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  1. Hey guys, I'm playing through PoE and hit 5th level on easy mode. The hardest thing for me now so far is deciding between all the companions available to me. They all seem so interesting! This is my current line up: Me (a Cipher), Aloth, Sagini, Kana, Eder and Durance. It's a solid party so far, especially because I'm playing on easy, but I wanted to know if I should explore other companions. I'm wondering if playing on easy means I can basically have any party combination I want without really suffering heavy penalties. Also, what companions, in your subjective view, have the most interes
  2. might 18 dex 15 Con 10 int 17 per and res is 9. Will this stats let you stand a chance during combat? So question is weapon choice? Should go for 2h or dual wield? Because of per and res, deflection is not that good. So comes the armor issue. Cloth or medium armor? comments, ideas, other build suggestions are welcome.
  3. I noticed that my main character (cipher) suddenly stopped being able to generate focus, and tested until I found the reason, namely the "Drinking Horn of Moderation" neck slot item. To test: I created a new cipher adventurer ("the character" below), and saved the game. I loaded the saved game and equipped the character with a blunderbuss and nothing else, and attacked a paralyzed lion. 2 grazes, 3 hit, 1 crit, grazes at 6~ hits and crits around 12. Result: went from 15 to 29 focus. This is what is expected. Reloaded the saved game, equipped blunderbuss and horn of moderation,
  4. Hello I made a decision that i will play Gun-Cipher charater, propably wood elf. I have some questions about this class since im beginner. 1. What are the best "spells"/powers for Cipher Gunslinger ? (he will propably use bow at the begining) 2. What do you think are the best talents for this build ? 3. What stat distribiution whoud you guys sudgest ? i give him something like 18 MI 6 PE 16 DE 10CON 18 INT and 10 Resolve.. is that good ? Patch is 1.6 if i recall....
  5. This build is adapted for 1.05 and the lower starting focus. Role: Offtank/DPS -You still have all the other cipher goodies, but the micro actually comes from moving around than anything. Race: Moon = Fire Godlike > Wild Orlan = Human -You'll eat some disengagement attacks here and there so having an endurance heal is good. Fire Godlike can also be decent, but Moon is much more forgiving as you run around the battlefield. Fire does give you retaliate focus which is better for mid game. Powers: Antipathetic Field + whatever else. Probably Ectopsychic Echo for the theme, b
  6. I'm really digging the cipher class, but I can't figure out what the heck Recall Agony even does. I can read the description just fine, but I've tried it in combat and can't see anything relevant in the log. Surely it doesn't just do 30% of one blow's worth of damage over many seconds (in which case it actually gets worse with high int)? If anyone could point it out to me I'd be very grateful
  7. On my solo run last night I found that enemies I affected with the confused condition from Mind Plague were not giving my Cipher focus upon attack. My guess is there is some code that prevents you from attacking your allies to gain cheap focus, and that allegiance-switching/-blurring spells make a target your ally for the duration. This is seen by their target circle changing from red to green on many such spells. I imagine that this would be a pretty simple fix to add a flag to your party members preventing focus gain, but then some code to allow gain from any other target regardless
  8. When I discover the temple of Woedica, I can't wear the Woedica hood asI am a Cipher, and no way to fight all the ennemies. Too strong for me. Any idea?
  9. The shield is supposed to only affect melee attacks, and probably only enemy attacks as well. 1. have a party member equip Sura's Copper Plate 2. cast any of cipher's abilities on said party member 3. cipher receives dmg As far as I know it's only affecting cipher's abilities atm. It's quite annoying because Pain Block is a really good buf that provides DR but it kills my Griveous Mother... See the combat log(i casted blindstrike because you can't cast party buffs ooc) you see that after the first miss eder retaliates. I assume the retaliation uses the main weapon as Eder has a s
  10. My main character, a Cipher, for some reason does not get any AoE bonuses from Intellect, while other characters do. The character screen claims I'm getting bonuses, but the area highlight never shows the yellow zone, regardless of my Intellect. I verified that it's not only a visual glitch - the area is indeed not affected by bonuses. I tried disabling/re-enabling the area highlight to no avail. I also tried manipulating the attribute score through cheats in attempts to "unstuck" the calculation, and it actually worked (I got the yellow zone) until I reloaded from a save. I can no longer rep
  11. Here is the playlist of my finally completed my Let's Play of Pillars of Eternity! Totaling 120 parts (117 actual parts, 3 'extras' where I previously cheated to win the game but decided to go back and finish legit instead), this is my first playthrough of the game, going into it with backer beta gameplay knowledge. I play a Death Godlike Cipher named Abattoir, a Philosopher who tries to show that Death Godlikes (even the big, scary ones) can be kind-hearted and honest. My mouse is, unfortunately, off-center for the first 27 parts due to my monitor's native aspect ratio being 5:4 and m
  12. Hello community, I am a long time RPG player, including both computer and PnP RPGs. Thus I have experience with these types of games. However... I do feel a bit overwhelmed, mainly by the lack of proper descriptions in this game. I decided to start with a ranged Cipher character. I read a few threads around this forum and have an idea what talents/spells are good picks. Skills, however, are a mystery to me. I want to ask - how many points does a character get? Because I want to put a few points in Athletics, Mechanics, Stealth, Lore... you get the idea. Now, I understand it mig
  13. I started out really liking Whisper of Treason, but then I read it becomes obsolete with dominate powers later on. Tenuous Grasp (fear/confuse) seems kind of pointless when you can charm or dominate them for a longer duration. Though I guess you could use it against a solo enemy and have it not break on damage. Antipathetic Field apparently does its listed damage once per second, I read, despite the description not stating this. Which makes it do way, way more damage than Soul Shock. A beam shouldn't be too hard to avoid friendly fire with. Though strangely, the description says nothing ab
  14. Does cipher get 1 more spell/power selection at level 12? Having a tough time picking the 2 6th level spells, but if I can pick the third one at level 12, there's no real problem.
