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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, so I just finished putting the ingredients into the Javamatic and as soon as the cinematic with the ants attacking was shown, the game is now stuck in an iffy slightly zoomed in view. I have an ultrawide (Samsung CHG90) and had no issues so far, with over 240 hours in-game. I've tried changing numerous graphics settings. Tried some stuff in-game i.e. sleeping, dying, saving then loading but nothing has fixed it. If I go to third person it's still zoomed in. One thing that has sort-of mitigated it is going to third-person view and ramping the FOV up to 120, however it's still a bit off and I really prefer to play the game first-person. I've attached images so you can see. (Somehow the site let me upload five pictures originally, but after having to redo the post it's now limiting me to two...) P.S thanks to the devs for such an amazing game! It's one of the best games I've played in recent years and I am still hooked on it. Despite the odd bug here-and-there nothing has really bothered me up until now (ok, maybe the broken Natural Explorer for a little while lol). Keep it up and really looking forward to future expansions!
  2. Option to toggle the camera to the left and right shoulder, or just a centered camera akin to risk of rain 2?
  3. I just installed Pillars of Eternity for the first time on my MacBook Pro Late 2013 Retina 15" running macOS Sierra. No matter whether in Window or Full Screen Mode, by mouse or by keyboard, using standard cursor keys or remapped ones: the camera just won't move. The only way to reveal a different area of the world is by using the map (open map, click somewhere, close map). Zooming in and out works, though. I searched for hours, but I haven't found any other player having this problem. This is really very annoying and keeps this great game from being actually enjoyable. Can I do something about this?
  4. Having a regular occurring issue when landing with the Dandelion Glider. Often when landing from holding the glider, the camera stays stuck in third person. As a player who uses First Person mode, this is very frustrating and has resulted in many deaths. this issue does resolve itself after time however it is a very annoying bug that I hope gets fixed. Xbox Gamer Tag: JayTheDrummer26 other than this one issue, I love the game and can’t wait for the full release! It’s clear how much time the obsidian team have put into the making of Grounded and I hope they continue to impress, excite and surprise us with future updates! Keep up the good work!!
  5. As title really, I can't see anyway of rotating the camera to a different angle. Thanks
  6. The camera of the game needs to be more smooth, like, when i move the joystick in circles the camera moves like a square. Fixing it would be awesome.
  7. I want to be clear, I know plenty of topic stating the same suggestion already exists, I decided to create another one just to make sure one of these reaches the creators. The more there are the more it's easy to determine how much a feature is wanted by the users. Seeing the character you created wearing an armor you hard earned or found makes the game more immersive to me than watching it from the character's own eyes in 1st person. Even more, I really like to spend a lot of time in character creation menus, i can spend more than 30 minutes there until I am proud of what I've created, so why spend all that energy If I am going to see that face just in the inventory or if I stay idle for too long? Unluckily my PC right now is not good enough, i only managed to play a hour before the CPU bailed on me and bottlenecked my GPU to 50% usage, but this game represents everything i love: RPG, Space and Science Fiction, Obsidian Games' Role playing mechanics (New Vegas is my favourite Fallout by far, [I've played 3 and 4 as well] ). So I really hope that when I will be able to afford a worthy PC the 3rd person will be a feature, so to appreciate this game on 360 degrees. Have a magnificent day.
  8. Hi, i just started with Pillars 2 and encountered two weird control behaviours which i cannot disable in the settings (at least i have not found an option for that): The camera movement has a weird acceleration / deceleration. I would expect it to have exactly one speed (which is adjustable in the settings) which starts and stops abrupt with "touching" the boundaries with the cursor or hitting one of the camera keys. The mouse cursor moves just as expected with my mouse movements, except from when having an item in the inventory attached to the cursor. It suffers from massive lags and its hard to organise the inventory or change equipment. Are these two behaviours intended or "real" problems? I can remember having a similar issues with other games where i had to tweak some .INI files or something like that. Best regards Yahku Edit: After proceeding now, it seems that the inventory lag was only in the intro (when the pirates attacked).
  9. Is there any option to turn off the camera / screen shaking effect? In Baldurs Gate for example, there was an option for this, but I can't find anything like that in PoE... I get a headache from these kind of effects. Thanks in advance for an answer.
