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  1. Here are a couple suggestions I was thinking. 1. Some sort of cart to carry items around the yard. Rather than just moving stem pallets around it would be nice to have a small wheel barrel or garden cart that you could take around with you to gather items. Perhaps it has a set amount of slots in it. 2. Would love to see some sort of creature that was specifically tamable to be used as a transport mount. My suggestion would be a Walking Stick. It can climb certain objects, but doesn’t move the fastest. It’s main attraction would be to take on journeys to use as a carrying mount. Perhaps it can hold up to 12 slots. 3.Other types of creatures in the game such as beetles, moths, butterfly’s, grasshoppers, crickets. I’d also love to see a 2 person flying mount such as a dragonfly. But have it be low on stamina so it can cross the map in a single flight or perhaps it has lower defense. 4. I would also love to see weather effects. Perhaps a sprinkler system installed in the yard. Every so many days it rains. This would open new opportunities for new items like a rain collector. I would even love to see hazards like maybe a garden snake or even a weed eater that targets set locations. Maybe you have to build a metal fence section around your base to “deflect” the weed eater from destroying any property. 5. Would love to see more furniture and base décor to make your backyard abode feel all the more cozy. 6. I get the idea that this backyard experience has just happened to 4 individuals. So, the idea of custom characters are out the the picture but it would be nice to be able to edit them with new outfits, hairstyles, etc to make them more unique to us or add a few more characters to be able to pick from.
  2. A very handy(pun very much intended) and very useful addition would be for the characters to have the ability to jump, grab on to a ledge, and pull themselves up!
  3. It seems that party banter while travelling (not on ship) have suddenly ended to me. I had Parvati&Max banter, then after I recruited Ellie I had a couple of dialogs between her and Parvati as well. But after Felix has joined my party shortly after I had no banter at all. I nearly done Roseway now and I tried different companions, but there were no dialogs for any combination. I thought that elevator to SubLight on Groundbreaker usually triggers banter, but nothing happens:( Have someone experienced the same issue? Could it be some bug, or I have to wait? What can trigger the banter?
  4. Hey guys ! Since I'm new to genre, and the PoE franchise an I would like to have some guidance from the start What are some good builds for story characters, like Eder, Aloth and rest of the crew ? In terms of spells, some good weapon combinations, skills (mechanics, lore, etc) and everything else that might be important ?
  5. My companions keep dying the first time they get knocked out of combat, they don't have any other injury so they shouldn't be dying. I recall this happening since I visited magran's fortress (I don't remember the exact name, it's the volcano).
  6. Hello, How do I unlock more player characters in Pathfinder Adventures? Right now, I only have access to two characters. Paolo Barone PBarone714@gmail.com
  7. I felt like sharing my favourite characters, and would love to see your best one as well! (This one's almost straight from the dark side lol. But she's honest about it... xD) CLASS: Barbarian (Will also be druid in Deadfire. multi-classing FTW! ) PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Cruel, Honest, Passionate. BACKGROUND: Raider. BIO: She was pretty much raised by a group of bandits. Her real father is unknown and her mother abandon her, leaving her with her aggressive stepfather when she was of an early age. Despite the hardships, she found comfort in nature, and wile observing the animals and their wild, untamed nature, she came to respect them, as well as respect what they stand for; - the weaker is always destined to get chewed up by the stronger. That is still her mentality. She killed her step father at the age of fourteen, then joined the very group of bandits that theorized her home town. Together they took whatever they wanted to, went where they wanted, and most importantly ; - did what they wanted. She was free to test her own strength, and free to take everything the weaker ones had - lives included. LOVES: Money, wild nights with other wild women (if you know what I mean XD), strength and power, wild animals/beats, straightforwardness, bravery. HATES: Random acts of mercy, pity, comfort, cowards and liars. PILLARS ENDING: *After killing the man who asked her to poison the child in face to face combat, she then decided to take the baby with her and raise her as a warrior. *She strengthened the dyrwoodens, following Gallawain. So...what about the best character you made? :D
  8. I constantly move my party as one unit, in the default 2x2x2 formation, and I constantly see one of my back row characters "spazzing out" upon stopping. This mainly happens when the party is hugging a wall or turning a corner, although I've also seen it happen when I just move the formation a short distance and in a straight line. I can stop this annoying glitch by 'straightening' the formation or moving it forward a little bit, but this happens a LOT so it's an ongoing annoyance that kills immersion for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this so I did look for previous posts, but I couldn't find anything. (Probably due to inaccurate keyword searching, but I don't know else to describe this phenomenon other than 'spazzing out' or 'shaking'). Please let me know if you've noticed this happening also, or if you know how the issue can be improved or eliminated altogether. Thanks!