  15. So I just got this game and am looking for some help on creating my first character, which I've decided to make a Cipher. I've been reading up on different classes, and I was between a Cipher, Druid, and Wizard. Since I can get a Wizard NPC early, it came down to Cipher and Druid, and the Cipher description just sounded really cool so I figured I'd try one first. According to their description, they sounded like they could play as melee mages, in a sense, but many threads I've seen have made them sound too squishy really to play melee all that much, and that ranged weapons are King with a
  16. So, how far i would get in hard mode with party of 2 fighter as tanks (10/10/10/19/10/19, kinda ballanced), priest, cipher, wizard and chanter.Fighter with shields, and casters with guns. What do you suggest as dps?Is chanter worth just for reload speed aura?I got cipher and priest using pistol and arbuegus and is pretty good.Should i make chanter as off tank when some mob pass my fighters? I played party with 4 melee dps, and i ofted dont have room for them to properly place on target.
  17. As much as I love my cipher, it would appear that amplified wave is bugged. The prone effect caused by the spell lasts indefinitely, as can be seen by these two screenshots showing an hour of game time in between them. This unfortunately makes the spell incredibly overpowered. This occurs on v 1.03.530 from GOG. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  18. Hello people. I would like the community's help on a matter. I want to pick a class and i just can't decide which.I'm torn between a few because they each have some of my prefered playstyles. I like to use tactics and outwit my opponents. I liked the Shadow class from Dragon Age Origins.It has stealth,illusions,bombs and different poisons,basicly loads of fun. I tend to like summoning classes that are more active.Think WoW's warlock and Titan Quest's Spirit. I just want a fun,active and skillfull playstyle.So,that being said,i've reduced my classes to the following: 1.Rogue
  19. Most of the times I used the cipher spell "Ringleader", the enemies are charmed for less then a second, even though it says they're dominated or charmed for 10-20 seconds. Is this a bug or is there something I don't know about? I didn't have problems like this with the "Puppet Master" spell.
  20. Heyo I have been lurking both here and the Reddit sub for a while, and been reading all the fun builds people have theory crafted. After finishing the game on normal, cheesing my way through with 5 rangers and a cipher, I decided to try and rerun the game solo, going for the Triple Crown Solo, and starting with the hard difficulty. Was wondering if anyone could help recommend a good solo build, I especially had the Cipher kite and run and Rogue retaliation tank builds that are currently popular on this sub but any suggestions are welcome. Also if you wouldn't mind touching into gear,
  21. I'm still thinking if to go melee or ranger style. What do you guys suggest, what should my build look like? Preferably melee, maybe. What build do you use? It's been a week since game launch and I'd like to hear what you've learned so far. Thanks
  22. Hey you guys, actually I really haven't even started playing pillars because I'm quite pinned to the character creation screen. xD Now I'm some kind of picky - I know. But in order to finally decide on my character I have some Lore concerning questions: After hours of consideration I finally decided to play as a cipher (eventhough rogue seems appealing to me). First I though rolling for a druid, but then, since Baldur's Gate I know that these games tend to be heavy in city related plots so druids kinda feel like the third wheel being all for nature. But ok I decided to go for a cipher
  23. Description: Casting mental binding on a troll twice triggers a graphical error. I've only noticed this to occur when the second mental binding is cast thile the first is still active. The actual distortion grows with time (even when the game is paused), and disappears when the troll is killed. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Cast mental binding on Troll. Cast it again before the duration of the first cast is over. Important Files: DXDiag Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  24. Plain and simple - which powers are awesome and absolutely required and which are really crappy? There's not a lot of space to go wrong here, so would like to know your opinion.
  25. Hi, i want to create a Cipher for my second playtrough.This time i want to min/max a little bit.I aim to create a inteligence-based CC spells only Cipher, to get most out of max Int. I want to use guns.Mainly because i never played ranged, and didnt played much of a dnd rpgs with gunpowder. RACE Should i choose Godlike for that +1 inteligence?And try to max out Int to 20?If yes, what kind?The racial bonuses seems a little off... Or just go with human? Atributes What would be the ideal number of inteligence for max CC?Is 20 overkill?I dont think that Might will give me bonus to ranged dama
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