  10. I would prefer 360 camera rotation the entire time as I have had so many issues trying to explore areas,; however, in relation to combat it is far too 'busy' atm, we definitely need the ability to rotate the camera around our party otherwise battle is far too cluttered.
  11. I'm having trouble with the camera pan. You know how you press ctrl to move the camera around? It keeps confusing the right ctrl with the left one. I have num pad 0 and right ctrl as my camera pans to left and right. I even put the "look about" on another key and it still keeps thinking that it's the right ctrl. How do I fix this? Even when I put the camera pans as other buttons they still don't work. I accidentally deleted the texture packs while I had the game open and then the problem happened and I don't know how to fix this.
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before, but one of the main things I'm curious about is the visual functionality and presentation of the game. I'm very curious as to whether this is going to be a purely isometric, top-down affair like BG, Icewind Dale, PlanetScape: Torment, Fallout, etc. or whether it's going to have a more dynamic camera that allows you to play isometric, but also zoom in closer, such as Dragon Age: Origins PC, NWN2, The Witcher, etc.? Personally, I'm hoping for the latter. While I mostly play with the camera pulled out during combat in the likes of DAO and NWN2, it's nice to pull it in for more personal matters and nice to have the more cinematic angles during conversations. I think DAO and NWN2 got the perfect mix of classic RPG and the more cinematic nature of modern games, and I hope this is what Project Eternity employs. I feel my character becomes more personal when I can get a good look at them up close and see them interacting more directly. I'm curious as to what other people feel about this? Has there been any direct indication as to what Obsidian are going for here?
  13. Here's a short overview of the graphics style and technology used in some of the existing cPRG's that are often mentioned on the forum, followed by what we know (or can assume) so far about what Project Eternity will use. Maybe this can help clear up some confusion... BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, PS:T, Fallout, ToEE, ... camera: projection/viewpoint: isometric (diagonal top-down) rotating: no zooming: no graphics: background (terrain/structures): 2D images (pre-rendered from high-quality 3D, and retouched by hand) animated objects (fountains/machines/...): 2D animations (pre-rendered "flipbooks") environmental effects (light & shadows, rain, ...): 2D effects (using various tricks like blending pre-rendered light-maps) spells: 2D animations (pre-rendered "flipbooks") characters: 2D animations (pre-rendered "flipbooks") NWN, DA:O, KotOR, ME, Fallout:NV, ... camera: projection/viewpoint: perspective (one or more of: first-person, follow, diagonal top-down, manual, ...) rotating: yes zooming: yes graphics: everything: 3D terrain & models & animations/effects (real-time rendered on the user's graphics card) Project Eternity camera: projection/viewpoint: isometric (diagonal top-down) rotating: no zooming: ? graphics: background (terrain/structures): 2D images (pre-rendered from high-quality 3D, and retouched by hand) animated objects (fountains/machines/...): 2D (pre-rendered "flipbooks") and/or 3D animations (case-by-case decision) environmental effects (light & shadows, rain, ...): 3D effects (blended together with the 2D graphics) spells: 3D animations/effects characters: 3D models Note that this is merely based on what I have heard so far from developer posts & interviews, so no warranty on the correctness of the above information. If you see a mistake or have something to add, post a reply. A comment from one of the developers, as to whether I interpreted their statements correctly, would of course be appreciated as well.
  14. This is a personal nuisance that I just can't stand anymore: the camera never being in the right place. I have to constantly fiddle around with it to get a good view of the battlefield. Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Dragon Age 2 and Dungeon Seige 3 all have had this problem. Even Dragon Age: Origins' strategy view only partially solves this problem. This is not a deal breaker but it annoys me to no end and I want it to stop. This whole behind the character / driving / exploration / MMORPG camera view works fine when you are controlling only one character but when you need to manage a party it becomes a hassle. Infinity engine games didn't have this problem because the camera was a bird's eye view at a fixed angle, just an RTS. This worked perfectly because games like Baldur's Gate were as much strategy as they were RPG. This is my plea to Obsidian. Please get rid of this camera problem once and for all. Give us an RTS camera and only an RTS camera so that I'll never have to fiddle with the damn thing just to see what's going on.
  15. Is there a way to lock the camera at a certain zoom level ? Sometimes in combat, but frequently in indoor combat, the camera will zoom very close. It is too close to see what is going on in combat. In fact, I can't seem to manually zoom the camera as close as it can get in combat. Dig
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