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  1. I killed the thing while it was charmed, and combat did not end after its death
  2. 1. Load the attached saved game. 2. Observe that the moon godlike is a Liberator (Paladin / Druid.) 3. Enter combat with the lagufaeth at your right. 4. When combat starts, use the Paladin's Gilded Enmity ability. 5. Immediately thereafter, spiritshift to a form of your choosing (I used Cat.) Observe that the spiritshift form is not golden even though Gilded Enmity is in effect. Note that casting Gilded Enmity after you spiritshift gives you a golden spiritshift form. 6. Enter your inventory. Observe that you cannot see your spiritshift form in there. All you see is the godlike head with no body. 7. Either win the fight before Gilded Enmity expires or use it again so it is active when combat ends. Observe that once combat ends, your character stays golden until you quit and reload (haven't tried resting but it probably clears the effect as well.) Go to your inventory and observe that your paperdoll isn't golden. Shouldn't it match what you see in-game? Saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ym3whqk2hhq71mb/Watcher%20%28Tikawara%29%20%28c6d44fe0-40a6-41d2-beb6-41096001c85a%29%20%28754608634%29.savegame?dl=0
  3. So, when I tried to board the enemy ship and sent my crew to leap to the enemy's deck, they got stuck in an endless animation loop instead and never went anywhere.
  4. In this thread, I'm going to list all the graphics glitches I find. I tried doing individual threads, but there are too many, so perhaps one thread would be better. Feel free to post your own. In this one, as you can see, the Mercenary Priest is casting Consecrated Ground, while the Mercenary Fighter is preparing Into the Fray. However, the little icon showing the current action shows that the fighter is also casting Consecrated Ground
  5. So...this happened in Poko Kohara after the fight with the animats.
  6. Quite sure Vektor's model isn't supposed to have his head clip through his hair, creating a bald spot?
  7. Not sure if it's a bug or a bad attempt at making freckles, but these look like something a doctor should look at: Female elves got it especially bad - there are only three heads, two have a rash and another is terribly scarred. Please, devs, make a clean version of these "sick" heads, it totally breaks immersion when they don't match any portrait because of this problem.
  8. One thing I've noticed is that the large shields are mishandled by the 3d model. The shield model should rotate 90 degrees. The elongated part should be aligned with the body and not the other way around. I know it's only cosmetic. And I don't know if it will be worth fixing it for the developers but it's something that gets me out of the experience when I'm watching the combat.
  9. Note: I've had this issue with a Lifegiver, so that's what I'm using for these repro steps. Not sure whether the issue applies to other Druid subclasses as well. 1. Roll a Lifegiver Druid. 2. Equip him/her with a staff (issue might apply to other items too; I had a staff when it occurred.) 3. Set your game options so that the game automatically pauses at the start of combat. 4. Enter combat. 5. As soon as the game pauses, hit the button to Spiritshift. 6. Wait for the Spiritshift form to expire. 7. Observe that your character is in his/her fighting stance as though his/her staff had been drawn, but the staff is still resting on their back: I guess this happens if you transform before drawing weapons at the beginning of combat.
  10. Right now, a Wizard/Cipher is called a Hierophant and a Wizard/Priest is called a Thaumaturgist. In my opinion, it would be a much better fit the other way around: Wizard/Priest should be a Hierophant and Wizard/Cipher should be a Thaumaturgist.
  11. 1. Start a new game. 2. Make sure you take "Prayer for the Spirit" as one of your Priest's spells at level up. 3. Leave Tikawara and head toward the north-east of the isle, where the encounter against the dank spores is. 4. Wait for one of your party members to be Charmed. 5. Try to counter the Charm with "Prayer for the Spirit", which bestows "Smart", an Intellect Inspiration (should counter Charm, which is an Intellect Affliction.) 6. Observe that you cannot target Charmed party members with the spell. I doubt this is intended as it goes against the whole "Inspirations counter Afflictions and vice versa" concept that has been advertised as a thing in Deadfire.
