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  1. Hi, there have been a hundred topics about that, but I want to ask a more specific question. I played all the IE games and I'm a long time RPG fan. Sadly, I start every new game five times due to fact that I never can decide whom should I play with. I usually go with glass cannon or stealth and with Eternity I widen my choice to those: Rogue, Druid, Wizard, Cipher What I want: - I'll be definitely playing with pre-build characters, not creating my own, because I value their stories - my character needs to be the strongest - and that's not munchkinism! I just need to control the
  2. I excluded Priest from the poll due to the 10 choice limit per question. I figure that as the only true healing class most party's will include one regardless of usefulness. That said, please feel free to tell everyone if the Priest is awesome or terrible in the comments!
  3. Hi, just starting the backer beta again. I find it irritating that we still have this portrait selection. Clicking through and viewing one at a time is not a good design. By the time you get through all of them you forget what the earlier ones look like exactly, it makes it hard to compare and pick which one you like the most. Especially as they add more in, and you have a bunch of custom ones (which is quite popular with these games) A grid system would be much better. The ability to view them all at once, easily compare and then click what you like. Possibly even categorized into rac
  4. So I'm a backer and I play tested awhile back and the game was fine for that stage of development, but my attention wandered to other games. Just launched a new game in Pillars of Eternity intending to catch up on where the game has gone, and there was enough change to require a new character and a new game. Unfortunately once I went through and created a decent elf ranger and gave him a name I finished character creation and my only available option was to exit out to the main menu once more. I couldn't even save the character. The 'done' button was grayed out. There wasn't a 'next'. Wha
  5. I just installed the Backer Beta today, and it's entirely possible that I'm missing something obvious, but now that I've finished creating a character, the "Done" button is still grayed out and I can't proceed. My first guess would be that I picked some combination of things that aren't available in the beta. Here's my character: Male Human Paladin - Darcozzi Paladini Mig 15 Con 15 Dex 10 Per 12 Int 15 Res 11 Rauatai - Laborer Colors: Cyan, Dark Green Facial Hair 6/13 Head 3/5 Hair 13/15 Portrait: blonde armored dude with a goattee. Voice: Male Wizard 01 Any ideas?
  6. Just a small thing - the variety of portraits is far too small for the number of races that are available. Something akin to Shadowrun Returns' system (race and gender-specific portraits, 3 or so base for each race/gender combo, and lots of variations on the base portraits) would fit very well for this game IMO.
  7. My main focus here is going to be on the forced use of Character portraits. I understand they are near and dear to a lot of people in this type of community but I'd again rather have a system that just shows a crop of my created character. I don't want to have to use a custom portrait and spend 20 minutes of my life every time I created a different character due to me being unsatisfied with the provided (vanilla) character portaits. Now, moving on to lack of customization options for faces and my issues with bodies and height. Why is it that all of the faces have the same deminsion and
  8. Im not sure about this but it kinda feels like that one of the main reasons behind the "we can build characters that are good at everything" problem is that we get to many skill points at character creation. Less points would mean that we have to choose what we want and make sacrifices.
  9. I'm a huge fan of this project and unfortunately discovered it after Kickstarter was finished. The games that inspired the creation of this game are among my favorites. I'm a 40 year old professional senior designer with game design experience, and I'm not asking how I can sneak into the beta or anything I do not deserve. Based on things I'm seeing in beta videos and designer/developer videos, I have some concerns that hopefully the team may consider? 1 - I thought I saw that there was no fight experience, just quest experience. With exploration and leveling up games like this, a
  10. Reproduction: 1. Create a new character 2. Sex: Any, Race: Any, Class Cipher or Chanter (most likely any that choses spells/powers/phrases, etc) 3. Chose any two powers. 4. Deselect one of the powers by clicking it again. 5. View the power description on the right without moving the mouse. Expected Result: The power description should follow mouse-over as it did before the spell was deselected. Workaround: Move the mouse cursor off the spell it is currently hovering over and back over it (or any other). The power description will show the correct information. Alternatively, se
  11. So, I've decided to create a Wizard now and game asks me - what spells do you want? Description of spells is REALLY noninformative, no range, no damage, nothing. Let's say... Jolting touch. Is it ranged attack or melee attack as it could be logically implied? Eldritch Aim... for short period... short period is? 1 round? 5 rounds? 1 minute? 1 attack? M. Minor Missiles. Same here. Range? Approximate damage? How can I choose spells without actual knowledge how they behave ingame? In comparison, when I create my character in Divinity: Original Sin, I recieve full information on all possibl
  12. The faces we get to choose from are all quite young-looking. All I ask for is at least 1 old looking face for each race/gender combination, and grey-ish hair color to match. It would be a shame to have all these character creation possibilities yet unable to role-play an old man.
