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  1. Hello, this is a bit of a repost since I am consolidating other posts. I can not get beguiler to refund focus correctly on hits with deception spells. My post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106807-how-does-beguiler-calculate-focus-hit-bonus/?do=findComment&comment=2115669 Similar report with vids: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102882-beguiler-focus-refund/?hl=beguiler
  2. Pillars 1: I have noticed that the text dialogue message is in the wrong order: Adventurer Level 250 for one copper. Sounds cheap ;-) see screenshot... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aTyBer1y9JLC8O79N70hifLEr93Fq_xp/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi, In my games with Tup, Tup’s Hot Spot is bugging and crashing my games. After I use Hot Spot, the game continues to roll for fire damage after the initial fire damage roll. This continues until my game crashes....PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!
  4. v3.1.1 Mohora Tanga- harpooning (damage + pen scale with survival) works until I unequip or upgrade; then harpooning is permanently lost. this is replicable. if you upgrade and equip, it works correctly until you unequip. then the harpooning bonus is lost. Gold randomly disappears when moving things around in inventory or character select. Changing characters or swapping items can cause gold to drop to 0 or 1. edit: i for sure observed this upon loading a save game. sometimes the same game file will load with the proper amount of gold (in this case, 17,973); sometimes it will load incorrectly (0 or 1 gold).
  5. I love playing this game on my Mac but the last three updates have each left me with the situation where I cannot loadany of my recent saved games due to missing DLC. The latest claims I am missing both the in app purchases Beast of Winter and Seeker,Slayer, Survivor despite the fact that I have never purchased these add ins. On the previous two missing DLC bug releases I have had no choice but to go back to a much earlier saved game position and start again. Needless to say this is getting pretty frustrating and so I thought would reach out to the community for help. I have tried emailing MacPlay on each of the two other occasions this has happened but have never gotten any form of response from them. I see from other threads that this is not the first time people have asked for help with this issue but the other posts all reference other versions and I have seen some work arounds posted but ... this does seem to be becoming a recurring issue with this game
  6. Hey guys, I see this bug from different characters. It has applied to Xoti(monk) more regularly but usually sticks to certain melee characters(current character in pictures is monk/barb). I am not sure it is exclusive to monk characters but it may be. I don't have any injuries they just instantly have a set amount of health reduced in combat but not every time.
  7. Entering Tiebe o Waiapu showed [slot #] for each skill check on characters, only showed watcher at bottom of story book, and upon meeting large boar at end all 4 other characters were missing. I went back to boat to get them and they were missing from game.
  8. Hello, whenever I charm or dominate any enemy via cipher spells they may switch allegiance for a short time and then swap back while still showing the status effect under their conditions(with substantial remaining affliction time). I have read around and I have not seen that anything removes the affliction besides intellect inspirations or specific abilities like paladin's talents(aegis of loyalty I believe). I have read through combat logs and I don't believe any specific damage instance is bringing them out of this but it happens every time I use a charm or dominate. Is this intended and am I missing something or is it a bug?
