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  1. [Description] I see there is no "Combat" tag in the "Topic Tags" field. Hmm... I was able to pull a very hilarious battle with one beetle chasing after my main character while my other characters were fighting the other beetles. At least now I know that a beetle's speed is roughly equal to a human in Mail Armor. [Test case] 1) Attract the attention of an enemy, preferably from enough distance that you don't trigger engagement mechanics. 2) Move away from him as he is closing for melee 3) Watch as he doesn't ever change his target even wile passing by other, more vulnerable than you, and static party memebers [Expected behaviour] The AI should reaquire targets which it evaluates as being more dangerous, or more vulnerable, unless the specific enemy is to be portrayed as some sort of automaton who disregards his own life, circling around your party chasing one character while the others pelt him with arrows, shot, and spells.
  2. It's not too late to fix that. I noticed how armor and clothing were looking stitched together with giant crude stitches as if the game revolves in the Stone Age. Please fix this nonsense. Refer to this video for how leather armor and clothing should appear in the respective time period (on which the game is based): Have your artists watch this channel and it will help them throughout their careers, I'm sure.
  3. [Description of the issue] I can't always reproduce this, but Stone beetles have a tendency to move without playing their movement animation. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Attract the attention of a Stone Beetle 2) Watch it slide towards you. [Expected behaviour] The beetle should move while playing its walking animation.
  4. Apologies if this (apparent) bug has already been reported. A forum search didn't turn up any posts on it. Maybe I don't understand how Zealous Focus is supposed to work, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't. When I activate it, it immediately deactivates. It's described as a modal ability, and all the other modal abilities I've seen (Defender, Reckless Assault, etc.) just stay on when activated. I've tried with multiple builds across a range of circumstances, and this issue appears to persist regardless of character race, level, other abilities selected, equipment, combat state, health or endurance, or proximity to companions.
  5. Creating a new Ranger, on the screen where you choose your animal companion. I click on Bear, and notice that the description of the Bear companion is scrollable. So I move the mouse over to the description, hoping to scroll down and read the rest of it. As soon as the mouse is no longer hovering over Bear, the description reverts to the generic Animal Companions text. This is true of any companion and I assume this problem may apply to other talent/ability selections as well. PS _ the "Character Creation / Adventurer's Hall" tag is currently not selectabble as a topic tag. I get "Tag incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 charactres."
  6. (I apologize. I've moved this post to the beta discussion forum, here.)
  7. It appears enemy status effects will keep the player in combat long after the enemies are dead. 1) I took on Feral Druid and I was hit with the hobbled and Critical Fatigue effect on 4 characters 2) I killed the druids before the effect wore off 3) After they were dead I remained in combat 4) After the hobbled effect wore off I still remained in combat (took 2 mins after battle was complete) 5) Critical Fatigue is still in effect I have killed all mobs in the area with my remain characters and I am still in combat stance. Also note Critical Fatigue doesn't have a wear down timer
  8. I was exploring the dungeon in Dryford Crossing and I decided to try adding a sixth character to my party. So I went back to town and added a 7thlv Elven Ranger. Now every time I try to do a transition between maps the game crashes. The game did auto save me into Dryford Crossing but when I tried to re-enter the dungeon the game crashed again. I tried this 2x with the same results. I thought about deleting the sixth character and testing it then but I was told I would need a castle to dismiss my sixth character. So there I am, game stopper, Not sure what to do.
  9. If critters are near where combat is taking place, the enemy will think the critters are a strategic target and attack them with spells and melee.
  10. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well before this version. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Give Rouge gun. 2) Fire it until bug presents itself. 3) Recieve Rouge that will never have the reloading icon leave him.
  11. See 1) Create game 2) Head east 3) Look for the between below party, wait for a while as it wanders around. Eventually it'll clip. Expected: No clipping.
  12. I've noticed that after clicking the Level Up cross on a character, the level-up screen is still mostly black when the Talent selection icons appear. Thus they look like they're showing up in a black void before the res of the level-up screen fades in. Managed to ninja a screenshot:
  13. When loading a saved game, the animal companion always spawns next to its Ranger, even if it was tactically positioned somewhere else when the game was saved.
