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Found 3 results

  1. I found that I had a hard time to become invested in the story initially. I found the motivations to pursue Thaos and find out more about what was happening to me to be weak at best. For me the main story became about the Hollowborn. To solve that mystery was first and foremost on my mind. And the story progressed everything fell more in to place though, especially since the two things melded together, and I really loved the story up to and including the ending. Certainly there are things that didn't work as well as others so I'll do a short list of what I found less good: Iovara and the entire Old Soul thing of the Watcher was introduced too late and/or not given enough screen time for me to really become invested. Same thing for Thaos, his motivations should perhaps have been introduced a bit earlier to give us time to think more about it. There was a great opportunity to have us conflicted at the end about some choices. Same thing for the Gods and the choice of what to do with the souls. I felt that they should have tried to convince us harder. Perhaps through companions loyal to their respective deities. The entire thing with Waidwen and the invasion from Readceras felt unfinished at the end. I really hope this is where one of the expansions will focus. Edér, Durance and the Gods involved demand it! Things I liked: The aspects of the Gods. I especially liked the ones who were philosophically right wing / traditionalist (in a way), since this is seldom done in RPGs/fantasy. I'm thinking of Galawain (Struggle), Magran (Transformation/Trial) and to some extent Berath (Cycles) and Woedica (Order / Hierarchy). They also handled this without the usual heavy handedness and explored these themes from more than one angle. Very well done and I would have enjoyed seeing more of this. Companions. Edér and Durance followed by Hiravias were favourites. I especially liked the voice acting of both E and D as well as how they were written The idea of the gods being constructs. Especially since we right now are closing in on creating AI:s. Looking forward to expansions / sequels exploring in more depth what constitutes a god. When playing, the classic quote from Arthur C. Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." came to mind. Is it not so that gods in a fantasy setting is the absolute peak of magic in a way? If not, and if their origin must be other than that of a lower creator, how would we define divinity? Must they have had a part in creating the universe? I think not, considering that we have several examples in actual polytheistic religions where this is not the case. Must they in that case have descended from even higher beings/being? Perhaps. Or is the mystery of them part of their essence? Wael would love that at least. Oh well. Loved the game, these were just thoughts and not really huge criticisms.
  2. Inspired by Dragon age orgins and Witcher i think that orgin or some kind of biografy/ history shoud be one of main part of "Role Playing" part of the game. That's of course not a hudge discovery but i want to se your point of view. Regardles of many peoples opinion about DA .. Orgin system was some good part of that game .. a part that BG characters where most week .. in my opinion. I also think that "General" biografy text like in NWN or BG system was very week. Becouse i whint that not only companions shoud have some part of motivations, ambitions but also a player. The part of making "Decisions" in Witcher was one of best in my opinion ever made. There are no "Pure evil or good" decisions there and we must wait for consecuences so no reloading ps. Please don't post pinions like "I let devs decide" becouse we are not controling them and they will do what they want regardles of our opinion. But you shoud have some preferences about "Orgins" in general ? thank for attention
  3. Beginnings can be awkward or awesome. We are usually dropped into a minutely developed world, and have no idea what's going on. How to avoid awkward questions? The most beautiful beginnings I know have been from PST and FO3. In PST the method is intricately thought-out amnesia that connects on many levels to the storyline. In FO3 you are literally born into a quarantined mini-world, and later released into the larger environment. Off the bat, I can think of two ways to make things interesting in Project Eternity. Gradual awakening to the world You never saw the world as it truly was. Blurred and unintelligible, many things you saw stayed incomprehensible until a something cures you of... - deaf- and blindness - a curse - ... The interesting part would be the transition. First you are in a kind of special needs situation. Your surroundings don't make much sense, most of what you understand and can say is gibberish. Then your character awakens to the world around you, and together with the player takes it in for the first time. Traumatic separation of body and soul The intro shows blurred recollections of the terrible act of someone ripping your body and soul apart (sufficiently blurry to make your original race a mystery). Your soul gets damaged, yadda, yadda, you get a new body, and the main storyline can include wanting to find out who and what you were before. It would be interesting if there were racial tensions in the game, and you can't be sure what you were before. I've got my own little dream of the main character being able to exist as a disembodied soul. It can not only invade dead creatures and animate the bodies, but dominate living ones's as well. Most of the time it will reside in an avatar it constructed from different materials, one of them being the soul's "characteristic" look indistinguishable from one of the sentient races. I tried to post a blueprint of this "transient" race on page 7 of the merged "races of the world" thread, but it got buried... So, what's your take?
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