  9. All of the pirate uniforms, hand and key armor and several other armors will display correctly on females when equipped but do not on male characters. Can someone help me find the root of this issue - Some capes also won't adopt any color changes at all... I checked the "hd" folder in PoE and saw, for example that the texture for hand and key (m_bp02_boots_v02_c_hd.unity3d) was dark red, different from almost all others that do inherit color changes (they looked like an off-white/grey color) . And that red shows that way in-game. I want this to not show red, but inherit the colors i choose for my character in-game. For females color changes do work, strangely enough and the pirate uniforms are correct as well. There is no similar file equivilent ("f_bp02_boots_v02_c_hd.unity3d" like the above file) for female in the "hd" folder. Any color female characters have will show up on armor correctly, as will the correct patterns on armor, etc. Like I said, there is a long list of capes and armor that refuse to show color changes correctly. I deleted all of the corresponding files associated with the hand and key armor for males thinking it would mimic the female hand and key armor but it did nothing...as if deleting the files had no effect at all? Are they even used? They must be. Any help from seasoned modder or a programmer would be greatly appreciated. Just point me in the proper direction is all I ask. I don't want to simply change to a new color so much as I want any color chosen to change according to color selections in-game. As a last resort I could edit the colors individually and re-import them into the unity.3d file but I'm looking for a more complete solution for all characters. Some help on this please. I bought the Champion Edition from GOG -
  10. In v3.1, you can get multiple or even infinite Modwy. Steps to reproduce: 1. Soulbound it and upgrade to stage 3 (completed 1500 damage to kith). 2. Talk to Modwy. Have Xoti in party and talk to its former owner. 3. Let Xoti release Modwy's soul from the sword. You get one non-soulbound/non-talking unique superb sword. This is expected, but the original Modwy equipped will NOT disappear. 4. Leave and re-enter this area a few days later. 5. I found the former owner walked toward the left-top corner of the map. I talked to her again without having Xoti in party. 6. I decided to keep Modwy and I got one non-soulbound/talking unique superb sword. The original one on my hand still didn't disappear. The message popped out tells me that the Modwy is soulbound (to anyone). So, it is strange that mine is non-soulbound.
  11. I emailed a save game two days ago with a bug stopping progress to the beast of winter. The 4th wandering soul is missing / not giving credit (I think I actually saw it) so I can't summon the king. I posted at the time but my post was put on hold subject to approval by a moderator. That post has now disappeared so I am creating a new one. I can resend the save game if I need to. I have double checked online 4 the locations of the souls just in case.
  12. Hello anyone can help me? i dont now why but i cant end the game there are any tipe of bug, in the mission dancing with the dead. I have the ship Fonferrus but when i try to go ukaizo with the ships Vailian in the ofecchia the game dont active the trip!!! ty
  13. In Drowned Kingdom Quest I collected all 4 wandering souls but it only gave me credit for 3, so I can't summon the king and complete the quest. will send save game
  14. I'm new to the game, but a quick search didn't seem to turn up anything on this specific issue, so I might be missing something, or it's a new bug... I'm on the third scenario of the first campaign - where you hunt the dragon Black Fang. I'm at the Temple location with my druid, and I used Augury at the start of my turn (before exploring). It let me discard it, but then nothing happened. I didn't get the UI to choose a card type, nor did I get an option to recharge instead of discarding it. It's worked before, in the second scenario. Thoughts?
  15. When I went into the Luminous Bathhouse, I moved quickly, so there was a stutter in the guard asking for money. I think I paid twice, but that's not the real problem—when I left to go into the boiler room, then break into the underground laboratory, my clothes didn't come back. I thought this might be part of the gameplay (no clothes until you exit), went through the area with no clothes or weapons. However, on exiting the bathhouse, my clothes aren't back. Worse, I'm prevented from putting on clothes or weapons and I my save games are all after the clothing bug. Right now, I'd have to restart the game from level 4, I think (my characters are level 9 now). Is there a way to fix this?
  16. Hello, I recently bought PoE2 - Deadfire and upon launching the .Exe, either through steam or directly, The game fails to even start and the following error is displayed on the desktop: Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder......It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" I uninstalled, re-installed, restarted my PC, returned the game on steam and bought on GOG, made sure my drivers are up to date, and a myriad of other attempts at fixing the issue but so far, 0 luck. here is the bug report and my dxdiag. Thanks! any help would be greatly appreciated output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  17. So I killed all of the slavers on crookspur and returned to rusare, but all she says when I click on her is "come no closer outsider" and nothing more. I restarted from an old save and did the quest over, but I got the same problem. The quest log tells me to talk to rusare, but I can't open dialogue with her after the first attempt at dialoge. My guess is this has something to do with aloth's quest bugging out the dialogue but here's my save. A solution, even a quick workaround to this is what I need most as I can't really play deadfire without one. Thanks. Also, I can't attach any saves, even a single lone save to my post. Says the filesize is too big, even with the basic uploader. So I uploaded it to mega. https://mega.nz/#!JRcFUaqY!xziS4X89v8yZ7yP_pMy1NweDDbY1Ewd1MctRPpfA4ng
  18. Description: I was exiting one of the dungeons on one of the unnamed islands. I usually name the island after the dungeon name on the island. I couldn't see the name of the dungeon because the name Island dialog came up. I canceled out of it thinking that I could still name it afterwords. I tried entering the dungeon again and exiting but was never prompted to name the island. I have visited every island and completed the dungeon and have no unlocked the naming Island achievement I believe because of this. I now have no way of ever getting that on my current save game because I saved after words.