  14. Just leveled up the BB Wizard and chose the Heart of the Storm talent. The tooltip under Talents (which I assume is Heart of the storm) shows an empty/overlapped/incomplete tooltip when mousing over it.
  15. Not trying to be politically correct, but when you can select non-pasty colors for your character's skin, there really ought to be some portraits of people of color. Just created a dark-skinned female character, and the only non-white portrait was of some godlike with fiery eyes. Reporting as a bug since this is kinda important. Thanks!
  16. Situation: Started a new game with a Moon Godlike Ranger. Leveling up from 2 to 3, he got the "class unlock" of Hardened Veil besides the Ranger-esque Marked Prey. Its description states that it's a Wizard ability. Expected: Ranger unlocks new Ranger abilities at level up. Or none. But not Wizard abilities. Reproduce: Start new game Create Ranger Level up to Level 3
  17. The corpses of the Wurm Hunters and/or the navmesh have issues where characters get stuck inside and have to be "bumped" out
  18. My PC druid character is struck in a bugged Spirit Shift state. He appears normal but with no armor. His armor is descried as Spiritshift Hide and his weapon is an item with a blank icon called missing string. His original weapons and armor are missing and he started with hide armor. I do not know how this bug occurred exactly but I have a few Ideas: 1. Try dying while in Spirit shift form.
  19. These two bugs could be related or they might be independent of each other. As a player character druid Infestation of maggots has spontaneously been added to the main hot bar (though it is also in the spell bar). once this happens this occurred retroactively and occurred in all previous saves for that character. It was not there before It should be noted that spell in game was called Missing String. Also I managed to equip a Helmet to a Moon Godlike To replicate: It might have to do with combat as i don't usually notice it til after fighting in dyrford crossing and in the cave with the oger. Try saving and loading and quick saving and quick loading as I did not notice it till i did this . This is what I did. 1. make lvl 5 moon god druid 2. go into cave with the oger 3 fight the first two spiders directly ahead 4. quick save in cave 5. go out side of cave(up the ramp) 6. get items from skull key guy using druid. 7. dubble click hood to equip it to moon god druid. ( I tried to replicate this but was unable) 8. Frantically try to unequipped hood and succeed(I don't know how i did this.) but get stuck looking like I was wearing a metal helmet. 9. quick load 10. checked hot bar. (extra spell was there) I tried restarting the game, still there even in older saves. My PC was a 5th level druid,male moon god, Aumaua body, Shock , elk, White that Wends Mystic. stats 13,9,9,16,18,13. had accepted pig and missing girl quest,talked to leather guy then talked to innkeeper than burned lady. found out girl was pregnant and then confronted leather guy again, told me about oger. went to crossing. killed Beatles at entrance went south across river fought wolves then went to cave. 63dcb40a6eed43ab9bcc946255637d66 DyrfordCrossing 7636849.zip
  20. This happened to me when I was attempting a run on my Surface Pro. - Party is moving - Party stops - BB Wizard is stuck in a loop taking one step forward and one step back, running animation - Stops when you click on him/her
  21. Loading a saved game in which previously friendly npc's are made agressive results in a variety of unusual behaviours. The NPC's are once again friendly, but cannot be talked to. The Party Characters start Engaging the NPC. But do not attack them. Example. Attacking the NPC's leads to only the attacked NPC to go agressive, the rest simply watch uncaringly. [steps to reproduce] 1. Go to the encounter with the NPC Party near the dragons egg. 2. Keep all but the rogue quite a distance away. Move in with the rogue to trigger the dialogue and piss the NPC Party off so they attack you. 3. Use Escape to teleport a distance then run away with your whole party. 4. Kill any pursuers, there should only be one or two. 5. When the game signals the end of combat, save the game. 6. Walk up the the rest of the NPCs, observe they are agressive. 7. Load the savegame. 8 Walk up to the rest of the NPCs, observe they are now in a broken agressive state. [Expected Behaviour] The Agression state should be indentical after loading a saved game. I have attached a savegame produced in step 5, simply walk north to see the broken state. 6b66ddf72c294c8ebb16c107130631e9 DyrfordCrossing 7698583.savegame.txt
  22. When you click on the 2 adult pigs (you are given a conversation icon) I receive this message: 'Placeholder bark string text. This is a programming error.'
