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  1. If you equip the Boots of the Long March on a Dwarf they skate along the ground. It seems to interact fine on Humans and Orlans.
  2. After using the Ebony Spider figuring and getting my little spider army, BB Wizard spell gets "deactivated" and never "happen" despite losing a spell per encounter. Also the spiders are being "teleported" around, but the combat log suggest they are re-summoned. [steps] - Create new character - Once in the game world, go in the inventory and select BB Wizard - Once there, select Ebony Spider figurine and put it into one of BB Wizard quickslots - Exit Inventory - Select BB Wizard to be able to use the figurine in the quickslot - select where spiders should show up (anywhere doesn't matter) - Once spiders are there, move BB Wizard closer to Medreth's group - Select the fireball spell and watch has the spiders move and the spell is cancelled In the combat log, you can see BB Wizard casts [spell] Widowmaker has joined party Widowmaker Spiderling has joined party Widowmaker Spiderling has joined party BB Wizard deactivates [spell]
  3. [Description of the issue] At least one beneficial spell - in particular, the first level Priest spell "Armor of Faith" - is using the plain "AoE" type. This AoE type prevents the spell from targeting friendly units in the outer circle even if the spell is beneficial. As such, it's easier to target enemy actors than friendly ones. See this thread for more information. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game. Select the BB_Priest. Start targeting the party using the first level spell "Armor of Faith". Note how the AoE type of the spell is "AoE". Attempt to target a friendly unit. Note how the spell will not affect the actor until it is within the inner circle. Attempt to target an enemy unit. Note how the enemy is targeted within the outer circle. [Expected Behaviour] Beneficial AoE effects should either: Affect only friendly units, or affect enemy units less than friendly units (use the larger radius for friendlies, and the smaller for enemies). [Other Remarks / Comments] I'm not sure if this is just the spell using the wrong type of AoE, or if it is supposed to affect enemy targets as well.
  4. I put the BB Fighter's Plate armor on my paladin character and it colored the breast plate the character's minor color while it doesn't do that for the BB fighter. My character is on the right (if you couldn't tell ).
  5. Minor bug: When hiring a Godlike (Aumana body type), when it got to the step for selecting facial hair etc., it initially showed a number N/N for the facial hair options. I clicked the arrow to change facial hair, and it changed to None (no facial hair options, as it should be). Cancelled the hire and tried again, this time it correctly showed "None" for beardo options. Maybe the initial value is incorrect, then it gets cached to None? No biggie. Polish item. Edit: My bad, this has already been reported.
  6. After fighting some rogue druids in the north part of Stormwall Gorge, I noticed that after combat my party was walking really fast. Thinking double speed was turned on, I hit "D". But double speed had no been engaged! Once double speed was on, we were walking at twice that speed. Quad run FTW! I experimented with "D" and "S" but no combination allowed me to restore the normal movement rate. Going to a new area (i.e., back to the village) also didn't restore it. Interestingly enough this persisted after saving and restoring the game, and even after closing and re-launching the app! The effect didn't spread to other savegames, however. I wish I could tell you exactly what precipitated the behavior. I do know that my party were affected by the druid's hobbling AoE spell at one point. Attached is my savegame. Note: Please allow uploads of .savegame files! I've mentioned this a few times now. At the moment I'm having to add .txt extension. Thanks. quicksave.savegame.txt
  7. The first Skaen Cultist you run into in their temple is wearing armor, a mask and has an Exceptional Sabre. He does not drop any of these items.
  8. Capes and Cloaks clip through armor, very very noticeable when the characters are moving too.
  9. Its shaping up well but its got a long way to go. the characters in small spaces well jumble around and stop going where their suppose to go.
  10. [Description of the issue] Enemies will attack each other even if far off-screen, which ends up keeping my party in combat and preventing resting/recovery/looting. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Play backer beta 301 2) Fight some enemies 3) Eventually this will happen. [Expected behaviour] Surely enemies can restrain themself in such a way that I randomly am not kept in combat? In an extreme case I sat around about a few minutes while waiting for something to happen. [Files] Screenshots is attached (it's hard to tell, but there is a gigantic engagement arrow in the fog of war between a beetle and a skaen guy. Save game for another instance of this issue is linked: http://www.upload.ee/files/4279869/3a1ba403d66948668ecee9257cb9d8a3_DyrfordRuins_7701921.savegame.html
  11. After completing the final encounter in the Skaen Cultists dungeon my main character and BB Priest have a number of unusual buffs attached to them with generic buff icons and unusual text: Resting and Saving/Loading does not remove them [Expected Behaviour] These buffs should not be on my characters at all.