  19. After the latest update "Potions of Plenty" ("Seeker, Slayer, Survivor" DLC, side quest) does not progress - the belt (Less Unstable Coil) does not charge after battles in the Crucible (4 battles without any updates in the journal).
  20. Hello, I seem to have stumbled upon a rather peculiar bug. Bug description: Independent of using an Obsidian-made legacy, a custom made legacy or imported from PoE1, Falanroed will not have a seat in the captains council in Dunnage, and Ferrante will call you a Dragonslayer as if you killed Sefyra in PoE1. In the imported PoE1 save, none of the four possible dragons are killed. Steps to recreate: Create a new game using 3.0. Import, create or use any legacy.
  21. Hello! I want to report bugs. Problems: 1) quest "A Bigger fish". If you finish main quest connected with hostility of families in favor of Valera first, you can't close quest "A Bigger fish". No dialog with Martino when I try. Save file in archive. 2) quest "Baunty - Radulf" can't be closed if you blow up Powderhouse in "The Brass Citadel" first. Master Wakayo becomes hostile and don't accept quest. When you kill him, quest not flunked too. Save file in archive. 3) Do not appears final boss at Ukaizo. Save file in archive. Screenshots in archive, saves in archive, version of the game - + all DLCs. Please let me know if I do something wrong in game or if it real problems and you will rectify it with next patch. Thank you for your work.
  22. I have been playing Deadfire since launch on the "Veteran" difficulty setting and have loved it so far, I'm hundreds of hours into the game and have collected tons of unique items and loot. Yesterday I decided to increase the difficulty setting to "Path of the Damned", and I'm enjoying the increased difficulty now that my characters are level 20. But a few hours of playtime after I increased the difficulty to Path of the Damned, I noticed that ALL ITEMS in my inventory had their monetary value decrease approximately 98% or more. An item worth 3,000 CP yesterday is now worth around 50 cp today. Also, I've completed new battles against Naga and other enemies, and I used to be able to sell fine, extraordinary, superb loot/gear/weapons etc... and make a couple thousand CP after a large battle, but now I can only sell loot for 2% of its former value. Is this part of the Path of the Damned difficulty setting? If not, then there must be some sort of bug. I have NO MODS enabled that alter the price/value of loot, weapons, or gear in any way. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  23. I have GOG version of the game and yesterday before patch 3.0 all was well. Today the game was patched and now I cannot load any saves, because it says "Missing DLC" (See attached image). Makes me a bit frustrated as my last save is at the beginning of the end game. I do not have the Beast of Winter and Slayer, seeker, survivor DLCs, but I do have the free ones and the backer one. Also main screen loading now takes considerably longer and clicking on any option in the menu (like load or options) also takes a lot of time. Help? edit: added missing attachment and output_log.txt output_log.txt
  24. After installing the latest update, I entered Mariki's Metalworks in Periki's Outlook. Once there, the character Izzia began a conversation with me that I was unable to finish, because I had no conversation options available. e: This is almost immediately after installing the update, I have done nothing else with the SSS update besides walking from Arkemyr's mansion to Mariki's. https://imgur.com/a/g5zzAVl
  25. I have this currently happening in the Hole inn, but also in the Luminous Bathhouse; switching out a party member makes them disappear. Their icon is still indicating they're somewhere outside, but it's impossible to leave the area with the 'you must gather your aprty before venturing forth' message, effectively leaving you stuck
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