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  1. During the beta AOE weapons were fine, but since 4.0.1 (perhaps 4.0 launch, didn't get any aoe weapon when I replayed when the patch launched) no martial abilities work with the AOE weapons like Whispering greatsword or Citzal's Lance. The ability only affect the target (and no aoe dmg) and my character just keep launching the same ability again & again until no more resources. EDIT : Both Hand mortar weapons aren't affected. Perhaps only melee AOE weapons are bugged? Don't know if i'm the only one affected (problem with my game?) since no one report it but AOE weapons are useless right now.
  2. Serafen wants to talk but has nothing new to say. I just completed "A Sorcerer and a Gentleman", talked Malnaj out of fighting (Principi +2), and spoke to Serafen onboard my ship about the slavers (before the icon appeared), but the icon persists. He just has his ordinary lines when I talk to him. Can I fix this with the console? Image Attached.
  3. Xoti's companion quest Lantern of Gaun is currently bugged in my playthrough. The quest progressed as normal (as I've later checked on wikis and such) and the soul extraction procedure completed successfully, with Xoti being cheerful and "sleeping like a baby" since then. However: - The quest is still in my questbook, on the stage after the worsening nightmares - It continued to update with new adra pillars found - Xoti continued to grab the souls past the procedure - If manually spoken to, the "how are you feeling" dialogue with Xoti is always shown as new, yet no new responses are in that tree if I pursue it As such, Xoti seems to behave as if the quest ended with the "light" ending, but I'm not sure if this unfinished state in the quest log will result in some bizarre flag that makes the quest incomplete for possible sequel export. UPDATE: Epilogues and final talks still worked as if the quest was resolved with the light path. The quest remained as incomplete in the log. The quest was completed on 4.0 version of the game (while I'm still playing that same playthrough on the newest Steam build). Link to the savegame: http://klardendum.com/poe/poe2save.zip As a bonus, two Bounty quests on that same file cannot be completed: Huana's bounty missions cannot be turned in since the start of Act 3 since Barati is simply missing from the game world. RDC bounty missions cannot be turned in (but with the quest not marked as failed) due to me siding with Huana and making the entire district there hostile to me after the quest was complete.
  4. and i wouldn't have known if i wasn't messing around with the other histories and seeing vela on the beach with the magranite, imported my save,and nowhere to be found,quicksave quickload didnt work completing the gather the ppl quest didnt work either
  5. Hello. I have a bug/a question, this depends. From the game release the Fighter subclass Black Jacket had no Constant Recovery. One of the patches gave him the ability to recover, although less efficient then in usual fighter. When I tried to create chareacter-adventurer Black Jacket, the game said I can't take Rapid Recovery as I had no Constant Recovery. Is this a bug? Or is intended to be a part of the penalty?
  6. I'm having some issues, I just booted up my savefile for the first time since the last update, and in the next fight half the npcs are invincible and won't die when reaching 0 HP. EDIT: It seems like it only happens in the Drowned Barrows. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/0B4Xhd2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nzk5hGk.jpg Steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/2/1744480966992795208/
  7. So, It's patch day today, but I still can't give Llengrath the seed in Seeds of Deception after killing Wael Oracle. She just say goodbye and walk away. I get this quest from her, but still can end it only with Tein. Does anyone solve this problem? Or Llegrath can be found on map somewhere else?
  8. Animal companion abilities not showing up in the selection screen for abilities. Character is a multi-class geomancer. Screenshot might not show the full abilities list, but Takedown is not there(nor it's upgraded forms). It only appear in the locked presets for Ranger. Save files are in the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=12aTi7zMjE3jGF9T-BfVbOPx4W2pxmkG0 Thanks window 10 64bit gtx1070
  9. When I attempt to recharge the archer card to assist a ranged combat check she changes the other dice to d4s. This results in a much lower chance as it changes d12s to d4s. Let me know if you need more info. I'm running through the first stage on the second difficulty setting on a Google pixel android phone and this has happened every time I have used her so far
  10. Skill/Ability numbers are showing whenever conversation or any other window opens and they should no longer be there. You can see the three "1"s to the right of Level 10 that should not be there. Below the bottom center of the Skill window. output_log.txt Version - ( Win10 x64 Nvidia GTX 970 16GB RAM
  11. I haven't played the game for months, but I came back to play the two latest DLC's. After resting while playing Seeker, Slayer, Survivor content, Pallegina gave me her farewell letter, left the party, and appeared in the middle of the sea on the global map. Picture of her: https://imgur.com/a/oXVX7rf Is there a way to avoid or fix this?? I'm hoping other players might know more about this than me. --- For some background/context: I beat the game a few months ago. I had offered an alliance to the Royal Deadfire Company, then backed out when they said their plans to assassinate the Onekaza - which causes a 'shootout' which kills a lot of people and deals a blow to the faction. I allied with the Huana after. Pallegina and Maia didn't have issues (or comments) on this at the time, except that Pallegina understood why I'd side with the Huana.
  12. When hovering pointer over damage, accuarcy or penetration, space between "Main" and a number disappear, as per the attached screenshots.
