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  1. Edit: (BBv480, linux), this report isn't for previous version. Sorry for the wrong version in the thread title. [Problem] There are several issues with spell Suppress Affliction: 1. Description doesn't clearly explain, that only afflictions, which are active at the time when Suppress Affliction is cast, are suspended. 2. Description shows only base spell duration (15 sec), even through this duration scales with Int of character. 3. Spell itself doesn't look like it temporary suspends afflictions, as stated in the description, but cancels them -- tested effects aren't probably reapplied again after end of suppression. 4. Also those cancelled afflictions are shown in the tooltip next to character portrait till end of combat (there is no timer). Icon of one of the tested afflictions - Blinded - preserves even after combat. Tested afflictions: Blinded, Sickened, Hobbled, Flanked, Stunned, Dazed [Examples and how to reproduce] For points 1. & 2. see picture below (BB Priest with Int=20): Add 3. & 4.: How to reproduce: 1. Enter the combat and cast a spell which grants one of the afflictions (eg. Blinding Web -> Hobbled), so that it targets also one of the party members. 2. Use BB Priest to cast Suppress Affliction on the friendly Hobbled target. 3. We can check that it's effect is nullified, Hobbled is erased from character sheet, though it is shown as an icon in the tooltip next to character portrait. 4. After end of Suppress Affliction spell, the effect of Hobbled isn't reapplied again (and timer isn't running). One concrete example: BB Fighter is affected by Dazed & Blinded (Cipher: Eyestrike): Note: Defl. and Refl. defences should be by 1 point lower here. But this is another bug, related to low attributes. Then when Suppress Affliction takes an effect: After end of the spell, no reapplied debuff + persistent icons in the tooltip: [Expected behavior] The spell can better communicate how it's working. Also an actual spell duration in the description would be useful. In case of suppression itself, suspended effects should be probably reapplied after end of the spell with continuing timer. Or in case it works as intended, the description should be changed accordingly and also the icons of afflictions should be cleared from the tooltip. [Comments] Possibly related to the Tanred's report: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71006-480-obsolete-effects-dont-disappear-from-the-effects-tooltipcharacter-sheet/
  2. (BBv480, linux) [Problem] Talent Greater Focus should grant +10 to maximum Focus. This probably works after taking the talent when leveling up. However when I save game and then reload it (tried F8), the bonus is not applied any more. [How to reproduce] For example: 1. Start a new game and create Cipher character. 2. Level up and take Greater Focus talent. 3. Save the game and then reload it. 4. Participate in combat with this character by dealing weapon damage, filling up the Focus. At this point the game doesn't let Focus rise above original maximum. Although if I skip the point 3 (so not saving/reloading game after level up), talent works as intended. Supplementary picture below shows the moment in combat when Soul Whip ability is deactivated upon reaching maximum Focus (left is directly after obtaining the talent, right the same after reload): The character here is Cipher at lvl 4. [Expected behavior] Talent should provide bonus to max Focus all the time.
  3. [Problem] Biting Whip talent states in its description that it modifies Soul Whip by x1.2 Damage. Soul Whip description then puts together the original and the additional bonus as: Self x1.2 Damage, x1.2 Damage However, in combat mode when Soul Whip ability is active, the same description (and character sheet active effects section) display: Self x2.4 Damage See picture below (left in normal game, right in combat): [Expected behavior] Description of the ability should be the same regardless of the game mode. It should probably show something like: Self x1.2 Damage, x1.2 Damage or Self x1.4 Damage or Self +40% [Comments] I think damage modifiers probably work as intended (together +40% damage), so the bug is only in the descriptions during combat mode?