  9. So in one of the Dev Updates, #13 I believe, we were told that there would be deeper companion relationships in Deadfire than in PIllars 1, and that we could forge friendships, rivalries, and even love! My question is, by love, do you think they mean actual romance like kissy-kissy, or just a very close friendship. On that note, of the companions (and possibly side kicks?) we know about, who would you like to be romancable? Pallegina would be my first pick because shes a really great character.
  10. I had a thought a while ago regarding Godlikes in the Pillars of Eternity universe. We have seen Godlikes of Fire (Magran), Death (Rymgand), Avian (Hylea), Moon (Ondra), and Nature (Galawain) My question is, do the other Gods have Godlikes out there somewhere in the world we have not seen? For insistence, would a Godlike of Abydon be a baby made entirely out of metal? or perhaps a Godlike of Eothas would glow brightly at all times. Maybe even a Godlike of Weal, whose appearance changes everyday to a random race and gender. Perhaps not all Gods have a Godlike because their domain is to broad to really have one exist. Or the God in question doesn't want to make them. (I would imagine Skaen wouldn't have kids), and Woedica doesn't have the power to. I know we most likely never will see these other Godlikes in-game (if they even exist) but am curious to the idea of them.
  11. I've decided that I'm going to focus on doing a lot of Quest mode, trying to get a party to max level quickly and blast through these random scenarios quickly and reliably. I've worked on the best general approach, and then tried looked into what sort of team could get that job done. More characters lets you temporarily close more locations when you find the villain, and a bigger party has more versatility. On the other side of the coin, a bigger party is slower to manage and has less turns to work with. A party of 3 is a good choice, enough to cover everything you need to do without creating too many Locations (or spreading the Blessing deck too thin). I've found that with a compact team, the best quick strategy is to spread out to close a couple locations as fast as possible before occupying the last 3. That means a team that can close everything reliably and where everyone can churn through the location decks on their own. I've spent time analyzing the closing requirements, and ignoring the things everyone can handle (fights, banish a card, etc...) what's needed is mostly Dexterity (Acrobatics and Stealth, Disable might help) and Wisdom (Divine, Survival, and occasionally Perception). Intelligence is close, though (mostly Arcane with some Knowledge, Craft rarely pops up). Then Charisma (Diplomacy), which is generally useful on its own. Finally there's Constitution (always Fortitude), and Strength in last place. First team: back to basics It just so happens that the starting characters, Merisiel and Kyra, are the best at Dexterity and Wisdom. Meri even has all the useful skills. With those two as the basis, you can also handle Strength (Meri with a crowbar is very handy) and Constitution (Kyra only has a D6, but with Fortitude +3 she's one of the best to close with that stat). That leaves Intelligence and Charisma, which are both rather important. Ezren is the only character in the game with more than a D6 in Intelligence, but he's no better at Charisma than those two ladies. Thankfully you can handle Arcane with Charisma by using Seoni or Lem. Lem and Lini are the only ones who have a Knowledge skill to add to their D6. That makes Lem the best choice to round out our closing abilities. However, a bard isn't the best at working solo and Seoni already covers most of what we need with some of the very best Arcane and Diplomacy in the game. Overall, Seoni works much better than Lem for that tactic, being a good explorer with lots of killing power. She can even enjoy the occasional heal from Kyra. That makes Merisiel, Kyra, and Seoni a very good and straightforward team to blitz through random Quests. Final verdict: Merisiel's skills makes her exceptionally good at handling obstacles while her backstabbing prowess lets her slaughter monsters when going solo. Her main weakness is that she doesn't have much to accelerate the exploration. If worse comes to worse, she can Evade a bad encounter. Kyra isn't usually outstanding