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  1. Problems: 1. Enemies (well beetles at least) seems to aggro traps set by the party in their visual range. 2. When a trap is triggered by an enemy, it start combat with the party despite the party being. This could be intended to avoid cheesing fights with traps, but what cause the transition is not clear. Steps to reproduce: - Put traps in BB rogue quick slot - Go to the Crossing (I only tested this on the beetles, might affect all enemies) - Put party in stealth mode right away - Take BB Rogue and move north until you see a few beetles's red circles. - Set a trap and move BB Rogue back away from it Results: - The beetles will start to move toward the trap that was just set. - One will walk right over the trap too, triggering it. - When a beetle set a trap off a "start of combat" event is triggered. This cause the party to exit stealth without the player telling them to or having been discovered and the beetles will all switch their attention to the party.
  2. Okay, this one I'm pretty sure is a bug, and not the invalid issue I erroneously reported earlier. I was playing with a ranger and bear companion. They got knocked out in combat. When they got up again, the health did not fully regenerate. This time there was no "divider bar" in the portrait, and there was plenty of health left; the bar was yellow but well over the halfway mark.
  3. To reproduce: use Amplified Thrust on a friendly target in melee with a foe. Expected: Nearby foe is thrust backward and gets Pierce damage, with an accompanying visual effect, Focus is subtracted accordingly, and entries describing the event appear in combat log. Observed: A visual effect plays and Focus is subtracted, but nothing appears in the combat log and no foes appear to be affected.
  4. This is a pretty important stat and was listed before. I don't see any reason to hide it. Please put it back in the descriptions.
  5. Observed: Sometimes after combat, especially after a character has been poisoned, endurance doesn't regenerate, and there's a narrow band that looks like static or white noise in the portrait at the limit. The character in the attached screenshot had endurance stuck at 16 (same as health at the time). If this is an intentional effect due to poisoning, it should be made clear, e.g. as a status icon next to the portrait and a note in the "Active effects" section of the character sheet.
  6. To reproduce: Cast Slicken when fighting the spiders in the ogre cave. Observed: sometimes the spiders don't get back up when the spell expires. Instead they slide at the group on their backs and fight you that way. Clearly an animation issue.
  7. To reproduce: Trigger a druid's Wild Shape ability near the end of an encounter. Then enter a new encounter. Observed: The druid reverts to human form when combat ends. However, when the new encounter starts, the druid goes automatically into Wild Shape, using up the ability. Expected: She doesn't. This behavior is expected for modal combat-only abilities, but not per-encounter ones.
  8. The Barbarians skill "Threatening Presence" is continuously triggering on enemies in the AoE. Several times per second each. This causes them to constantly play their "get-hit" sound and slightly stutter as if they were taking a physical hit.
  9. [Description of the issue] When engaging battle with a certain type of the Skaen Cultists in the Dyrford Ruins they use a skill that seems to cause an infinte loop. The targeted character is surrounded by a violet/black starshaped aura and violet/black balls seem to shoot towards him from off-screen. This causes stuttering and sound tearing. Aditionally the log is being bombarded by a dozend actions per second. From what I could make out it seems to be a skill used by cultist using a bow. It was always my BB fighter that was targeted. The loop ends when the NPC that used the skill is killed but the loop can break the log and it keeps inifintly scrolling. Example: 1) Load attached savegame 2) Select BB Fighter and move foward until first group of cultists is encountered. 3) Upon entering combat the effect should trigger as soon as the cultists react. 4) Kill the cultists. 5) The loop stops. EDIT: Hope that is the right savegame. It should start you out in the flooded cave where the stone beetles were. 213af5a131e743cda8e7028a7338524b 7804866 DyrfordRuins.zip
  10. Description: "Total enemies defeated" on the party section of the character sheet is less than the sum of "enemies defeated" for each character. (Trivial bug? Serious Mutex problem? Other?). E.g., after killing Medreth and Co. on Easy, "Total enemies defeated" = 0, sum of "Enemies defeated" over all characters = 3 (which is the correct number unless the ranger's animal companion is supposed to be counted). Expected behavior: The two numbers should be equal or, if enemies killed by summoned creatures are not counted for the summoner, the sum could sometimes be lower than the "Total." Both the sum and the "Total" should be the actual number of enemies defeated so, of course, the "Total" shouldn't be zero after defeating three enemies (as mentioned above). (And, program should crash with an assertion failure if/whenever those two numbers are not equal.) To replicate: 1. Load any save (or start a new game and get into some fights) 2. Hit "C" to open the character sheet. 3. Look at "Total enemies defeated" on the party section on the right. 4. Click the "personal" button. 5. Cycle through all of the characters in the party and add up their "Enemies defeated" 6. The sum (computed in line 5, above) will be greater than the "total" (read in line 3, above). The sum is correct at the beginning, though I haven't verified that it is always correct. The "total" is clearly wrong. Note: "Total enemies killed" used to be too high (that is, it was definitely higher than the actual number of enemies killed) instead of too low. Between August and now there was probably a bug fix that attempted to fix this problem: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67863-total-enemies-defeated-not-calculated-correctly/?view=findpost&p=1491857
  11. I wiped out the Dragon Egg hunters after intimidating them so there were three party members left when I fought them. Looted the corpses except one which I couldn't target After I went back to the village, and went back to the Dragon Egg cliff, the two characters who I had killed and looted had re-appeared though you can't interact with them. The guy who I couldn't loot had turned into a loot bag though I still couldn't target it.
  12. Not sure if this would be a bug or not, but currently the voiceactors lines continues playing even after you push onward to the next bit of dialogue. The voiceacting should probably stop playing and "move on" with the text instead to avoid it being confusing.