  12. In the foothills Lagufaeth encounter, when reducing any of the enemies health to 0 instead of dying, they either stood still or continued attacking. In either case they lost the red enemy circles around them and became impossible to target or damage with AOE spells. Reloading the autosave right before the encounter resulting in the same thing. save.zip
  13. When loading a save where all characters were in stealth mode, the ranger companions start out of stealth. Playing on MacOS
  14. I rolled a Devoted/Berserker who can stack 100% hit-to-crit conversion via Frenzy + Disciplined Strikes, yet I still landed a regular hit in combat: However, the UI never communicates that either effect is suppressed: Besides, they come from a different source and have different wording (one applies to all attacks; the other only to melee weapons) so all points toward their stacking. The expected behavior is that all hits are converted to crits for the duration, and simply hitting should be impossible outside of graze conversion.
  15. SAVED GAME: link OUTPUT LOG: link (This log file's getting pretty huge; 48mb FTW) Not sure about the repro steps, unfortunately, as I could not pinpoint the root cause. Load the attached saved game. Observe one of the characters is a male dwarf Goldpact Knight/Sould Blade. Leave the area as no more encounters are left where you are; reach an area where you can enter a fight. Enter the fight and use the ability Sworn Enemy from the dwarven character. If you don't lose your gilded coating by the end of combat, when combat ends the dwarf should become completely invisible. You'll still see the character model in the inventory screen, but not in-game. Unequipping and re-requipping the armor will make the model reappear. I've had this happen to me in two different combat scenarios, so it's probably not a one-off.
  16. Based on dunehunter's considerations in this thread—the damage calculation for Soul Annihilation seems rather murky (and possibly bugged) at present. How is the ability's damage calculated? How much Raw damage per point of Focus? What else is affecting it? Which damage bonuses apply to it, and which ones don't? Currently, it seems to benefit twice from MIG and take on bonuses from weapon modals as well (see link above.) Tangentially, it looks like the combat log uses icons for damage types, except for Raw damage which is described as "Raw" instead of using its icon. Probably an oversight.
  17. It seems that Carnage attacks do not benefit from the Weapon Focus skill, nor do they benefit from a weapon's enchantment bonus: Is this intended? If so, the UI does not communicate it in any way. Never have I read anywhere that Weapon Focus would not apply to my Carnage attacks, or that a weapon's enchantment wouldn't contribute to their Accuracy. I understand Carnage is supposed to have lower Accuracy than normal attacks, and Accurate Carnage exists to partially make up for it. However, in the first game this was accomplished via a flat -10 penalty on Carnage attacks; Weapon Focus and weapon enchantment still applied. This way, the penalty is harsher as your weapons can bestow more than 10 points of Accuracy that you end up missing out on—and I see no reason why Weapon Focus shouldn't apply. EDIT: Also not sure why the Devoted's penetration isn't applied but Tenacious is? I reckon penetration doesn't factor in at all because it's Raw damage anyway, so probably both should be "Conditional" in this case. How is the Raw damage calculated? Is it a percentage of damage dealt? If so, what percentage is it?
  18. I don't know if this has been posted before, but after finishing the quest "The Storms of Poko Koharu" and returning to Tikawara, Nairi, Chieftain Raunu, and Vektor were at the beach, however they didn't return to their normal locations. In addition there are now duplicates of these three npcs in thier usual locations. In the screeenshot you can see Vektor on the beach and at his stand, it's the same with Nairi and Chieftain Ruanu savefile.zip
  19. This has probably been reported already but i couldn't find anything through searching. I lured a skeletal sorcerer and a skeletal Warrior back to the bridge and killed them. I then realised that one of the skeletal warriors was attacking itself. Computer Specs.txt
  20. In the Engwithan Waystation Level 2, one Corrupted Adra Animat doesn't activate when fighting the Engwithan Saint in the bottom area. I tried to upload a save file but it said "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Computer Specs.txt
  21. As it turns out, summoned weapons will take a -10 Accuracy penalty from the Devoted subclass unless the correspondent proficiency is taken even though their description clearly states that they are universal: Similarly, the Devoted's bonuses don't apply to summoned weapons unless the correct proficiency is chosen. Two issues with this approach: There are weapons like Kalakoth's Minor Blight that don't correspond to any proficiency, so it's impossible for the Devoted to be proficient with them. If you want to play a Devoted/Conjurer who focuses on summoned weapons, you must select a specific type of summoned weapons beforehand. Staff is the only summoned weapon type available from the get-go; if you want a pike, you must wait until past 10th level to get a summoned one (Citzal's Spirit Lance, unobtainable by a multiclass in the beta.) If you want a bow, assuming the black bow is still a thing in Deadfire, you must wait even longer. So basically you're strong-armed into choosing the staff and ignoring other summoned weapons if you're a Devoted. Also it doesn't make a great deal of sense to state that these weapons are universal if they actually aren't I believe the assumption here is that if you've conjured up the weapon yourself with your magic, you're proficient in its use? Shouldn't this apply to the Devoted as well?