in battle, but her Melee skill and spells and many blessings means she can handle herself just fine. Obstacles can be a problem but Detect Traps can help a lot. She has plenty of blessing to accelerate exploration, too. If things turn sour, she can usually soak up damage very well with armor or heal herself enough to go back into the fray. Finally Seoni kicks ass (as long as she has cards to burn) and has a ton of cards to accelerate exploration. Second Team: Triple Threat If we decide to start by finding the best character for this tactic, we're pretty much guaranteed to build around Seelah. For starters, she has at least a D8 in most stats and can a D6 to any check, and a D6+D8 is roughly on par with a D12+2, which is pretty much the highest someone can be at the start. But the kicker is her Crusade power which makes her amazingly good at rushing through a location deck to find the Henchman (or maybe even the Villain). On top of that she has a lot of cards to explore often and access to the important Divine skill. The areas her teammates need to cover are Intelligence and Dexterity. Ezren handles Intelligence like no one else, and once again Meri is the best at Dexterity (and is generally great at working solo). Final verdict: Seelah is a powerhouse that can nearly solo the game, and here's she's assisted by the best specialist in each of her two weak areas (Dexterity & traps, Intelligence & Arcane). That's amazingly powerful. However, Seelah is rather bad at dealing with Obstacles and cannot take a single set of Masterwork Tools or Mattock or any of these items good at handling these things. Thankfully Meri can bring a bunch of these and Ezren can use spells like Stride to deliver the package without wasting a single exploration. Third Team: Dream Duo So what if you don't think Seelah is the best at quickly closing a random Location? That's probably because you're thinking of Lini. Her Animal Trick is not as powerful and available as Seelah's Inspiration but it's still really good. Her stats aren't as generally high, but her Beast Form more than make up for that. She can get to D10+D4 on half the stats (on par with Seelah), and D8+D4 on two other (still pretty good), leaving her weakest area Intelligence where she's very skilled in Knowledge. That makes her somewhere between decent to very good at closing everything but Arcane (and her Charisma is quite good but maybe not enough for how important it is). Seoni is thus her perfect match. The two of them can close pretty much anything in the game with ease. Their main problem is probably that they have issues fighting without burning cards. Also of note, the most common type of closing (Dex) requires Lini to burn a card. Overall, their least strong area is Fortitude. With Harsk as support, they get a much needed boost to their base fighting power and the very best character at Fortitude, and they can all roll at least D8 on Dex. Final verdict: Lini and Seoni can handle everything and kick all kinds of ass. However, they both burn through cards rather quickly (good thing the druid can pack a few Cures). They have options for the third member of their team, depending how what you find the most troublesome to handle, Harsk is merely the best answer to the most obvious issue.
  12. Devs, please, add a feature to save characters on the cloud couse i´ve lost mine twice. The first time the game got stuck on the reward screen, after a quest, where the reward card went away, rising to the infint before i can see what it was. And today the game crashed in the middle of a battle and i cant access the quest mode anymore. If i clear the app data or reinstal the game, i´ll lose the characters again... So please, allow cloud save to the chars or creat an option where we can restart a quest using the chars like they were before the "uncompleted" one.
  13. Heya! Just curious if we will be able to save our characters with current level/equipment and restart the game to explode our enemies even harder than before? Also will this game be soloable? My personal belief is first playthrough should always be with a party. But the thought of an uber powerful character chunking all enemy comers Irenicus style is just too good to pass up. My sorcerer solo in BG2 was probably one of the most awesome gaming experiences and I really want to relive that. Any thoughts?