  4. [Problem] A combination of enchantments and Might damage modifiers causes the character sheet to display much higher damage than stated in item description or the mouse over tooltip. Furthermore, even in case of modifiers from talents, the character sheet is showing higher damage than when estimated additively. For example, see: Damage modifiers applied here: 21 Might (+33%) Exceptional (x1.3) Damaging 1 (x1.15) Damaging 2 (x1.3) Two-handed style (x1.1) Adventurer specialization (x1.15) Savage Attack (x1.2) By additive rule the resulting damage should lie between: min: 14 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 35.42 max: 20 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 50.60 --> Much lower damage range than the listed one on Character sheet (55-78). A few notes: - So far, the issue is not detected when there is only one damage modifier applied to the weapon presented (eg. in case of Fine or Exceptional weapon and Might = 10). - I think the damage numbers on item description page take into account only item enchantments (quality) and Might modifier. - Damaging enchantments stack, so Damaging 1 + Damaging 2 -> +45%. I'm pointing this out just in case it's not intended behaviour. [Expected behaviour] To see the right actual numbers on character screen according to the additive rule, in compliance with other sources of damage information (item description, tooltips, combat log). [Discussion and more examples] In the past BB version, there was problem with multiplicative application of damage modifiers. According to the discussion with Sensuki, who was reporting and repeatedly checking the the multiplicative issue, and according to statements of Josh -- the assuption taken here is that the right damage values are those estimated by the additive rule. In this report I speculate, that the damage issue is perhaps still preserved for numbers shown on the character sheet -> thus the higher damage values for more than one damage modifier. Below, there are some more examples to back this up. 1) Quality Enchantments (Damaging 1 | Fine: x1.15, Damaging 2 | Exceptional: x1.3): Though the issue is already presented for Damaging 1 + Might modifier (the middle picture), the most obvious is the right one: Sword (base 11-16) + Might mod (+33% damage) + Damaging 1 (x1.15) + Damaging 2 (x1.3) Additive: min: 11 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 19.580 max: 16 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 28.480 Multiplicative: min: 11 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 21.872 max: 16 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 31.814 -> The character sheet numbers are closer to Multiplicative calculation (22-32). 2) Modal talents (Savage Attack x1.2, Reckless Assault x1.2) Dagger (base 8-12) + Might mod (+33%) + Exceptional (x1.3) + Savage Attack active (x1.2): Additive: min: 8 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 14.640 max: 12 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 21.960 Multiplicative: min: 8 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 16.598 max: 12 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 24.898 -> Again, the rounded character sheet damage (17-25) is too high for additive estimation. 3) Passive talents (Specializations: I think it's x1.15, Two-handed style x1.1) Compare to the left picture, the BB Fighter on right has Two-Handed style talent: Pike (base 14-20 Damage) + BB Fighter (Might 22 --> +36% damage) + Two-Handed Style Talent (x1.1 Damage) Additive: min: 14 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 20.440 max: 20 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 29.200 Multiplicative: min: 14 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 20.944 max: 20 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 29.920 On character screen it's listed: 21-30 Damage -> This doesn't fit additive calculation.
  5. I crafted/enchanted an armor to add +2 resolve and +2 dexterity. The enchantment shows its there. The character does not however have extra dexterity or resolve. I saved, and reloaded. Unequipped and re-equipped. Checked to see if I have other items giving same bonus's , and it was a negative. I am not sure if this is reported else where or part of another series of bugs, I am not going to go and test all the enchantments, but if someone knows a workaround, I would gladly take it. Edit: added tags
  6. Bears seem to be getting +15 accuracy over other similarly leveled beasts like lions, boars, and antelopes. Which is awesome, because that means in the world of PoE that the only thing more accurate than a bear are ogres and dragons.
  7. After coming back to the village from facing Mister Ogre and his hairy friends, I looked at my ranger's pet lion and his Endurance read 100/111. I also had a similar problem earlier with my Priest who got stuck at 61 Endurance in the spider caves (after fighting the Spider Queen). Only resting solved the problem (drinking an endurance potion did not fix the Priest's endurance).
  8. Take a Paladin with Zealous Focus and the Critical Focus talent. Other party members will get a little icon saying they're getting buffed by the Zealous Focus talent and displaying the +6 accuracy, but it won't display the +5% hit to crit bonus. The hit to crit bonus also isn't displayed on their character sheets. I'm not sure if this means that they aren't getting the bonus or if it's just a display error, but either way it should probably be fixed. Same bug may be present with other paladin aura talents, not sure, this was only one I had properly levelled character to test with. screenshots: http://imgur.com/rQ5pb1W http://imgur.com/rQ5pb1W,jz1aXDd#1
  9. There is no reaction from deer as you can see from my screen shot
  10. (BBv435, linux) I will try to list all the issues with traps in this thread, as some of them may be possible related... One trap per party member [problem] It seems there is some limit, like one trap per character, or so. When a party member plants the second trap, the first one disappears without triggering. There is no warning about it. In most cases, traps remain when each of them is placed by a different character (sufficiently far away - see the next bug report). [how to reproduce] Place two traps by one party member. [expected behaviour] If the one active trap per character limit is truly intended, then the disappearing of the first trap needs to be dealt with or at least warned about. For example, automatically return the former trap back into the party's inventory.
  11. -I guess this is not a bug per say but I've managed to pull the rest of the spiders in that room a few times with the Queen staying down in her corner, not reacting. This makes it so I can engage her alone in a fight which seems a bit silly. -Also, I'm sure this has been mentioned before but the Queen's size and the pathfinding difficulties makes the fight play out rather awkwardly at times. The Queen tends to skitter around madly behind the myraid of other spiders (playing on Hard) but not being able to do much. A workaround could be to have her have some sort of ranged attack that she can fire off from behind her little "army", dunno.