  13. Option Bug: When going into the option menu and choosing for example, graphics, the text to the left that describes what option you currently are in, disappears (though the window the text was in remains). This is relatively minor as this does not affect the options nor prevents you from choosing the empty windows and going to different options. (there is no step to step to this other than I started the game, clicked the options, chose graphics and the windows to the left became empty) Might and dexterity (+classes) Problem: I have encountered the problem when starting the game first t
  14. There has been some discussion in the various video threads on Backgrounds, including references to weapons and why one is going to choose a certain background and such, but I thought it would be fun to have a topic on this OUTSTANDING aspect of the character creation process. For reference: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Culture_and_background (N.B. I don't know if there are multiple wikis or not or if there is any competition, and if there is I have no vested interest one way or another, this is just the first that came up with a google search of PoE Wiki). A couple qu
  15. Replaying some Shadowrun: Returns with a character named Shoddy Short Arm. I like it. But it doesn't work well in the dialogue, where maybe "Shoddy" or "Shorty" would work better. It's often like this in other games too, few games have "Nickname" or "Short Name". Full name goes to Records/Biography page, maybe even some bosses or plots could say the full name too (a boss or maybe a baron etc.). Plot name. To take it one step further would be to introduce a "First Name" & "Last Name" at character creation. It could be solved quite easily by a "Show/Hide" varibale as well, "Show/Hide Last
  16. We have several sort of brainstorming threads in here now, for various things (wondrous items, creatures, factions, etc.), and I just thought it might be fun/interesting to brainstorm some traits. Since we don't know exactly what all mechanics will exist to be affected by traits, or exactly how they will work and be affected by things, the general idea of how a trait will work is what I'm going for. An idea that can be adapted to mechanics, even if it has to be less vague until we know more specifics. They can be more like backgrounds (as in Arcanum), or simply character qualities (like in Fal
  17. For Wasteland 2, the community had significant impact on what attribute system was ultimately accepted. Is there an attribute system would you like to use? Do you have any suggestions for improving traditional concepts and systems? I for one, would like to see Strength and Constitution to be merged into one (physical) Fitness stat, and Intelligence and Wisdom to be refined into a Reasoning stat. Furthermore, I would like to see Charisma evolved beyond just the ability to interpersonally influence others, but also as reflection of a character's identity, sense of self, and fidelity to it. P
  18. Ok so I have been thinking about this a long time. I wanted to wait to post for a number of reasons, some to do with wanting the board to dilute down to only the serious forum visitors, others because I wanted to wait until it was all fleshed out and maybe some other threads had touched on things. So what is the post/topic about exactly? Namely Character Creation, more specifically how many games do it wrong. Secondly it is about Alignment, how many games do it wrong, why it matters and should be in game, how to do it right, how it relates to character creation, and lastly how it should
  19. Okay, I can tell I'm going to make a fool of myself and my limited knowledge of the DnD system used by the games that have inspired Project Eternity, but oh well. Traits and statistics. The qualities and numbers, respectively, that define our characters. What would we like to see in Project Eternity? It might be intuitive to think that Project Eternity will mirror the classic cRPGs in this regard, but there is always room for innovation. ============================================================================= Statistics broadly fall into two categories: basic and derived. Basic st
  20. Hello all, I was motivated to post this because of unfair lack of left handed adventures and NPCs in RPGs. As a member of the left handed community, I find it offensive and rude on the parts of game developers that leave out the option to be left handed. It limits the realism and variety in combat and takes out any chance we will ever have at handedness quest lines. Considering all of the other requests that I have seen on this forum, you should find my request no less absurd. If a man can make a request for obesity, there is no reason that the fat man can't also be left handed. Considerin
  21. I know that I am odd in this regard, which is why I make no claims that my view is in any way representative of the population present on these forums or elsewhere. This is a personal rant, and I say rant because it comes entirely from an emotional need I posses for which I have no logical explanation. I'm posting it here because if I don't, and this game fails to reach the admittedly high bar I set on this topic, I'll have only myself to blame for never having tried to make a difference. This way when it doesn't meet my requirements I can simply resume grumbling to myself, and I'm only out my
  22. So I got to thinking about Character Creation and how different games have handled it. One of the most enjoyable times I ever created a Character was Mass Effect 1. Even though it was basically a step-by-step progression Character sheet the trappings used in its construction allowed you to either play straight away as Sheploo or build your own Shepard without a jaringly different experience for the self created avatar. The failing computer records system (That occurred when you Generated your own Shepard) felt just as much a part of the story as the plot that followed. (This was lost a bit
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