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  1. Dear developer team, I just encountered a severe bug that keeps me from moving further in the game: In caed Nua, my wolf companion disappeared after reloading a saved game (after I died fighting Maerwald). Now, I cannot leave the hold, because it is said that I have to assemble my party first (i.e. also the disappeared wolf companionā€¦). Now comes the tricky part: the wolf companion is also gone in all of my other savegames, thus I am completely stuckā€¦ I saw that some other people encountered this as well... Hope you can help me out, Best Alex Here is a dropbox link to the s
  2. Hi, my game keeps crashing when I try to leave the Black Hammer Smithery. It gets into the loading screen, stays there for a few seconds and then throws me onto the desktop. I am playing the Steam version. The crash reports, specs and savegame can be found here (I'd use the file attachment function if it wouldn't keep giving me error messages).
  3. This is a pretty minor issue, but I've noticed that if I remove and then later re-add companions to my roster, all of their personal character info - like time in party/most powerful killed/most damage taken etc is reset, as though they'd never been in my party before. I was wondering if this was intentional or a bug? It's not a huge issue, it's just a bit of a shame to not be able to see everyone's stats as the game progresses, and slightly de-incentives switching people out of the party.
  4. Hello, everyone! I have nasty bug in Raedric's Hold. I cannot go out on the main map - I have crush and application is stuck. E.g. I cannot exit from this Hold and continue playing the game. I try every exit (Upper Rampants, Siege, Main, Canalization) - every time - game crushes. I have Loading screen and then - black screen with cursor image and application is dead. Nothing happens. I have idea maybe causes of problem is next: 1. I see guardians near the main gate on the map, speak with them, then i see them one more time. And they become hostile. Now i ended the quest and they
  5. I can't seem to be able to upload images, so I use links from imgur. this is my character http://imgur.com/i8O6LGh this is my weapon http://imgur.com/U6vPjww and this is the combat log http://imgur.com/fZ40KBe You can see that my damage dealt before DT is 19.1. This means my damage before might would be 19.1 / (1 + 0.33) = 14.3, which is not within the weapon's damage range(16 - 24). So might is clearly not affecting auto attack. And another bug: http://imgur.com/x6RM4UZ just completely wrong
  6. game just freezes, but the sound and music continue. see the screenshot here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415286568 i'm running steam mac version. can't upload the save file, keeps telling me 'This upload failed'.
  7. I'm playing on Mac Late 2013. When i'm trying to save a game it's crashing. Not all the time, but often. Very often. It's always happen after new game (autosave). And then it's randomly happen while playing. Nevermind what is it: it can be quick save, or just save, or autosave. Fast googling showed up that's i'm not alone here. Please, fix it in the next patch. This game is awesome.
  8. So whenever I order Durance to cast a spell, and about 50% of the time when I ask Aloth to cast a spell, the character instead runs away. They go to some random spot, such as a corner, spaz out and slide sideways for a few seconds, and then cast the spell. However, they don't cast it on the target, they cast it in some second random spot, such as a wall or outside the map. I have no idea what might be causing this. Has anyone seen this? Is there fix? It's frustrating me because I can't beat the enemies without casting the occasional spell.
  9. As the title says I minimised the tutorial tooltip once now a constant sound of the tutorial scroll closing is playing throughout the game thoroughly annoying. I was only in the first caravan bit so trying a restart
  10. First off, I love this game. Worth every dollar I backed it with. However, once I started delving into the Endless Paths, I started hitting the wall of bugs. I got the "ranger companion in terrain" bug, and since I couldn't dismiss the ranger outside my stronghold, I decided to kill her. Stripped her down and sent her into monsters. Problem solved. However, after I moved to another level, a blank character square appeared in my party roster. The character was inside the terrain, and now I can't leave the area OR get it kill OR dismiss it. So that's two saves borked, maybe more, and
  11. Guys, I think I've found a bug. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Options -> Controls 2. Map something to some button (basically, make some change) 3. Try to map something else to Escape key What happens now is that two dialogs pop up: Save changes and that Escape is already mapped to something. Whether you accept or cancel, the "Already mapped" dialog goes away, but the Save changes is still there, it's inactive and you cannot close it, cannot click on any option there or basically cannot click anywhere else. ALT+F4 is your only option. Regards and guys, you are still awesome!
  12. Record Keeper at the Ducal Palace, when speaking abou Eder problem I can just keep conversing about it, thus allowing to farm reputation like diplomacy. I used the [Resolve 17] option to continue and from there I can just repeat.
