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  1. Discovering that Cipher (GM) really kicks off at level 7 for some reason, well, sucks. Especially because I already start to feel GM is getting a bit obnoxious... The biggest problem making a Cipher PC is the stat distribution. The Res dialogue choices strike my fancy just as much as Int/Per, so I would love to make that work on a Cipher (and then as a Seer in POE2). But I am wondering as to how low I can make my base Resolve and still meet the 20 Res checks there supposedly are in the game. I can get 6 points according to my 'research'. 3 from the CCCap and 3 from Brightho
  2. Some Weeks ago I have played my first playthrough in PoE. After my Tortelion (Wizard with Mercenary Background, trained in Melee) followed by a Bleak Walker who I really loved to play. In my third playthrough I am with Konradt, my Druid with a gun. I have installed Deadfire and my Tortelion felt very strange. Somehow he is not my Charakter anymore. But Deadfire gaved me a new idea for a new Character in PoE. The Arcane Warrior (Wizard + Paladin). It was my favorite specialisation in Dragon Age Origins. In this way this Character could feel more like mine in Deadfire, after PoE. I t
  3. I have finished the PoE, and at the first game my toughts about druid was "meh". What about the PoED? I'm planning to go druid, but I cant decide which form I should pick up. What are your suggestions? Please write down every pros, cons for each form
  4. During character creation (on pc) most of the sliders do not change anything. Gender does not work, in hairstyles only 2 hair styles appear, no bears, only 1 face besides the default face. Not sure what is causing this or what to do about it. Tried both controller and just using mouse and keyboard.
  5. During character creation the character is a black silhouette, changing graphics settings has no effect. System: AMD Ryzen 2700x - latest chipset drivers and bios AMD 5700 XT - latest drivers (10/24) Windows 10 - latest update
  6. Hello folks, I’d like to ask you some clarification on the multiclassing, I am a newbie and I feel quite confused. I am mostly attracted by the monk and the Paladin, so the idea of making a Votary seems quite appealing. If I understood correctly, with a multi class character you can only employ abilities up to level VII, right? The problem is, there are some level IX abilities of the monk that I would really like to use. So my questions are: 1) is it absolutely impossible to have a multi class character with level 8 or 9 abilities (even in one of the two classes) ? 2) Assuming i’ll M
  7. I would really like to have some of the unique Godlikes we encounter throughout the course of the game become available during character creation via a Berath's Blessing. Something like an "Additional Godlikes" Blessing. Thoughts?
  8. I'm stuck at the select gender stage of character creation on a new game. When I click the next button after a gender is selected, the button depresses and then the view zooms in but doesn't progress to the next stage. Output log below, I clicked the next button 6 times then exited the game. There looks to be a null reference exception triggered each time in the output. I've tried full re-install, and verified the files with steam. Steam overlay, and Geforce experience overlay disabled/enabled. Windowed/full-screen mode, different resolutions, no fix in any case. Nvidia GTX 970 driver 398.36,
  9. When trying to create a new character, I get stuck at the "Sex & Race" screen. I can click on either male or female, however when I click "next", the camera zooms in, but does not advance to the next part of character creation. I have no mods installed, and this replicates every time I go into character creation. Changing my POE1 background doesn't have any effect. I have the game downloaded on Steam. System details: Windows 10 Intel Core i5-6300HQ. CPU @ 2.3 GHz (4 CPUs) 16384MB RAM 13238MB available DirectX Version 12 output_log.txt
  10. Would be really cool if we could adjust the amount of skill points you get each level in the same way we can for Super Charges Weapon Proficiency inter alia. I was hoping for something like this: "SuperChargeCountByCharacterLevel": ["0", "3", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0"], "WeaponProficiencyPointsByCharacterLevel": ["2", "0", "0", "1", "0", "0", "0", "1", "0", "0", "0", "1", "0", "0", "0", "1", "0", "0", "0", "1"], But for Skills instead of Super Charges Weapon Proficiency. Edit: Changed Super Chargers to Weapon Proficie
  11. Gods know I spent several hours being intimidated by Character Generation screen. I'm writing for you guys / gals who stare at screen and can't for the love of it find anything reliable to help you decide where to commit those sweet points and what perks to take. I will stay away from spoilers. Only spoil a few minor things like some items. I've almost completed my first PotD run with Spellblade (Streetfighter / Wizard). I stayed away from most broken/OP things for challenge's sake, and I feel I was powerful, but not outright broken. I value RP options pretty highly. That's my point of view
  12. When creating a new character, choosing Wild Orlans as a race results in no head/hair customization tab appearing. I can select Portrait, Voice, etc. but the Head button is just missing. This happens regardless of whether I went back and forth in the creation menus; others reported a similar bug when they went back and chose a different race, but I'm getting this even if I immediately go with Wild Orlans. I'm playing the (1153) beta version on GOG right now.
