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  1. Couldn't create a new topic in support. Here goes: I'm at the point in the game where I have to use a sneaky fart to distract the guards at the mall / Taco Bell site. After distracting them, another cutscenes plays and I presume I should switch to Kenny to distract them, BUT THE CHOICE TO "SWITCH BUDDY DOESNT LEY ME CHOOSE AT ALL. No amount of button pressing gets this screen out of the way. Switching buddies prior to beginning the mission doesn't help. If I hold the circle button (I'm playing on PS3, digital download copy), I can see the "hold to skip" command, but it does nothing. I've out several hours into this game and can forgive the stuttering, the loading screens, the weird audio glitches, but I can't forgive game breaking bugs. Not for a 60 dollar game that I paid to preorder. Help please.
  2. I can not advance through the game. I received the letter from the girls and was directed to go to Photo Dojo to get a passport photo, then "head north" to get the letter translated. I went to photo dojo, fought the pedophole, and received my passport photo. Whether I try to enter the forest to the east of Kenny's house or try to "head North" through the farm, all of the entryways are still blocked by rats. I purchased SP: Stick of Truth throught the Playstation Store on a PS3 on the game's release date. After installation, I installed a suggested update. I did not start playing until after the update. Thanks.
  3. Win 7, Steam, Digital Download I am now on my fifth play through. In every one so far, either the 'Mouse-Tik' or 'Shoe' Chinpokomon has randomly decided not to be there. This makes it impossible to complete both the, 'Chinpokolypse' and the 'More Popular Than John Lennon' achievements. Reloading, and going back to old saves does NOT fix the problem. I read somewhere that this issue was believed to be caused by using the fast warp. So this time through, I didn't warp at all. It still happened. This time it was the shoe again. Is there a way to prevent this? Is there a way to fix it? Can I force it to pop-up somehow? I have saved the check point, and backed it up. It is saved at the tower, where the shoe normally is. This is very irritating!
  4. Hey, So I just finished the game and got every achievements. I just got the 120th friend, but the trophy didn't unlock. Possibly because I didn't press select to see Clyde friend request. Since he is not even in the list once he get "Banished from space and time" can't this trophy be fixed to unlock at 120 friends instead of 121 ? This is pretty frustrating since even if you get his friend request, if you don't press select to see him in your profile page you lock yourself from the achievement ...
  5. Hi everyone, Just reporting an error: Sometimes, when I click in "Save Game" and confirm to overwrite, the game shows me up a message saying that the disk is busy, or something like this. When this happens, I can click "OK" to dismiss the message and the game got back to pause menu. But, is is freezed, I cannot click or press any key. I have a slow hardDisk and I think this happens when I do the commands so fast (open the save game menu -> double click in save game and confirm the overwrite the previous game) Maybe the program is trying to save the game in the same moment that is reading the save thumbnail, well, I dont know. Thanks! William Borgo - Playing the game in "Brazillian Portuguese" language.
  6. I recently bought South Park the Stick of Truth for Steam, when I first launched the game and it was fine. But when I launched it a second time, it tried to create Direct3D again. Can people please tell me how to fix this or if this is a bug that needs to be patched.
  7. I'm having a bug in the abortion clinic... I'm stuck there and there is no way to go further. Are there more ppl having that problem? See the youtube video to understand the bug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW4iXJPZe7E&feature=youtu.be Could the tech support plz help me? or at least give me a save file that could let me play still... thank you
  8. Hi, I had a problem to past the second QTE when I taps the button A to destroy the sonde anal.
  9. Randomly, either my buddy, myself, or both of us will just... not be there... in cutscenes. It has happened to me in acts 1 and 2 at the Farm more often than not. It's entertaining as sin and hilarious, but it's still a pretty huge bug.
  10. When I went back to the school post-Invasion to fight the Bacteria, I initially broke the BEWARE sign so that I had a way back out when I beat the secret boss. When I went back, the board was IN-TACT and UNBROKEN, preventing me from leaving the school. I reloaded a previous save at the school, same thing.
  11. I'm currently at 29/30 chinpokomon and the last one that I need is Pterdaken...but the problem is that he's on the second floor of the school that's unreachable after the missions at the school have been completed. Not a big deal...but the doors to the school are locked after you've completed all the missions inside of them. It would make sense for things like the UFO to be unreachable after the missions are done (since it blew up)...but the school is still accessible. Those doors weren't even locked when you first saw them and you even blew the front door open so that Token and Tweek could get in, but they lock after you beat the game? That doesn't make sense. Please either open those doors or allow another way to get that Chinpokomon...it doesn't make any sense that they should be locked after the story has been complete.
  12. Video of issue here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJY_dOm5MaQ I keep running into a graphical bug that occurs while playing. The screen will randomly flash black for a split second (as seen between 0:07 and 0:10 in the video). It can happen pretty much anytime, whether it be in the menus, exploring the world, fighting a battle or watching a cut scene. It only happens once every minute or so, but it is a bit distracting. I've tried a few different refresh rates and monitors, but the problem still occurs. Game is running 1920x1080 in full screen. System specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4 GHZ GTX 760 GDDR5-2GB, Driver version 334.89 8GB DDR3 1866 MT/s (PC3-14900)
  13. So I was playing the game, and when I get to the Goth Dance part, I just see my character nodding his head, and nothing is showing up or happening. I tried doing some other quest, so I went to the farm with Jimmy, and I cant skip when he stutters. I really need help, I cant progress in the game.
  14. Ok so I'm a Upper Ravens rill ready to battle Rajani....so I battle him...done....try to open door nothing door won't open...try to go back there is a blue flame on bridge.....I have tried everything....HELP please!!!!!
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