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  1. I was playing Sajan, the monk, and was fighting an ogre. I was going to use my +1 frost sling, and I revealed my belt of dexterity. I then clicked the red 'x' on the side to undo because I was going to see if my monk ability was any better, but when I tapped the button, the belt disappeared. When I finished the level, the belt was still gone as though I had banished it; i don't think that the belt even has a banish ability... Any help available with this?
  2. Hi. I'm playing with a Rogue Assassin and naturally I get the Slippers of the Assassin for footwear. The item works as intended in terms of gameplay but it seems pretty much always that the character invisibility visual mode never turns off. Not during the fight or even after the fight has ended. Makes the whole thing quite a chore to use as you have to quick save and quick load to get rid of the bug. Again, it works as intended gameplay-wise but not visually. Also if you're invisible, visually, during the fight it's hard to know what's going on with your character. Regards / beatspores
  3. Edit: I made a mistake posting this under beta patch. I will post a new thread under the regular technical support. Please remove this thread, thank you.
  4. Hi. I'm not getting the god boons at Hasongo. Worked before on previous playthroughs but now it doesn't. Tried both Galawain - distribute soul essence - and Skaen - devote to Woedica - via the set POE state options in Deadfire menu. Edit: Forgot to add that the effigy pool and gift of the machine stats kicks in as normal. Thanks / beatspores
  5. All of a sudden, lockpicking doesn't work. I can click on the locked item, my skill is high enough, and I get both audio and text confirmation that I was successful - but the lock doesn't open. I can do this repeatedly, as seen in the screenshot below. The object just stays forever locked. I'm on the latest version: with no mods or override files. I've tried restarting, verifying game file integrity, reinstalling, retraining the character, leveling up a different character with lockpicking. I even went back to a very old save (before this started happening), and it's still a problem. May have started around the time of the latest patch, but I'm not certain. My save file is too large to attach here, but I can send it via another method if that helps. Any assistance is appreciated - I'm 100 hours into the game, and it's pretty annoying to lose this functionality all of a sudden.
  6. Per title. Game is updated, synchronized etc. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  7. So i was trying to solo Dorudugan and it took me almost 2 hours to bring him to so low hp, he was about to die. He used his pull ability and i moved away as usual but then my character hit some rocks while being pulled and got stuck mid-air. No matter what i did my character didn't respond and eventually i died. I spent so much time and made so many preparations to solo kill that boss only to die to this annoying bug ... This is frustrating to say the least
  8. Both - issue and suggested fix - was tested with weapon 100-100 dmg and easy to reproduce. Basically, all Carnage AoE Damage calculating only from Primary Weapon. So if your Primary Weapon is Legendary Sabre and a Secondary Weapon is ordinary Dagger, Carnage damage from Dagger Hit will calculate as it was Legendary Sabre. There are two effects chains for Carnage ability. One for Primary Weapon attacks: Carnage_SE_ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventPrimary >>> Carnage_SE_AttackOnEventPrimary >>> Carnage_AOEPrimary (in attacks.gamebatabundle) >>> Carnage_SE_PrimaryAttackDamage And the same for Secondary Weapon attack: Carnage_SE_ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventSecondary >>> Carnage_SE_AttackOnEventSecondary >>> Carnage_AOESecondary >>> Carnage_SE_SecondaryAttackDamage The mistake is simple: Both first status effects – Carnage_SE_ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventPrimary and Carnage_SE_ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventSecondary – was redirected to Carnage_SE_AttackOnEventPrimary status effect. To fix this, you must simply enter the correct status effect ID into Carnage_SE_ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventSecondary:
  9. All further information was verified, tested and easy to reproduce. As we know, my dear developers, all abilities scaling rules divided to 5 categories, listed in global.gamedatabundle, depending on ability's type: DefaultMultiProjectileScaling (for projectile abilities) DefaultBounceScaling (for bounce abilities) DefaultEffectScaling (buffs / debuffs) DefaultWeaponAttackScaling (for martial abilities) DefaultFallbackScaling (for all abilities which don't fall in any previous category, and this is the rules for Phrases scaling) Let's take a closer look: "DefaultFallbackScaling": "ScalingType": "Default", "BaseLevel": 0, "LevelIncrement": 1, "MaxLevel": 0, "DamageAdjustment": 1.05, "DurationAdjustment": 1, "BounceCountAdjustment": 0, "ProjectileCountAdjustment": 0, "AccuracyAdjustment": 2, "PenetrationAdjustment": 0.25 According to this rules (and tests), every Power Level all Phrases gains additional +5% Damage, +0.25 Penetration, and +2 Accuracy. In fact, there are only 3 Phrase gain benefits: Ancestor's Memories (+1 base Health), Come, Come, Soft