  13. I was a little disappointed that importing the savefile doesn't bring along your character's history (drifter, hunter, etc.), place of origin, race, sex, or stats. So you could end up with a completely different person that merely shares your decisions from PoE. I actually went back to load my PoE games to write down the missing data... i figure if i'm gonna bring my characters back, i want *everything* about them. Am i the only one?
  14. One random question I was thinking about when considering which Pillars I character I want to play through: Is there any customization that can take place for Pillars 1 characters imported to Pillars of Eternity 2? Specifically, my Paladin was a Shieldbearer of St Elcga who used two handed weapons (in particular, Abydon's hammer). Obviously, he won't benefit from the passive for that order in Pillars of Eternity 2.
  15. I would just like some advice on the monk play through. Whether it be stating stats or race selection, that best suits monk. Thanks for your help.
  16. I strongly believe Pillars' character creation system s the best and most fun in any crpg thus far. I found myself starting over just to make a character I had in mind and just play with him or her for a while. Today I was in a mood to make a fantasy all star party so I rolled a character and played till reached Black Hound inn to make the rest of the party. Then I wanted to make the party I play with some friend on a tabletop game etc. You get the idea. I was thinking: What if the character creator existed also as a standalone feature at the game's main menu. You can go there and make a
  17. New to PoE and I'm having a hard time figuring out which attributes are important for a barbarian. It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information about stats on the forums because they all support different builds and play-styles. Back in the day I would have just restarted a thousand times to try out all kinds of creations but I don't have the time or patience for that anymore. So if you don't mind, a little help to get me started would be much appreciated. This looks like a great game and I can't wait to dive in. So far I think I'm set on a pale-elf two-handed offtank barbar
  18. Straightforward question--in Hard/PoTD, which Spiritshift provides more early-game survibability (I know they're no good mid-late game)?
  19. There is an issue at the character creation. If you follow these steps, the abilities disappear und won't come back until you go entirely back to the main menu. 1. Choose one or more abilities 2. Press next or previous 3. Go back to the ability menu 4. Deselect one or more former selected abilities and press previous 5. Go back to the ability menu and the deselected ability/abilities is/are disappeared
  20. So the game reads my Intellect as 9 when it's clearly at 10. What gives?
  21. Hi folks, I have found a minor reproduceable bug in the character creation. If you choose for example a human und then the subrace Ocean Folk and go back to the race menu and click on human again, a default Meadow Folk Human will appear. If you click next the subrace won't change to default but the appearance is still the default Meadow Folk Human. In the appearance menu you won't be able to choose the preset skin and hair color because it is of course not available for this subrace. This works with all races and is tested on Windows 7.
  22. I just noticed this and tested new characters. Humans and Orlans do not get their racial bonus to the Resolve stat. The bonus is present when distributing stats, but after character creation your character will have one less than shown on the stat distribution screen. The background bonus works, however. Anyone have a workaround?
  23. Description: As stated in the title, I believe when creating a playable character (or an NPC you can hire in an inn) choosing a Culture does not give you +1 to any stat. The first choice (Aedyr) is already highlighted and the game recognizes this as you having entered that portion of character creation with one less point in Resolve than you actually chose, and when you choose another culture than Aedyr it will deduct the point in Resolve it believes it gave to you and place it elsewhere, leaving you 1 Resolve point short. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Choose Hard difficulty &am
  24. Are well-rounded stats rewarded in and out of combat? Or are the DCs too high for that? Do gender/race/subrace really matter when relating to NPCs? I'm trying to minimize the number of times I will reroll until I get it just right. ;-) Thank you.
  25. just got the game and need hep picking good characters. Not in terms of actual in combat effectiveness, as I know that I would do strikers with might and dexterity as high as possible, tanks with whatever is best for them, etc. what I want to know is which classes fight best for each of the races: Humans are tanks? Dwarfs seem like fighters and barbarians maybe? Aumaua seem to best fight the barbarian Elves uh magic? rogues and rangers? Orlan seem like less melee types Godlike are unknown right now.
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