stats, or some sort of random qualifiers I was thinking of new character creation system: 1) When you create your character, instead of choosing your class, stats, etc, you write a bio for your character. 2) The text is uploaded to a server, then you review other players' characters assigning classes and stats based on their bios until you collect enough karma 3) Finally you receive a character sheet (which can be open or invisible) which the most voted options/averaged stats for your character What do you think about this? Could it work maybe not as the main character creation system, but as an optional system?
  16. Hi guys. I've just found a quite new website that seems pretty nice to keep up with coming projects of different nature. I feel like it is part of the efficient tools we could use for the viral campaign we have to carry on for the sake of this game and other Kickstarter goodies, so I'm helping rising awareness of it. Project Eternity and Wasteland 2 are already represented, as well as Double Fine Adventure and Nexus 2 for example , so don't hesitate to push them a bit if you like.
  17. Dear Obsidian and future players of Project Eternity Here is a suggestion: Make a community wishlist, a separate website/webpage that holds a list of features that players would like in the game. New entries can be made by users, and every entry can be voted upon by users, the most voted will then trend among the top, giving you as designers and developers a clear indication of what the players really desire. As opposed to crawl through this forum in an attempt to get an overview of the various features that players would like to see in the game. An obvious example of a community wishlist is present at GOG: http://www.gog.com/wishlist An absolutely phenomenal system, that is easy to view and gives a clear indication of what the users would like. What do you think?
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