Wind of Death (2 base Raw Damage) and Dragon Thrashed (4 Slash / Fire Damage). All Phrases gains scaling bonuses, starting from Power Level 2, nomather of it's acquiring Level (e.g. Dragon Thrashed (5 Level Ability) already have +20% bonus Damage (4.8 Slash / Fire) when you pick it. Maximum values at PL 9 for all affected Phrases: +40% Damage, +2 Penetration, +16 Accuracy. If you have Prestige Ability, then it will be +45% Damage, +2.25 Penetration, +18 Accuracy. Single class character gains scaling bonuses at 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 19 levels. But what is not OK then? Phrases for multiclass Chanters follows the same progression rules as single class. In fact, multiclass characher gains scaling bonuses at the same 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 19 levels. The only difference between Single and Multiclass Chanter's Phrases efficiency – single class have possibility to pick up Prestige ability to gain additional +1 PL scaling. Which is neglitable, comparing multiclass. We can't fix it with mods, so my dear and lovely Obsidian developers... [Rage mode on] DO YOUR JOB AND FIX IT BEFORE PATCH RELEASE! YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF FREE TESTERS, THROGH US, AND I'M PERSONALLY TIRED OF THIS BULL I'M (and for sure i'm not the only one) TIRED TO DISCOVER NEVERENDLESS BUGS AND INCONSISTENCIES, WHICH YOU SHOULD FIND AND FIX IN FIRST PLACE. [Rage mode off] Thank you for your undivided attention. Hugs and kisses. P.S. 'No hard feelings, good game' (c) Jeff «Joker» Moreau
  10. Been playing for many days now on the turn based mode and absolutely loving it. So far i've only encountered 3 bugs. Sometimes when the enemy uses wicked briars all its damage is done in real time even on turn based mode naturally leading to my characters death Wall of fire done the same thing when the enemy used it on me, never the other way around. The last one was a very annoying bug which happened at 'Kohopa's Fang' in the north of the map. Upon spawn in two of my party would spawn away from the entrance ON top of the north western fire trap and instantly die before i could load in eventually remedied by clicking fast enough and only taking 2 injuries and not dying. Loving the game so far! Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  11. Hey, I tried to look for a similar issue in the forum but I couldn't find anything. Sorry if this is a duplicate. The crash occurs during the "All Aboard" quest line. On what I believe is the last map, right after the scripted transition involving pirates and Huanas. The game crashes a few seconds after I've entered the area. I loaded a previous save just before that map, the game does not crash. But I am still stuck though, I can't get out of the area and / or finish the quest. Thanks 2019-03-26_220400.zip
  12. So i had the sabre tarn's respite for the longest time on my character, but i don't have it anymore, it disappeared. However, i can still enchant the item, but is nowhere in my stash or player/party inventory. I tried to enchant the sabre to see if the way it is coded would replace my item with a new item with the enchantment, but it didn't, I have no clue how to have the weapon again, i could load a save, but i did like 5 hours of gameplay before realising i did not have tarn's respite anymore.
  13. Hi QA folks! I thought I read a bug report about this - but I couldn't find it anymore. Sorry. This is an old bug but it seems it never got fixed. So: If you play a Soulblade/Fighter and kill an enemy with Soul Annihilation you will not get an additional attack from Cleaving Stance. Imagine that: not a single one. That's somewhat disappointing. It seems that Soul Annihilation isn't considered a melee attack when it comes to Cleaving Stance - which it totally is. But I can't say for sure. Anyway: doesn't work. No savegame needed (I guess) since you can reproduce this easily with any Soulblade/Fighter. Bye!
  14. My understanding of the AoE circles was that the 2nd yellow circle of an AoE isn't supposed to affect friendly units. I've seen a tip popup to this affect a few times. However, with the Pernicious Cloud ability, allied targets entirely in the yellow circle are still affected. In the image below, every enemy and ally of the caster is hit by the cloud, and suffers the debuff, including the bear on the far-left who is clearly outside of the circle. The caster wasn't suffering any intellect affliction.
  15. I've been having this really weird bug all game. Sometimes when I equip an item onto an adventurer, their hair color turns white, they grow about a foot taller, and their cape changes color. Equipping and unequipping items triggers this bug, it is very odd. Bugged Appearance: And after unequipping a ring, the appearance snaps back: I submitted a save file experiencing the bug to support@obsidian.net.
  16. I've got a bug where the fog of war isn't properly being removed when I walk into it. This prevents me from targeting any of the enemies inside. I attached an image displaying the issue. The arrow is pointing at the current active character, and I still can't see anything around him. This occurred in the Turn-based mode. I've only encountered this once so far. Edit: Was able to beat the encounter by using targeted abilities against the enemies in the turn-order list, but I couldn't get the area to light up at all.