  12. Issue Chanter sometimes continues to chant after the combat is over. Expected behavior He should stop chanting when he left the combat mode
  13. [Description of the issue] Upon reading the custom NPCs information dials inside the inn they then persisted throughout my playing session until i quit and restarted. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Read custom NPC information dial 2) Killed everyone in the inn (Testing abilities...) 3) Leave the inn 4) Information dials remained on screen until restart [Expected behaviour] Information dials do not remain on the screen when NPCs are not present or engaged [Notes] I tried reproducing this once and couldn't but i will continue to attempt it and if i succeed edit my post with the specific method i used
  14. [Description of the issue] Once you make Merdreth hostile (by telling him you let the thief go), he remains hostile despite loading a game from a prior time [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load the attached game and notice that Merdreth isn't hostile 2) Tick off Merdreth 3) Load the attached game 4) Notice how his party is hostile and attacks (without giving you the xp for completing the quest) [Expected behaviour] Game state should be determined by the contents of the save game file, not what happened before you loaded the game. [Files] Saved game: hostility.zip
  15. At the cliffs where you encounter another adventuring party and can attempt to retreive a dragons egg for the herbalist level geometry is causing serious pathing issues. The ramp up to the egg location has gotten both BB Fighter stuck as well as some of the enemy party members. In one attempt with this encounter I tried to use the spiders you get from the statue and those would repeatedly warp around and teleport back to their original position when ordered around in this area. My MC Cypher got stuck on the west side of the entrance when I was trying a bottlenecking tactic, in that same encounter attempt only one of the enemies actually got to the bottleneck the rest seemed to be unable or unwilling to join in. [steps to reproduce] Just walk around or fight in the Cliffs Terrain. [Expected Behaviour] Actors should not get stuck on, glitch through or teleport around when attempting to navigate simple non blocking terrain. [Example] In this screenshot my BB Fighter is stuck on the ramp after retreiving the egg. Scouting mode also gives a good indication something weird is going on with the character considering the distance between the feet and the visibility/alert indicator.
  16. Description is missing "health" in the text when discussing Endurance and Health benefits of the paladin class as it does in all other classes. It states Endurance and Health: 42 + 14/level (High) X4 It should state Endurance and Health: 42 + 14/level (High) x4 Health ------- Unrelated: Also I can't pick the "Character creation" tag in the forum as it states "Tags incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 characters." Not sure why.
  17. Start a new game. Went to see Hendyna. Couldn't find her. Looked at bottom of map. See image. Found her. This had happened before, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. I'm not really sure what the steps are to reproduce this bug. But this is the second time it has happened.
  18. When you rest with con bonuses, you don't get full health. Basically healing applies before resting, then the bonus kicks in. The bonus should kick in before resting, then you heal. To reproduce 1) Create game 2) Go to Dracogen Inn 3) Rest with the +2 CON effect 4) Mouseover + Tab on a character / Open inventory 5) Notice that you're a few HP short of a clean bill of health. Expected: Full health, full stamina after resting.
  19. It's supposed to give increased fatigue recovery from ancient memory but I made 2 identical characters except for one having Beloved Spirits and the other Weapon Focus and their Ancient Memory abilities gave the same fatigue recovery in combat (0.26/sec). Edit: Screenshots at 2560x1440 end up at about 1.3 to 1.5 mb so maybe slightly increase the max attached file size?
  20. [DESCRIPTION] When you hire an adventurer at the inn, the newly created party member is spawned in the same space as the main, making it look as if there are still only the 5 party members on the screen. [DETAILS] Got to the inn and hire an adventurer. After the creation process don't move anyone in the party and don't use the party selection. Note the new character's portrait is now in the sixth slot. Now check on screen and try to locate the character. Highlight the main and move him/her. Note that the hired adventurer is actually standing in the same spot as the main was. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Would expect the new adventurer to spawn into an empty area near the party, *NOTE* Cannot use the Character Creation/Adventurer's Hall tag as the forum says it's too long.