  23. [Description of the issue] -Sometimes when you begin combat with a Stone Beetle they not realize they are within attack distance, so they keep trying to teleport to the enemy. -Buggy animation [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Sadly it's hard to reproduce -Whether or not it will be bugged is rather random. Sometimes they realize they are within attack distance, sometimes they do not. After the video ends, i left it like that for another 30 seconds and then the beetle finally realized, on their own, they are actually withing attack distance, and started attacking my character. [Expected behavior] Teleporting should stop, once within attack range. Animation should also happen when burrowing, and there should be clipping with the terrain, so that it looks better, when coming out of the ground. [Files]
  24. [Description of the issue] -When the enemy disengages from your party member, they will hit your character with a disengagement attack instead of be the ones to get hit. -Enemeis can pass the fighter without being engaged. These videos show a lot of buggs happening, so it's best to read the disciption below each video. [Other remarks / Comments] The Cowled Man is the one with the hammer The Cowled Woman is the one with the musket. I tried this again with the enemy party near the Dragon Egg, and it had the same effect as shown on these videos. [Detailed examples] Here is the first video: What happens is I used my mouse to attack the Cowled Woman, however because the Cowled Man is near her, my fighter decides to ignore my order and attack the Cowled Man, thus engaging him. After he runs past, my fighter gets hit by the disengagement attack. (The lag in the hit is pretty huge, I don't know if my fighter could even re-engage the enemy if it worked properly) Meanwhile this all happens the Cowled Woman passed without even getting engaged, even though she was the main focus of my attack. Second video: Here I also attacked the Cowled Woman with the musket first. However as the Boar passed, my fighter decided to ignore the order and automatically attacked the Boar as it ran past. I tried to manually attack the Cowled Woman again, however my fighter was recovering from the auto attack he made on the Boar and didn't bother to engage her. As the Cowled Woman got too far, I tried to engage the Cowled Man, and that's when I took the disengagement hit from the Boar, allowing the Cowled Man to pass unhindered. Third video: This one shows the bug the most. What I did, is just let the fighter stand in their path and not attack anything. What happened is the Boar ran past my fighter and then performed a disengagement hit on my fighter, while he was standing still. Extra video: These are here just to see some more examples of the same bugs Same as the first one. I attacked the Cowled Woman first, my fighter decided to ignore my order and attack the Cowled Man, while the woman ran ahead without any engagements. Extra video 2: Tried to attack the Cowled Woman again. My fighter decided to attack the Boar first. After that i tried to engage the Cowled Woman again but to no avail. However what did happen was that my Fighter actually managed to engage the Cowled Man on his own, as he ran past him. (It happens very rarely that you can actually engage 2 characters as they pass you)However it was again my Fighter that got hit by the Cowled Man's disengagement hit After that the Boar also does the disengagement attack, and then performs another hit on my fighter again for some strange reason, as shown in the log. You can see the Cowled Woman stop in this video, however this is mainly ecause the AI has failed her. From what i can tell from testing is that she appears to be trying to use the musket and failing. [Expected behaviour] The enemies should not be able to run so closely past the player fighter without being engaged. The disengagement attacks should hit the enemy not the player.
  25. I do not know whether or not this is intended [Description of the issue] Once your character is engaged with the enemy, he will not be allowed to move in any direction, as he will get immediately hit by a disengagement attack. There is no safe zone for your character to move, once engaged. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] This can be tested on any enemy in the game. [Expected behaviour] There should be a engagement circle around your opponent, where your character can move around safely without getting hit by a disengagement attack.
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