  12. (BBv435 linux) This bug report will try to bring several issues and feedback to them together. The reason is: I think they are connected, and the connection winner is a rounding function. Please feel free to correct me in case of being wrong, and separate the bug reports. All the problems, which are reported below, stand on it's own, even if my understanding is wrong. [Overall description] For the player's convenience, the game shows combat variables, like damage, Damage Reduction (DR) of armors, Endurance, Health, etc., on several places as integer numbers. That is great and useful, of course. The fun starts, when sometimes the integer numbers are not equal, even though they represent the same thing. The common property of the issues is, that the difference is 1; (or 0.1 in case of decimal damage numbers in the combat log formula, see the bug report num. 4). The difference is not always an error, as the Endurance/Health behaviour (see num. 3) is probably a feature. But regardless of features and errors, in the end, the player can be confused by delivered information. And I suppose that is not a goal of the game's communication. List of the problems: 1) In window descriptions of quality armors show different subtype DR values compare to other sources of the information; 2) Red floating damage numbers and the combat log integers are sometimes not equal; 3) Possible confusion when subtracting damage from Endurance and Health integer variables; 4) From time to time, the combat log formula shows wrong calculation of the difference between weapon damage and the corresponding DR. For individual details and discussion see subsequent posts. [Overall Expected Behaviour] The information provided to the player should be consistently presented by UI. To minimize the player's confusion, the wrongly estimated (rounded?) integers should be corrected to fit the right ones. But naturally, I would prefer if the exact numbers are shown in all places, if possible. [speculations] The common differences by one, and decimal info from the combat log formula, indicate that many of the combat variables are perhaps used as floats (?). Thus the game is displaying the rounded results. My speculation is, that all the calculations are probably done correctly in the real numbers space in the code. But the translation into the rounded decimals or integers, which are shown on screen, is not executed properly in several troubled places. -> Possible rounding errors after add or subtract operations? Different rounding functions used, and/or used in incorrect places? There are probably other instances of similar inconsistencies as the listed ones. But besides the obvious errors, I don't know whether it's useful to seek them out further. As some of the confusing information can be connected to the overall design decisions.
  13. -I'm playing a Druid at the moment and sometimes, and I've not noticed any real consistancy here, Wildshape just won't fire when I try to switch it on. The button doesn't respond (doesn't turn blue or whatever to indicate I've pushed it). This has happened once with the Arcane Veil for my wizard also. -Using the Wolf shape, my knockdown ability isn't there (though it *was* there when I first started playing, not sure when it disappeared) -I've had a few instances of the Wildshape model (wolf in this case) be put on top of the original character model. So it looks as though my human character is running around inside the wolfshape if that makes sense. The human character doesn't go away when I switch to the wolfshape. Again, no idea what triggers this unfortunately.
  14. In the underwater stream in the Dyrford Ruins, there are beetles to encounter. It has happened twice to me that one of the Stone Beetles (not sure if it can happen with all the beetles) does its burying ability, but then it stays buried... and is still able to hit my characters when buried. This is playing on Hard difficulty.
  15. Tested with BB Priest on a linux build: [Description of the issue] For tested abilities (see below), which operate on a longer than close-range distance, there is an inconsistent behaviour of the character AI (an actual movement) in comparison to the spellcasting cursor change to contain a footprint (to indicate a need of movement). -> So the character can actually fire a spell on a slightly larger distance than the cursor indicates. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Choose a BB Priest and some distance spell; tested spells: -- AoE spells: Instill Doubth, Divine Terror, Restore Light Endurance -- single target: Divine Mark, Halt, Barbs of Condemnation 2) Point a targeting cursor barely on/over the edge of the spell distance (just where the cursor changes to contain a footprint); 3) Activate the spell; 4) And observe that the character didn't need to move from the original spot to fire the spell, despite of the icon indication... [Other remarks / Comments] Probably bug in the icon change? May be related to these issues: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69700-364-perception-and-spell-range-indicators/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68536-wizard-running-to-point-blank-range-to-cast-spellsrange-icon-incorrect/?hl=distance&do=findComment&comment=1511154 Althrough, I can reproduce it consistently.
  16. [Description of the issue] Deep Faith and disposition boni doesn't change the defense improvements of Faith and conviction.(see screenshot) [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Make a Paladin 2) Choose Deep Faith as a talent/increase a level of your favored disposition 3) See that the defenses don't improve. [Expected behaviour] Deep Faith does improve the defenses of your character. In the screenshot the defenses should be: Def: 60 Fort: 60 Ref: 68 Will: 76 [Other remarks / Comments] Deep Faith shows the disposition changes for faith and conviction(see screenshot) [Files]
  17. Not necessarily a bug, but after summoning a Blight with the Druid once the battle is over the summon just instantly disappears. It feels very unnatural, a fade out or death animation would be much preferable.