  14. Gaming. Description: You have always been drawn to the roll of the dice, the turn of the card or the placement of the playing piece, and have at times won a fair amount of coin in such pursuits. In truth though your talent extends further than mere games however, you have an innate grasp of strategy and tactics, a calm calculating grasp of odds and chances, and how one may influence them. Effects: Now this is where I come unstuck, I really can't think of a reasonable bonus for this skill, that slowly increases over time and doesn't unbalance anything. There are of course many chances to use such a skill, games of chance in a tavern for instance, but I can't think of any mechanical advantages. Perhaps something to do with the stronghold, or maybe a very small experience bonus? Any ideas?
  15. I tag this thread with Possible Spoilers, not because there is intended to be any, but because there'll possibly be a few, probably minor ones, but possibly major, so if you are sensitive, stay out. Now, anyway, there was this other thread, where I found myself running away with a concept, and realized that we needed a thread for suggesting CNPC:s! Woo. As I have harped on numerous times, the number of CNPC:s in the game is abysmal, and leave very little options in regard to choice, and it's exceedingly hard to push them away. Also, their reactivity leaves a lot to be desired. And during the course of the "Lack of Evil Companions"-thread, I started drawing the outlines for a suggested CNPC, and realized I wanted a thread like this. In it, we will both broad-stroke suggestions for various companions as well as flesh them out as much as we desire, albeit not write them. It's mostly meant to be food for thought and little more. Now, from my own perspective here, I'm going to be assuming balanced Attributes, as well as more diverse and different weapon focus groups. I hated how the existing CNPC:s got compromised and actually changed because of the Attribute system resulting in them getting "bad" Attributes, so if I suggest "bad" Attribute spreads for anything, it's because I operate under the assumption that they're not bad, and Attribute spreads are more about characterization and playstyle (beyond Tank vs. DPS), rather than lopsided and simple min/max. I suggest everyone else does the same. I will also assume a CNPC Level of 2, meaning 1 Ability, 1 Talent. This is purely because that's what I think CNPC:s should be limited to in terms of auto-leveling, in order for them to be a bit fleshed out, but still have ample room to move. It is by no means a rule; feel free to post full progressions suggestions in the same way CNPC:s in the game already has. And without further ado, a "proper" post of my original idea that made me want this thread, below. I will put it in a separate post.
  16. There's been some discussion of how some players prefer a game where it is possible to make bad character design decisions. Given that the game is being designed to avoid bad builds, would it make sense to add optional background picks that deliberately create an unbalanced character? For example, a background pick that starts with the PC receiving an initially negative reception from some key factions, but the pick is partly rewarded by gaining a specific bonus talent.
  17. For some time now, I've been a little bit bothered by the positioning of the head on female1 elves, humans, and aumauauaua. It strikes me as a little too far forward, with the neck angled a little oddly - but at the same time, I've felt like this isn't quite on target. What I've finally realized is that the issue doesn't lie in the neck or head at all, but in the knees and the arch of the back. See, if you look at them in profile, females of these three races are currently animated so that their knees are always slightly couched2. That's sort of fine, and is actually consistent with having the head a bit forward3. The hips, feet and legs are all consistent with this - but as you move up the animation to the torso, you'll notice that the back has a very, very prominent arch, and the chest is puffed out. This is neutral posture in many dance and athletic disciplines, and is how people can wear heels without falling over4, but it's tremendously inconsistent with the couched knees, forward head, and practical footwear that taller PoE females have. Basically, the posture of the current models is ... Neck (couched) / Upper torso (neutral) / Legs (couched) ... which looks bad, structurally. Personally, I'd much prefer to see Neutral/Neutral/Neutral, posture, as is the case on the Orlan and Dwarven models (see FN2). But if the point of the couched posture is a "combat ready" look5 and there's a real desire to keep it, there need to be adjustments to the upper torso adjusted to straighten the spine, pull in the chest, and tilt the collarbone so that it's consistent with the position of the neck. The only other approach would be to give the female models high heels, but if that happens I WILL COME FOR YOU6. tl;dr Skeletons are spoooooky 1 It could be a problem for males too, but I never play male characters, and I'm too lazy to check. It probably is. 2 This isn't objectively problematic but it's ... a little weird, honestly. Orlan and dwarves are comparatively centered, with their knees straight but unlocked and their hips placed firmly on top of their feet - reflecting what I've been taught is good posture. The animators have done an A+ job of making those little bodies look real and structurally sound. 3 If you stand up and couch your knees, you'll notice that your hips tend to move back a bit, your shoulders advance to compensate, your chest hollows, and the angle of your neck and collarbone change. This puts your head forward. 4The hips are also pushed back as a result. This is the point of heels, for anyone who doesn't know - they adjust the wearer's center of gravity so that they stick out their chest and butt slightly more than usual to compensate. 5I sure hope not, because you've got neutral stances on the one side, and fighting stances on the other, and there's very little real in-between. A good neutral stance shifts effortlessly into a fighting stance while being perfectly natural. 6No I won't.
