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  1. Dance of Death does not state that it maxes out at +12 accuracy, which it does. While we're at it, in the character sheet, under Active Effects, DoD says : [TEMP]None 0, +12 Accuracy per 3.0 sec, +1 Wounds per 3.0 sec. Aside from the TEMP thingy, mousing over the first "3.0" sec for the accuracy correctly reveals a tooltip which says "Total amount: 12".
  2. The Shattered Pillar Monk loses his ability to gain Wounds from damage sustained, instead generating them through dealing damage themself. However, said monks still have access to the Lesser Wounds passive which states more or less (game crashed so... ) : Gain the ability to generate Wounds from damage I can see 3 scenarios here : 1/ Intended, working as advertised This is the intended behaviour and Shattered Pillar monks may take the skill to be able to generate Wounds by dealing damage AND by receiving damage (and at a lower threshold at that). It is my belief that the passive's description should be updated to specifically state that yes, it does work for Shattered Pillar monks. Otherwise it is very unclear (which is why you're reading this ). 2/ Affects Wound generation from damage done This is not the intended behaviour, what the passive does is it allows the Shattered Pillar to generate more wounds from dealt damage, or generate them from a lower threshold of dealt damage. In this instance, the wording of the passive needs to be adjusted. 3/ Has no effect whatsoever, lel The skill needs to be removed from the Shattered Pillar's list of pick-able abilities, or at the very least greyed out.
  3. A specialist priest, such as the premade one, can choose to pick the specialty spell he would otherwise receive for free, at level up. You may wish to prevent them from doing so. Repro : - new game, whatever character you like - level up your premade priest a couple times (until he unlocks power level 3 spells that is) - poof, you can pick your specialty spell and click next Oh and it's still impossible to flag bugs with "Character Creation/Adventurers Hall" tag, the forum refuses it with an error. As in, an application-generated error, not invalid SQL or w/e.
  4. A multiclass rogue/cipher is able to select, at level 4, both draining AND biting whip, which are mutually exclusive. 1/ get a rogue/cipher hybrid 2/ level up to 4 3/ select Biting whip, click Next 4/ for some reason (is that intended with multis ?), you get another skill point, good. 5/ now select Draining whip, click Next The effects do not seem to stack however, as my Active Effects tab only shows Biting Whip, and no mention whatsoever of Draining Whip. The Abilities 2nd level cipher spells section does show both, though.
  5. 'kay that's a wierd one... After a party wipe, I F8'd (and the game never loaded a quicksave, possibly because the only quicksave I had was on the world map, not in the area map). Anyway, I loaded up the area autosave, fought the Skulking-Terror laguafeth again. Now, from time to time, I can hear its slurping-attack-whatever sound. It plays during pause, it plays on the load savegame screen, it plays after loading the autosave of another area.
  6. At character creation (ability preview) or level up (ability tree), the upgrade to Eyestrike shows this : Now that's a ton of damage. Note that, during normal gameplay, when one right clicks for the details of Gouging eyestrike and hovers over the raw damage duration, it correctly says "Infinity" : While we're there, the raw damage from Gouging Strike doesn't seem to show in the combat log. As of now, I'm unable to tell whether the damage is applied at all, or just not shown in the log. Edit: we need a Topic Tag for abilities/skills/spells
  7. Might be working as intended, might not. My fighter grazed with his Knockdown and some measure of damage was applied, however the prone effect itself was never rolled. I wouldn't think it was intentional, see how people are gonna try to get the ability to graze if only to be able to graze with this or that weapon ability (as in, not a spell, an ability that requires an attack action). This is on the vanilla fighter guy.
  8. Like the topic says (sorry for my spelling mistakes), modal skill from scepter proficiency affects penetration and damage of spells. Is it bug or a feature? It would be good if description of Destructive Channeling shows amount of raw damage it does with every attack (it inflicts no damage while casting spells, only during base attack with the scepter but grant benefits to both types of action).
  9. I wanted to give the hired wizard a fine scale armor and the screen bugged out. It was like this for all characters afterwards. Only removing the armor put it back to normal
  10. If one creates a custom formation for their party, said formation works for the entirety of the play session. However when one saves the game then exits (crashes :D ) the game, upon loading the save, characters get arranged in a different, non-default formation that doesn't match which that was set by the user. My custom formation : T M R W P With T = Tank, M = Monk PC, R = Rogue, W = Wizard, P = Priest Their formation after I load the game : M T R W P Note that quicksaving/quickloading is not enough to replicate the problem, you need to exit-crash the game.