  21. [Description of the issue] Characters disappear from party at random. Sometimes character model disappears, sometime just portrait. Somtimes characters reappear later. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1.) Load game saved in Stormwall Gorge. Notice PC and BB Rogue are missing clothing/armor. 2.) Fight way to Lle a Rhenen 3.) Defeat three humanoids at entrance. 4.) Enter Lle a Rhemen 5.) At first junction take path to right and encounter spectres. BB Fighter, BB Priest, BB Mage incapacitated. 6.) Retreat with main character paladin and BB Rogue. Rogue incapacitated 7.) Defeat spectres with lone Paladin (takes no damage) 8.) Party revives, except for BB rogue, who disappears. 9.) Fight way to entrance to second level. 10.) Clear webs. 11.) Enter level 2. 12.) Charge through trap to engage spiders, BB Priest goes down. 13.) Defeat spiders, Priest disappears. 14.) Get to Spider-faced Mindflayer, engage in dialogue. 15.) Allow SFMF to leave in peace. 16.) Leave Lle a Rhemen 17.) BB Rogue and BB Priest are back. .... [Expected behaviour] Characters don't disappear without warning. [Files] I couldn't relevant files, but am willing submit them in another fashion if necessary.
  22. After summoning skeletons with a chanter, when skeletons pick up items, the items disappear. If a skeleton is the closest character, it will assign it to pick up items. If selecting take all the skeleton takes it presumably into its own hidden inventory. If the item is selected and dragged to a regular NCP, the item properly appears in their inventory. Expected: The item doesn't disappear. Maybe into the chanter's inventory?
  23. This may be related to: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68363-v278-path-finding-with-reach-weapons/ I also feel like this is a common issue, but also don't see it in the known issues list explicitly (i wish there was a way to more definitively find confirmed bugs). [DESCRIPTION] 1. Sometimes, when casting a spell at a range that forces a spellcaster to move (footprints on the spellcasting icon), the spellcaster will move to point-blank range to cast it, instead of merely close enough to cast it. AND 2. Sometimes, when casting a spell at a range that signifies a spellcaster will have to move (footprints on the spellcasting icon), the spellcaster will in fact be able to cast without moving. [DETAILED] Neither of these scenarios are consistently reproducible. Just get a spellcaster, get into combat, and keep trying to cast say that level 1 Wizard Daze spell (which has a very small range) and note the weird mechanics.[NOTES] n/a
  24. [Description of the issue] Animal Companion initiates normal attack animation but then cancels it and begins to spasm with the time bar instantly filling and depleteing but there is only a stutter animation/continuously interrupted attack animation, no damage is dealt and doesnt even appear on the changelog. Was using the bear. Have not tested other animal companions. During this companion attack sound effects (roar) are continually looped (only the starting part as it gets interrupted). Coupled with the previously reported area transition problems (upstairs from the inn) this makes the Ranger class currently unplayable as intended (with animal companion). [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Make a ranger. Go to enemy. Order animal companion to attack enemy. Observe if damage or interaction is registered in the combat log. Lions may be better oponents so as to not have poison damage tick message spam. [Expected behaviour] The bear attacking with normal recovery and animation and its damage being displayed in the combat log. [Other remarks / Comments] Started as wood elf with Vicious Companion (+ damage to animal companion) trait and a Bear as companion. Also there seems to be some weird wording going on in the combat log: When moused over they display a miss: But this message was only ocasionally displayed and did not coincide with the bear´s attack spam. It might be the beetle poison being re-aplied or something as it didnt appear at all when fighting the lions. Re-loading from the main menu does not solve the issue. It seems to be a problem with the selection radious colision. It seems the companion cant "reach" the enemy so it continually loops: The Ranger can still attack just fine. Im not sure how colision and reach affects attacks conecting when theyve already been initiated but that maybe be a cause for the problem. EDIT: Stag doesnt seem to have this problem. It has a much smaller selection circle than the bear though. It might be because of the cleave attack though as he only did 14 damage. Edit: Actually im positive that the only thing registering was the cleave damage and not the main damage. EDIT2: Antelope has the same issue even though its selection circle is the same as the Stag´s. EDIT3: Wolf has the same issue. Hes the same as the Antelop afaik. EDIT4: Boar has the same problems. Hes the same as previous 2. EDIT5: And finally Lion is the same as all above minus Stag. He does attack slowers and without the spam/stwitchyness of the others. Also, the whole max health not being full when leveling up to 5 is still there but goes away the next loading screen. So, there thats all the companions. They all also exhibit the "cant go to nect area in scramped spaces" problem too. Hope that helps!
  25. When I click my barbarian's Frenzy ability during combat, it doesn't always activate. Sometimes he just keeps on whaling away at his enemy, ignoring my commands. I sometimes have to click several times to get him to use the ability. It's not a delay, either--I've waited many seconds after clicking Frenzy to make sure of this.
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