  18. A simple thread for community brainstorming, suggesting possible feats or traits that allow different builds and methods of role-playing. Weak of body/Strong of mind You were born the runt of the litter, weak of body and with a Soul that was broken and shattered, and you suffered. But you would not give up, you would not die and you would not accept that only the strong deserve life. You fought against this injustice, you struggled tooth and claw to survive, against everything that life could throw at you. Your resolve became as iron, and your will was unbreakable. Effect: Might suffers a substantial penalty but all Soul powers and spells (but not physical melee and ranged attacks) gain a significant damage bonus from Resolve, allowing the classic archetype of the frail but powerful spellcaster to be built. Restriction: Can only be taken by spellcasters, Ciphers, Wizards, Druids and such.
  19. Not companions, not major enemies, maybe faction leaders. Traders, quest givers, people you meet and interact with. They can be humorous, they largely set the mood of the whole rpg. Remember any who stood out as particularly awesome? For what reason? What kind of NPC's would you like to see in PE? A few examples. Icewind Dale (and 2). Nym the Drow merchant. Now I don't remember what kind of dialogue he had, but I do remember that I do remember him. Maybe it was just that he had a good selection of items and a some kind of a good reason to have that selection. Not a good guy, not super evil either. Was there even a chance to fight him in iwd 2? Fallout 2, First Citizen Lynette. OMG what an arrogant uptight b*****. Set the tone for the whole vault city experience just perfectly. It's not an evil place and she's not evil, but... hell. And she's kind of a major NPC, so breaking my own rules straight away.. Fallout NV, Little Buster Now he's a minor NPC. Doesn't give missions, doesn't really help you at all, doesn't say much, but every single line he has is quotable comedy gold.
  20. After watching the trailer a few times I realised why the animation and character models reminded me so much of Infinity engine games - the 3D models behave like 8 directional 2D sprites! I have always assumed that having 3D models in the game would mean character turning would be smooth rotation (like in Diablo 3), but either through a limitation in the engine or deliberate choice, Obsidian have decided to limit the viewing angles of characters and mobs to just 8. Has anyone else noticed? Has this been mentioned before? What do you all think of this implementation?
  21. Hi Im curius about wat type of characters you hate in games (we have alredy love ones) And here goes one that i simply hated Elanee (she was simply the worst character in this game) She was damp boring and over moralised And here goes another well done character Cassavir He is also boring like rotting wood nut he at least has excuse his fanatic paladin
  22. One thing I noticed in the newest Shadowrun Returns (another isometric game) update is that they've opted to make a plethora of different, individual character portraits to choose from, THEN went on to make variants of each of these. I just thought this was an excellent idea, and I implore Obsidian to consider this if they haven't/aren't already. Basically, instead of seeing that one portrait and going "Aw, man! That face is AWESOME! But, if he JUST didn't have the hood and arcane tattoos! I'm a Warrior, not a Mage!", you'll see that same face with 3-or-4 different variations. Maybe one has a helm on, or a topknot, or scars/piercings, etc. While it IS more work for the art team, it's less work than entirely new portraits, as you only have to create the foundation portrait once, then go from there in a few different directions. Anywho, this was basically just a suggestion to Team Obsidian, but I'm never against hearing others' thoughts on the matter.