  22. 1. Start a new game. 2. Create a Cipher character. 3. At level-up, make sure you select Biting Whip as one of your talents. 4. Attack a Tikaware bystander to initiate combat in order to activate Soul Whip/Biting Whip. 5. Land a hit during combat and check its damage breakdown by holding shift while mousing over the combat log entry. 6. Observe that Soul Whip + Biting Whip are giving you a 20+40 = 60% damage boost. Note that the same applies to Soul Whip + Draining Whip, which give you 20+20 = 40% extra damage. Is this intended? The abilities' tooltip seem to suggest that Biting Whip would change Soul Whip from 20% to 40%, whereas Draining Whip would change it from 20% damage to 20% damage + 20% focus gain increase. EDIT: Dam ninja'd me on the bonus issue I mention below— https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94674-skill-cipher-biting-draining-whip/ Bonus issue: 1. Start a new game. 2. Create a multiclass character with Cipher as its second class. 3. Level-up the character. 4. At 4th level, select Biting Whip and hit next; now the game will let you pick a second ability for this level up. 5. Observe that you can pick Draining Whip even though you've already taken Biting Whip. Biting Whip + Draining Whip stack with each other. In combination with the bug above, this gives you 20+20+40= 80% extra damage on top of 20% more focus gain. Even if the above is not a bug and Biting Whip is indeed meant to give you 60% (and Draining Whip 40%), I'm quite positive Biting Whip and Draining Whip should be mutually exclusive.
  23. It would seem the Soulblade's Soul Annihilation lists (or deals) incorrect damage. I had 72 focus. I have 17 might which is +21% damage. I also get +10% from cipher power levels. The ability listed it would do 100 (I'm rounding, it was 101, or 100.7, or 103 whatever) damage. I hit a beetle and dealt some weapon damage, + 209 raw damage. This is consistent with the earlier report mentioning the 5 focus drain instead of whole pool, which also states there may be a problem wrt damage. Edit: solution + math below, the damage listed in the ability is off by 5, the ability needs to state it benefits from damage multipliers excluding might which is already factored in the initial display.
  24. The Shattered Pillar Monk loses his ability to gain Wounds from damage sustained, instead generating them through dealing damage themself. However, said monks still have access to the Lesser Wounds passive which states more or less (game crashed so... ) : Gain the ability to generate Wounds from damage I can see 3 scenarios here : 1/ Intended, working as advertised This is the intended behaviour and Shattered Pillar monks may take the skill to be able to generate Wounds by dealing damage AND by receiving damage (and at a lower threshold at that). It is my belief that the passive's description should be updated to specifically state that yes, it does work for Shattered Pillar monks. Otherwise it is very unclear (which is why you're reading this ). 2/ Affects Wound generation from damage done This is not the intended behaviour, what the passive does is it allows the Shattered Pillar to generate more wounds from dealt damage, or generate them from a lower threshold of dealt damage. In this instance, the wording of the passive needs to be adjusted. 3/ Has no effect whatsoever, lel The skill needs to be removed from the Shattered Pillar's list of pick-able abilities, or at the very least greyed out.
  25. Dance of Death does not state that it maxes out at +12 accuracy, which it does. While we're at it, in the character sheet, under Active Effects, DoD says : [TEMP]None 0, +12 Accuracy per 3.0 sec, +1 Wounds per 3.0 sec. Aside from the TEMP thingy, mousing over the first "3.0" sec for the accuracy correctly reveals a tooltip which says "Total amount: 12".
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