  13. When you boot up the game it seems to think the game window is half on one monitor and half on the other. Alt-tabbing in and out fixes it, but I find I continually have to do that during play. Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?
  14. Hello again, It's an embarrassing thing to say, but I've just noticed on my first walkthrough of the game a bug that may have been consistenly going on for at least a few hours. I have an Island Aumaua with the racial Ability Armed to the Teeth, which grants an additional quickdraw slot to the hero. So far so good. After a few savegames, I noticed that the weapons on my third quickdraw where dyed in red and I could not equip them anymore. After removing them from the slot, a padlock appeared on it as if I had not acquired the ability and now I cannot use it. I've change instances, reloaded p
  15. Hi, I'm on Mac OSX. Character creation is smooth as a whistle, then I click Done/ Accept and it takes me to a black screen with only ambient noise, music and the hand cursor. I've tried in a different resolution and in windowed mode, no cigar. I'm going to keep trying to disable graphics options, as I assume it is related, but this is deeply frustrating - if someone has a solution I'd be very grateful!
  16. Hello, everyone. As the title so bluntly puts it, I've just dowloaded the installer+preorder DLC item installers from the GoG website; the game installation ran smoothly and the game itself seems to play just fine. However, the portraits on the caracter creation menu are unavaliable (as marked by a big red question mark on the profile square) in all races and both genders. I have uninstalled the game and done a new installation from scratch on a different location in the same drive (to discard privileges problems), but the issue still persists. The art folder containing the subfolder portrai
  17. Hi, Kickstarter backer here, but first time POE poster. POE has a Gameplay option named similarly to an old Infinity Engine one: Auto-pause on Weapon Ineffective. The purpose of this gameplay feature has historically been to let you know when the weapon you're using to attack your target is ineffective, whether due to innate damage reduction, protection spells, or your weapon broke among others. In POE, I enabled this option because it's useful information to be alerted to, and I was confused because it was going off all the time from my very first combat encounter - nearly every
  18. In the very first area where you see the dark priest and 3 disciples infront of the ancient relic. If you keep pressing esc to skip the scene it results in the sound progressing but the scene it self to stall. The game it self does not crash as you can still see the movement in the Dark Priests robe. But the sound continues forward but the rest of the animations besides the robe are stalled [ The temple - the soul sucking rays - etc ]
  19. I am running the game in windowed mode with cage cursor enabled. On loading the game, the game briefly appears halfway between my first and second monitor. After fully loading, it fixes itself - however, the caged cursor seems to think the screen is still in it's original position, and so I cannot select half of the screen. Alt tabbing out does seem to remedy this for now.
  20. After a 'level-up' I inspected Eder gear to see if I couldn't find him something more apropriate. However, as shown on screenshots below, the damage properties of his equipped Sabre was 13-19 when I was hovering a Sword in his inventory, and 14-21 when I was hovering the actual equipped Sabre. Is it normal? Did I missunderstand something?
  21. I do realize other people have made posts about this, just wanted to throw some more output logs and saves into the mix. I did attempt the restart fix, but it was a no go. Not sure if you guys need more outputs and saves, but there they are. Output is attached, dropbox saves are as follows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmn5owamb7d508m/54e9e5de-d056-45e5-91e4-43119f3e75dd%20autosave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%20778
  22. - Graphics: Cage Cursor stops working after conversations. I'm using 2 monitors and GTX660. Need to disable and turn on again to get it working after every conversation/cutscene.
  23. Ive ran intoa small, but annoying glitch. every time I win a battle, a sound like ripping paper cycles until I either restart or turn the audio option for effects all the way down, other than that the game is great so far.
  24. So the problem is: After I met all the jedies on Dantooine, return to the Ebon Hawk, Atton says the Handmaidens took kreia to Telos. Everything is fine, till teh last mivie scene. After the landing scene, there should be a loadin screen. But instead of a loading screen, the game freezes out, and the game collaps. I use the TSLRCM (1.8.3) and the M4-87P. Any idea how to fix it?
  25. I just installed the Backer Beta today, and it's entirely possible that I'm missing something obvious, but now that I've finished creating a character, the "Done" button is still grayed out and I can't proceed. My first guess would be that I picked some combination of things that aren't available in the beta. Here's my character: Male Human Paladin - Darcozzi Paladini Mig 15 Con 15 Dex 10 Per 12 Int 15 Res 11 Rauatai - Laborer Colors: Cyan, Dark Green Facial Hair 6/13 Head 3/5 Hair 13/15 Portrait: blonde armored dude with a goattee. Voice: Male Wizard 01 Any ideas?
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