  11. It's funny but my wizard started the game with some spells but non of these spells can be found in my grimoire, while merc wizard has its own grimoire with set of spells. Even after leveling up my wizard and picking new spells, my grimoire is still empty. I don't count class abilities. Screenshot: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qc2hdv.jpg
  12. 1. My main char casted fireball during combat, I saw time indicator displaying casting time and area indicator which I could drag to place in different location but after action was completed, nothing happend. My character stand there like frozen until I ordered my wizard to do something different (my wizard wasn't paralyzed). Here is screenshot with frozen char: http://oi67.tinypic.com/2eda9l3.jpg And game log from that combat: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05650143003406821451 2. Another bug I encountered during exploration of Tikiwara. I clicked on NPC in the village and nothing happened. I coudn't start interaction with Vektor and the lady who is running the inn nor any other NPC. I saved and closed the game to copy log file. I launched the game again, load saved game and everything works normally. Log file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=90514515743064121560
  13. Upon loading an autosave created when entering the Beach location near Tikawara my animal companion is duplicated. The duplicate animal is not selectable, controllable or anything, but will follow my character and take part in combat along with the normal companion. The duplicate does no persist when loading into a new zone. Screenshot, ouput log and autosave in question attached: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bebpg6t2zkjk26o/Companion%20Duplication.zip?dl=0 Edit: I was able to recreate this by going back to an earlier save and re-entering the Beach area. Upon entering the Beach the first time everything is normal, but upon reloading the Autosave that is generated my companion is duplicated once again. It also appears to reset my custom formation back into a straight line.
  14. The bonii one gets for this or that race/subrace are not shown in the race description frames during character creation. How to reproduce: create a character ? ^^' IMPORTANT, FORUM : we can't assign the topic tag "Character Creation/Adventurers Hall", when trying to post the forum replies with "Tags incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 characters". Retag this guys.
  15. The BB fighter has average Dexterity and Perception, both 10. When he suffers a reduction of any of this two, the resulting value of the Reflex defence is by 1 point higher than it should be. I did some tests with different builds and spells -- and it looks like this issue holds for all the defences modified by the low sum of connected attributes. The picture below shows different characters suffering by the bug: For example, the first character has: Deflection 25, Fortitude 19, Reflex 19, Will 19 -> Should have: Deflection 24, Fortitude 18, Reflex 18, Will 18 and so on with others... How to reproduce: A) either, by putting Hobbled or similar effect on BB fighter -- the reflex defence will be off; B) or create a new character from any of those in the picture above or similar (sum of two attributes modifying the tested defence to be < 20); [comments] According to several tests with different setups, the bug seems to occur only when the summed modifier from attributes is negative regardless to its value. It's like the game does something like this for Deflection: modifier = (Per - 10) + (Res - 10) if (modifier < 0) --> deflection = deflection + modifier +1 else --> deflection = deflection + modifier And for Reflex defence (and similarly for For. and Will): modifier = (Per - 10)*2 + (Dex - 10)*2 if (modifier < 0) --> reflex = reflex + modifier +1 else --> reflex = reflex + modifier Did some basic tests with attacking the corresponding defence and it seems the numbers are the same (wrong) in the combat log. Leveling up also doesn't help with the issue. Note: The first two character sheets also show the bug with bigger fonts (130%). The longer Background descriptions don't fit the sheet size.
  16. -Description of the issue- (also some spoilers Warning) I am playing solo with a moon godlike barbarian wearing Saint's War Armour which grants "second chance" passive ability. When I die for the first time the "second chance" occurs, revitalizes me but the moment my character stands up the "your have died" message pops up and forces me to load. I can upload a short video and post the link if that helps.