  17. This has been very demoralizing. I've been playing through an entirely new game, from PoE1 to 2, and within Deadfire I have been supporting the Huana and thoroughly exploring all quests and factions. I finally push to Magran's Teeth after exhausting anything I could do in Act 2, including both major DLC, and am ready to begin the final faction quest for Onekaza. I finish the quest and return to her... only to get completely roadblocked. She has no option to begin the push to Ukaizo, instead still speaking as though I've yet to complete the Wahaki tribe quest when I long finished that up. Searching for answers has lead me to find this has been a known and reported bug since May last year. At least. Why is this bug still not fixed? Even doing one of the supposed workarounds - being, kill the Wahaki chieftain - did not work to fix the issue. The only other method I've heard of is killing all the Crookspur slavers later, but given how far I've gotten in my game since then, that is not an option save replaying the entirety of Deadfire over again. Normally, that would not bother me - but to be forced to do so because of a bug that has remained unfixed for months now is just absolutely crushing. Why is the Huana faction still bugged like this, after so long? To my knowledge, RDC and VTC are not bugged in this manner, nor are the pirates. Why only this faction? And why has it not been fixed despite what looks to be a fair amount of reported cases? Is there any way to actually force this quest to flag so I do not have to replay all of my progress to this point just to get around it?
  18. Hello, As I playing Deadfire on Turn based mode, I noticed that every single area randomly reset. As part of a quest, I had to return to where you find Tekehu and he is now sitting there unable to re-recruit and no longer in my party. I didn't save before this glitch so I am unable to continue playing my game I put upwards of 30+ hours in. Very frustrated by this experience. I've attached my save file where this happened.
  19. Rat Swarm card looks like is still not fixed... (I don't know if it is fixed in Garrison location) In Fort Rannik when encountering this card with Seelah I get every time 1 damage and card is undefeated - even if I had damage it with more that 20 in few different turns...
  20. Hi. So I just installed the game and right after trying to start it, I get the following error message: " Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2019-02-28_162222" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! " Attached to this message is a zip file with the crash.dmp, error.log and output_log.txt files. It includes the dxdiag.txt file as well with my system specs. I'd really appreciate it if I could get some guidance as to how to proceed. Thanks! 2019-02-28_162222.zip
  21. They don't interact well with elevation changes, going straight through the ground and not hitting anything for any amount of damage. To reproduce...just cast at something on a different elevation than you....bottom of stairs casting at the top of stairs etc...
  22. The Slippers of the Assassin from the Deck of Many things are supposed to trigger a temporary invisibility the first time per encounter the equipped character kills an enemy, but it doesn't seem to be working. After getting a kill, the item shows 0/1 on the charge, indicating it has been used, and I see a puff of smoke, but my character doesn't get a buff and enemies immediately move towards and target him anyway. I'm not sure if this is caused by TBM or not. My character has +65% int bonus, so I should get 1 round from the buff. Edit: Just after posting this, I got the buff on a kill, so it's not perfectly consistent. Yeah, I can't reproduce this anymore. The item "flipped on", and now it triggers properly. Even on barrels it grants the buff. I went ahead and submitted a save file experiencing the bug to support@obsidian.net.
  23. The rest button seems to have become permanently greyed out in my game. I can rest in inns, but not out in the world. I noticed that this has happened to other players in the past, is there a known solution?
  24. Hello, It's an marvelous game but i have 2 bug. -When i was in the OathbindersSanctum-FourthFloor in the Xurip nest the sky wyrm pet was not there, even if i did not kill the sky dragon in the history. -Second bug is on my last save every time i finish the fight and click on loot all and continue the game freeze and the computer said after multiple minute the programm did not respond. I attach all the output log and send the save by email at support@obsidian.net Thank you output_log.txt
  25. Dear developers, Firstly thank you for helping make such a wonderful game which I have had so much fun with! But I just wanted to make all aware of a bug with the Suppress Affliction spell. My understanding is that this spell should suppress any affliction in an AoE for its duration. However, in my case this does not seem to work at all. In fact, what happens is that the suppress affliction LENGTHENS the duration of any preexisting CC. Luckily I managed to record this on a recent stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/RealGleamingSalmonJonCarnage Here is a link to my savegame for testing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x5j86SRQdYqVbrwR2mOwY25f2QbpPPKF/view?usp=sharing Steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Cast any affliction on a party member 2. Cast suppress affliction. 3. Observe that the affliction isnt removed and duration of affliction is extended. I hope this can be addressed soon! Thanking you in advance! Best Wishes Viggy
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