  13. In the spell description for the Spirit Shield it says that it provides bonus D.T. however it does not specify to what exactly. http://i.imgur.com/deL1Eeq.jpg The spell behaves very strangely. Looking at combat rolls the spell behaves differently versus different enemies. Versus Cowled Man with the sword it provides 10 D.T. protection versus slashing Versus Cowled Man with firsts it provides 10 D.T. protection versus crushing Versus Medreth it provides 5 D.T. protection versus piercing damage Versus beetles it provides 0 D.T. protection versus piercing damage
  14. After a character has been hit directly by the spell or has stepped on it while still in effect on the floor, it will prevent him from either ever getting back up or ever attacking again. If they do manage to get back up they can still do disengagement attacks. I have no idea why this is happening. Edit: Oh and also the visuals where the effect animation latches on the character still isn't fixed for most of the spells.
  15. [Description of the issue] A knocked out party member is sometimes (I can't say under what conditions) considered to be engaging an enemy after he/she has been knocked out. This leads to the enemy staying over your knocked out party member doing nothing. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start a battle 2) Have one of your melee characters knocked out 3) Observe if that character's engagement remains [Expected behaviour] Knocking out a character should cancel any engagement [Comments] I'm not sure if in this case the enemy isn't blocked by my knocked out character's circle and he simply can't move around him.
  16. [Description of the issue] I reached the Lle a Rhamen dungeon and the hall with the Crystal Eater spider. I expected it would come down the stairs when I engaged it with ranged characters, but it just stood there. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Reach Lle a Rhamen 2) Go to the hall with the Crystal Eater 3) Engage the Crystal Eater with your wizards or ranged units 4) The Crystal Eater stands there [Expected behaviour] The Crystal Eater should come down the stairs and attack. [Other remarks / Comments] I think it's too large to fit the staircase.
  17. [Description]: AFter starting a game in normal mode, if you select big head mode from the options menu and play for a while the renderer will start to crash, slowly whittling away at all objects. You start to get the item disappearance bug again, your chracter doesn't show up in the inventory screen, and npcs start to disappear from the map (with their weapons still showing). [How to reproduce]: 1- Start a new game with normal head mode. 2- Run around a little. 3- Activate big head mode from options screen. 4- Go to inventory screen. The first character that is currently selected should show up correctly. 5- Now click on a different character. At this point, your renderer has broken. You will see a static screen of a small-headed character. 6- Exit inventory screen. 7- Every time you now enter a new map, the creatures that use the 3d renderer will no longer be visible. [Expected behavior]: Big head mode should not destroy the renderer. You should be able to toggle between big head and regular head mode without difficulties to characters or glitches in game. [Additional comments]: Big head mode makes a lot of the other graphical glitches with helmets visible. For example, the positioning of helmets of elves and orlan as well as the tufts of hair sticking out of the back or side of the helmet become obvious. This was why I was playing with big head mode in the first place.
  18. There appears to be a few sequence related issues to this quest/task. -Decided to not talk to Medreth first. -Talked to Nyfre at the Inn instead. -Going back to Medreth, you can say "I know where Nyfre is hiding" but there is no attack option, or option to say "screw you Medreth, I'm working with Nyfre instead" at this node (I believe you probably have to go back to Nyfre again and talk with her a second time). There should in my opinion be such an option there at this point. -I decided to attack Medreth's party manually instead, and wiped them out. But when going back to Nyfre, there is no option to say that Medreth is dead, so the quest (probably) broke when I attacked Medreth's party manually.
  19. The specific example I used is the barbarian ability frenzy. to reproduce: Start a new game with a barbarian. Check character record. Notice that hits are 0 for character. Use ability "frenzy" as it self-selects. Recheck character record. Hits are now 1. What it should do: Abilities should not count as "hits" unless that specific ability is an active combat ability and requires a dice-roll to hit/miss. No need for uploads.
  20. Culture points are not applied during character creation. Not only that they are actually taken away during conversations. For example: During the creation of my wizard I chose these stats: When I get to the culture selection screen my resolve should have gone up 1 if I picked Aedyr. But instead it remained at 13 and if I make a selection that increases another stat my resolve drops by 1. Funny thing thou on the character screen (when you get in game) reports the correct value but doesn't apply it. More later. Now how do I know it subtracts it instead of adding. When you talk to the giant one of the conversation tree requires a resolve of 13 in order to select it but the option stated I did not meet the requirement to use that conversation tree. Sorry I did not take a screen shot of that. I should have been able to select it since I already had a base of 13 and a +1 for Aedyr should have given me a 14 but instead according to the conversion I only had a stat of 12.
  21. As you can see from my attached image. My wizard is holding the grimoire and a large shield in their hand
  22. As title states For example while in the blood chamber I had my priest (NPC in my group) who has a lore skill of 8 walk into the room to initiate the conversation with the blood pool. One of the choices required a skill of Lore 6 but the skill was not selectable even thou my party member had a higher rating.
  23. For some reason certain areas of the game the fog of war is not reapplied. For example after talking to the giant in the cave and the player returns to the cave this is what they will see if they move their mouse over the area where the giant is/was without having to move to that area. As you can see the area around the giant has fog of war but not his area even thou my party just entered the cavern and haven't re-explored.
  24. As title states: Using the return dragon egg as an example for a quest that does not give exp: This image I have 16633/21000 before I turned in the egg Here as you can see from the log entry I was supposed to get 9000 exp for the turn in I should have leveled up with that much exp but as you can see here there was no change and I did not level up
  25. During leveling up when you are given an option to pick a Talents; Using the scroll wheel on my mouse does not work with this menu.
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