  13. Hello, I am having some odd interactions on the level where you are fighting the vithrack and spiders/eggs. 1) Combat wavers in and out after a fight. It will turn on a few second and then off, even when all enemies on level are defeated. I can stealth to stay out and regen. 2) Numbers do not seem to be adding correctly on combat log. My characters are getting hit for multiple times what is showing in combat log. Up to 4x what is displayed. Egg Spiders in particular are hitting for around 140 damage when it is reading 37 in log. I feel like the damage is off here not the log because that seems pretty high for the tiny spiders. Edit: Spun Terrace is the name.
  14. Hello, when I try to talk to Llengrath after having Tayn modify the Annals, she has no options other than saying she in occupied with the task at hand.
  15. Not sure what happened to my previous topic so sorry if this is a double post. Forgotten Sanctum installed and Pallegina suddenly leaves my party (we have a pretty good rapport, I think, and I have a good rep with Vailian Trading). Maia leaves suddenly as well. Pallegina leaves and stands in the middle of the ocean. The cursor changes to speech, but you can't interact. Screen 1 Screen 2 Save Thanks. output_log.txt
  16. i have been playing POTD difficulty and have noticed an issue when selling my items. The vendor says over 50k item value but when i sell i only get half of this . i have tried different vendors but with the same issue . i have linked two images below showing my issue https://imgur.com/a/TY7f1d3 https://imgur.com/a/4s9voH2
  17. Description: It is possible to go through the shipwreck where Lord Darryn's Voulge can be obtained without getting it. If the players selects the "Leave" option after first clicking on the shipwreck, clicking on it again will skip the voulge and go straight to the other items. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Go to the southmost island located left of the Harbinger island(there's a storm next to it). There should be a shipwreck. Click on the Shipwreck. Select "Leave". Click on the Shipwreck again. Go through the loot. You don't get Lord Darryn's Voulge. Important Files: If the files are too large to attach separately, compile them all in a .zip and make a link to Dropbox with the .zip or email us at support@obsidian.net along with your user name and a link to your post so we can quickly find the post. Attach files that will help the dev team figure out and resolve the issue. These include: Savegames https://drive.google.com/open?id=19XLThr6i1eh1reDMaMxUspAoTgJrxL6B Screenshots Before: https://i.imgur.com/JA0DuBp.jpg Dialog with "Leave" Option : https://i.imgur.com/Jnnaovp.jpg When you "Sift through the wreckage": https://i.imgur.com/sJzv0il.jpg When you "Leave" then come back: https://i.imgur.com/vNGLDoW.jpg
  18. Hello, I was testing some of the new abilities and I can not get the summoned fists to work in a way that makes sense. First the main hand attack is not applying 20% raw damage on hit. Second is that when the off hand does the damage calculation for the raw buff it is lower than 20% and doesn't seem to scale properly. My understanding it that from previous on hit+% bonuses is that they calculate from other damage bonuses as well(though based on their smaller base damage). Here at the base power level you learn them(3 I believe) they are doing slightly less than 20% but at power level 7(in pics) they are doing only slightly more than 20%(previously hit +20% are doing over 30% and matching damage bonuses when calculated). I did not take any pictures of the low power level damages, because I wasn't sure it was messing up at first, but I can if you need some.
  19. Hi I've accidentally commanded 2 party members to disarm trap and this caused both of them starting to disarm it simultaneously, both disarmed it successfully and for both actions I received the trap item in the inventory. When I tried this intentionally with all 5 party members standing around a trap this also worked like a charm - got 5 trap items from a single trap.
  20. The Enchantment "Pride of the Ducs" for Pallegina's "Honor Guard Breastplate" is either bugged or worded incorrectly. It claims to give +8 all defenses but it doesn't affect Deflection. See images for details. Enchantment: https://imgur.com/jJrd8Js With Armor: https://imgur.com/Se618gt Withour Armor: https://imgur.com/t1EK6s6
  21. As soon as I enter Port Maje and trigger the first event, my game becomes unplayable, like 3-4 fps. If I move my camera away from the people it stops stuttering, so it must be the NPCs. Any fixes? It was okay until this happened. I've tried every fix I could find. I have a GTX 960 and a i5 4670.
  22. Lumdala's House Bug (enter locked room without key) One of my party members got somehow (rotating party positions) behind the locked door (i have not found the key yet). It seems that the party position area/room detection logic is too unsharp... See screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VANP1sWlVt9LkmHnAnSdCALoq3YrKEUb/view?usp=sharing
  23. Hello, this is a bit of a repost since I am consolidating other posts. I can not get beguiler to refund focus correctly on hits with deception spells. My post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106807-how-does-beguiler-calculate-focus-hit-bonus/?do=findComment&comment=2115669 Similar report with vids: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102882-beguiler-focus-refund/?hl=beguiler
  24. Pillars 1: I have noticed that the text dialogue message is in the wrong order: Adventurer Level 250 for one copper. Sounds cheap ;-) see screenshot... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aTyBer1y9JLC8O79N70hifLEr93Fq_xp/view?usp=sharing
  25. Hi, In my games with Tup, Tup’s Hot Spot is bugging and crashing my games. After I use Hot Spot, the game continues to roll for fire damage after the initial fire damage roll. This continues until my game crashes....PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!
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