  17. Hello Backers, So it appears that we have a large amount of missing string data in various locations throughout the beta. Since these issues need to be resolved individually, I am building a master list of the missing strings. This is both to organize the data in a way the developers can easily fix and to relieve pressure on the forums from these bugs being posted multiple times. Please post any findings of Missing Strings in this thread and I will come through periodically and update this post with the full list. Screenshots are still great for this, as it gives us a clear visual of the location of the issue. So please attach any screenshots of the missing string to your posting. I'll be starting the list with an example of some known strings. In an effort to keep the list readable, a primary location where or on what the string was found followed by a short description will be how I will be listing them. MISSING STRINGS Races Character Sheet - Human's Fighting Spirit description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Coastal Aumaua's Towering Physique description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Island Aumaua's Long Stride description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Boreal Dwarf's Hunter's Instincts description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Mountain Dwarf's Hale and Hardy description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Pale Elf's Elemental Endurance description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Wood Elf's Distant Advantage description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Hearth Orlan's Minor Threat description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Wild Orlan's Defiant Resolve description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Death Godlike's Death's Usher description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Fire Godlike's Battle-Forged description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Moon Godlike's Silver Tide description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Nature Godlike's Wellspring of Life description (when clicked) Classes Character Sheet - Chanter's Chant descriptions shown in the character sheet (when clicked) Character Sheet - Rogue's Deep Wounds Ability (when clicked) Inventory - Druid's Spiritshift weapons for all forms (Bear, Boar, Lion, Stag, and Wolf) when moused over or right-clicked Wizard Spell - Thrust of Tattered Veils has missing string in its description and debuff tooltip Talents Character Sheet - Hold the Line description (when clicked)Items Item - in Winfrith's Shop named Missing String purchased for 90cp also has missing description Item - Weapons with Reach show a missing string in their description Item - Weapons with 10% Graze to Hit effect show a missing string in their description Bestiary PƔgra - lacking flavor description when selected in the cyclopedia/bestiaryOptions Options menu - Missing String shown when selecting Polski language Controls menu - Missing String shown under Cancel Action key binding Graphics menu - Missing String shown when mousing over resolution Misc. Loading Screen - from front end "Did You Know? : Missing String" Party Records - Various enemies display their names as Missing String Lle a Rhemen - Staircase inspectable displays Missing String when clicked Thank you all for your tremendous support !!
  18. Detailed description: 1. Have Aloth in the party. 2. Go to the Vailian trading company and talk to the guard on the right. 3. Notice he says "Clear stars to you, ma'am." to Aloth. Expected Behavior: I expected Aloth would be recognized as a male elf. Comments: I'm pretty sure it's only the guard on the screenshot.
  19. Hello Not sure if this is actually a bug, I recruited a level 2 warrior and a level 1 Cipher, and proceeded to clear the temple ruin, and halfway through the first level, the Cipher appears to leave the party halfway through combat. I don't think that they died. Just a text notification that char had left the party. Did I do something wrong?
  20. I have a huge problem when trying to finish creation a new character in the tavern, in a Gilded Vale. When I click "done", game turns off. Has anyone had a similar problem? My gpu is AMD Radeon 7850, cpu AMD Athlon II x4 645, driver AMD Catalyst 14.12 I will be grateful for some advices.
  21. Druid talent/ability wildstrike doesnt add elemental damage (or its not shown in combat log) Ability type: shock talent added: improved wild strike
  22. [Description of the issue] Casting a healing spell for example, by clicking on a party member's portrait will not make the caster cast the spell on the character but on the ground underneath that portrait. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Select a caster character with some healing spell. 2) Select the healing spell. 3) Click on another party member's portrait 4) The caster moves if necessary to get in range for casting the spell and casts the spell on the spot on the ground under the portrait. [Expected behaviour] The character whose portrait was clicked should be the target for the cast healing spell. [Other remarks / Comments] I think I saw this fixed in a previous bb version, or was I wrong?
  23. If you have your piglet out and pause during a battle or a cut scene after the battle the little Piglet name tag will be permanently stuck where the piglet original position was. Doesn't happen all the time. In game tutorial page scrolling noise is on repeat after first message pops up.
  24. [Description] When a character gets dominated, then gets killed while dominated, the character does not get back up after dying. [step] 1) Get a monster to dominate a healthy character 2) Attack that character until they collapse while dominated 3) Win fight Notice that the dominated character does not get up. This was my combat log. The relevant lines are Nydrek (Dominate) crits BB Rogue. Dominated (33.8 sec) ... Gunketeer killed Nridek. ... Crystal Eater killed BB Rogue Auto-Paused: Character Death (BB Rogue) Crystal Eater (Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar): 2 Graze, 3 Hit, 1 Crit These are my gameplay conditions
  25. If you equip the Mail Coif, there will be clipping issues on the dwarf head (BB Fighter), and on the elf head (BB Wizard).
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