  18. [Description of the issue] "Deep Faith" bonus does not get applied! [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start new game with a Paladin character 2) Level up your Paladin and select "Deep Faith" when you get the opportunity 3) Check the numbers for Defenses, the entry for "Faith & Conviction" and its tooltip on the character sheet 4) Notice that the defenses get improved as per level-up additons and per regular "Faith & Conviction", but the additional bonus from "Deep Faith" is missing. While being correctly displayed in the "Faith & Conviction" tooltip the entry in the Characte sheet only show the values for regular "Faith & Conviction", too. [Expected behaviour] "Deep Faith" should give bonus to Deflection, Reflex, Fortitude and Willpower!
  19. Whilst Exploring the dungeon in Stormwall Gorge my party got a little beat up, so after valiently slaying a huge spider and its minions I decided to save the game, incase I encountered more gribbleys on the way to rest. But a few steps later my party was set upon by a room of specters and slaughtered in their weakened state. I loaded the latest save and suddenly the stupid mage collapsed and then a window appeared saying 'The Party Has Died' and I'd have to load it again... only for the stupid mage to pass out again and it repeats. I loaded the save once more and paused it with the mage in mid feint and loaded a quicksave I had from earlier. This save ran fine and I continued, I killed the spider again and quicksaved, this seemed fine after loading the quicksave to be sure. I then went to banish the spirits from the next room and succeeded, I saved once more and continued, the next room of specters killed my party and I loaded the previous save, again the mage collapsed and the party apparently died.. while still on their feet. I re-loaded the previous quicksave and tried again, quicksaving after I defeated the first room of specters again. this time when loading the quicksave the mage began to collapse here as well. so now all of my saves consist of a dying mage and a party death.... steps: 1) kill big spider in Stormwall Gorge dungeon 2) Save Game 3) Die heroicly in your quest 4) Load Save after death 5) See the pathetic mage collapse to the floor 6) Recieve message that the entire party has died 7) Rinse and repeat...... Expectation: Mages should have more stamina for adventuring! and should not die of terror at the sight of some dead spiders. Pillars of Eternity (Public Beta) Mac IMAC 27-inch, Mid 2010 Processor 3.2 GHz Intel Core i3 Memory 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB Software OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)
  20. The UI for weapon focus, specialization, and mastery perks is unclear. While the perk descriptions list which weapons are covered by each perk, they don't say exactly what the mechanical effects are, and whether and how they stack. I managed to give BB Fighter Weapon Mastery (Adventurer) and Weapon Focus (Knight), but I'm not entirely sure how I even managed that. The description for Focus says that it adds accuracy, but not how much, and for Mastery that it adds damage on top of the "standard bonuses" for Specialization, but doesn't list either. I'm especially confused about the relationship between Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization. Expected: the UI should show (1) what bonuses each of these perks grants, (2) whether they stack with each other, and (3) whether some of them require/make available others. Additionally, if (as I surmise) Weapon Focus has nothing to do with Weapon Specialization, there should be a note to that effect in the description, especially if the character taking them is a fighter. Additionally: the inventory UI should automatically highlight or otherwise mark weapons which fall under the selected character's focus/specialization/mastery. I haven't memorized the lists yet and was constantly referring back to them when deciding which weapons to give each of my characters.
  21. Description : I found a serious issue with followers. I had a full group, and decided to create a new Chanter to replace my ranger. It worked well until I got to the Ogre's Cave. Here I found my old ranger follower which was fighting spider while she was in a wall. I killed the Ogre, and saved. On reload, I couldn't control anymore my Chanter, her portrait had been replaced by my old ranger which is still stuck in the wall. As a result I lost control over my Chanter, my Ranger which is in the wall, and I can't leave the cave. I'm afraid I don't have a save before this issue, I'm just uploading the current one for you to see with a screenshot. Expect Behaviour : I guess my old ranger follower shouldn't stalk me from inside the walls Pillar.zip
  22. Description: When playing the game in double speed mode (or fast mode) the character barks will end prematurely, sounding very obviously cut off. This then persists into normal game speed and will only correct when playing in slow speed mode. To recreate: 1- Start game 2- Click on fast speed mode (double-speed mode. 3- Click on characters to hear barks. Some barks (if short enough) will not be affected. Other barks that are longer will now cut-off prematurely. 4- Click on normal speed mode. The error persists. 5- Click on slow speed mode. The barks are now correctly playing the entire sound.
  23. My paladin gets stuck in an animation loop with a spell effect, repeating "It's not working!" after I reload a save. The loop usually eventually finishes and I can continue to play normally. I can't tell what she's trying to do; it's certainly nothing I've ordered. Screenshot of the effect attached.
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