  23. I really liked the dog in Dragon Age, it was the only companion I'd always take with me. The other companions were between the annoying and the creepy, and I'd take them along only as cannon fodder or for a specific ability/ies lacking in the main character (or if I had to). Besides, the dog in DA reminded me a lot of my own dog, whom I miss dearly. Same size, same face, a thinner neck tho. So, I'd like a dog as companion. Possibly a pitbull/moloss-like dog, but I'm not too picky (if one could have a choice of how the dog would look like, it would be best), as long as the dog has a personality of his/her own. Heck, if there's a backstory and stuff like that, I'd love it (no romance option, tho.. please.. really, I mean it, don't go there). Besides, which adventurer wouldn't want a dog around?
  24. First of all, Obsidian, thanks for everything you have done to the RPG world. I am 29 now and a lifetime fan of your works (back and then). Project Eternity is a dream for me, still i can't believe it's happening. We have waited for so long.Well, i'm very excited. Can't wait to play. This post may be unnecessary or useless, i don't know, i just wanted to write to you, so pardon me. Oh, and excuse me for my lacking english. Here we go. You will read a lot of "in Baldur's Gate this was bla bla bla". Don't get mad. Sorry for this but that game is my gold standard. (whole saga) I am a big fan of D&D and it's character kits/alignement system. I hope PE will have a similar system. Barbarians, fighters, humans, wizards, sorcerers, thiefs, dwarfs, orcs, elfs and sub-classes... It's a nice long list to read:) My biggest concern is the difficulty level. You know, in these days, games are easier to play, dumbed down for childrens; no dialogues, no choices, no stories to listen. Easy quests, lineer story-line etc. I hope there will be a lot of challenging battles, mind blowing puzzles, hard-to-see clues, a lot of stuff to dig in. If a gamer can solve the puzzle in 10 minutes it won't be an epic moment to remember. We wanna argue about it in forums, try theories:) And anyone remembering Kangaxx? Demilich with a creepy mausoleum? I remember, i tried a month just to find a way to awaken him an failed. An enemy (and a puzzle) like him will be epic too. Just a reminder; Baldur's Gate 2 had over 290 quests and we expect more:) This is a very important element. Replayability. Lots of quests, lots of sub-quests, tons of thing to do and freedom in accomplishing things. But not only quantity of course. In BG quests was interesting, some of them were mystical in some ways and connected. Fulfilling rewards are one thing but ancient myths, cults, hidden cities underground, secret passages, georgeous stage designings... Those are just a few of the things made quests replayable. Remarkable, colourful, one-of-a kind characters (NPCs). I missed them. It has been decades, we haven't seen any guy like Minsc or Edwin or Korgan. They had a unique biography, a history. I think i don't have to explain myself longer. This is crucial. Crucial in anyways. We need a lot of unique (NPCs). Not 6 or 7 of them but "lots" of them. I don't know about you guys but i still remember the stories behind the items in BG. For example; Moonblade, Lilarcor... And the artworks they had? I think that's a very important element too. When you put a story, a history behind a sword, when you give it a unique design and artwork, it becomes unforgettable. No matter it's useless or what, it becomes a part of the game that makes you satisfied. This is something i could never found from other RPGs. I think it's enough verbosity:) Only a few things left to say. Graphics are important but not that much. Replayability and unique characters are the keys to win the heart of an RPG fan. I am not expecting a high-end graphics engine, not expecting unbelievable effects. I will be satisfied if it works steady. Ok. Thanks for everything again. Hope you read this.
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