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  1. On both of my saves...I am on Act 3. I just get to Elmshore. I go back to my Stronghold to change out party members(because I never had a reason to change them back after taking Kana down into the Endless Paths). When I arrive...I open the party management pane. I try to change party members. I cannot do so. They get removed from my party window at the bottom left...but the actual characters stay selectable on the main window screen. I change out Kana....he appears with a diamond on his head at the center of the stronghold map. It does not matter the ones I try to change. I am actually stu
  2. My Stronghold was attacked by Drakes and some Xaurips, including a Priest. I'm not entirely sure what happened during the chaotic fight but afterwards, my hirelings were hostile to me, possibly because I hit them with a spell by accident or because something converted them. The problem is that now all hirelings are hostile forever, no matter what I do, except one who shouldn't even exist (I killed him during the fight, yet there he is inside the main hall). Dismissing and reaquiring hirelings doesn't help and some of them don't dissapear anyway: Any new people I hire are instantly and perm
  3. Hello, Since 1.03 I encountered a variety of bugs with the UI. The first looted item per game state appears in the following loot tables. There it will move from the "loot all" symbol to the "stash" symbol in 1 second where it disappears (It was "Living Wood" for me) Some item icons don't scale properly. I have found the axe "Hearth Harvest" i.e. which is taking twice the space of an inventory spot: Additionally, when I reload the game the hunter pet is not with the party but appears in another place on the map. Happened once so far.
  4. Hope I found the right spot to post this issue here. Does not seem too serious to me. There should be an autosave available when entering the sanatorium. Quest: The Man Who Waits Problem Description: After talking to the Head Warden Ethelmoer start the questioning with Audmer. Instead of asking for any suspicious activities first choose "Do you know anything about the Awakenings". After that the dialog option for the quest disappears and the quest is not updated. Workaround: Use quest dialog option in the beginning. Savegame can be provide if necessary. Cheers, Goldfishs
  5. Description: Custom formation is based on character index in selection instead of character itself or character index in party. Selecting only some of the party will rearrange formation. How to reproduce: 1. Make a custom formation: _ 1 _ 2 3 4 5 6 2. Now select only characters 2-6 3. Move selected members a few steps in order to update formation 4. Formation is now (Actual result): _ 2 _ 3 4 5 6 Expected result: _ _ _ 2 3 4 5 6 How reproducible: 100%
  6. Hello everyone! First, i want to say the best words for creators of Pillars of Eternity! I falled in love with it at first 10 minutes of playing! Sorry for my English. Here some bug i found in Pillars of Eternity 1.03. 1. ALT button isn't working. I changed my control settings (cause default settings actualy is not playable) and set LeftAlt for Highlight Items. Close and save changes. Then i tryied to hold LeftAlt on, but nothin is happened at all. Then i return a default set of Highlight Items on floor (TAB). And it is working. So i beggin' you to fix this problem. Please! I have MS W
  7. Everything worked great yesterday (04/05/2015). Today, when entering stealth mode or walking behind something in the fore ground, it turns my characters purple... The map is also super messed up. Please let me know if there is anything in settings I could try to toggle to get it back to normal. I have already tried loading a previous save and loading a new area, as well as changing resolution and windowed mode. In addition I can not upload anything here. It is saying upload failed for a 364 KB .jpg System Info
  8. Hey, I've randomly encountered a bug when I equipped Black and White Cat pet found inside the Valtas Manor. This permanently raised both my accuracy scores by 5, and reequipping her stacked this effect up to infinity (or probably int max, haven't tested this behavior that extensively ). Reload from last save and ignoring the cat solved everything, but I had to go through the Valtas fight again, so this bug may be a little annoying. Also, I cannot have that adorable little kitten without cheating - such a loss... :'( Windows version, patch 1.03 from GOG (downloaded today - not sure if that's
  9. So I planed on making my own personal post about this topic, since i did not see anyone else having this problem on these forums. But google directed me to a fellow on Reddit that has had the same issue, but was unable to post it here. His link is here http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31ccgp/bug_getting_unlimited_xp_after_completing_the/ Essentially the cause seems unknown since, when mine started and his and everyone that commented all appeared at different times and places without much in common. But after performing some? action and completing a quest afterwards in that sa
  10. After saving the girl in the temple, Aloth stays hooked and disappears from the group, I resigned to continue without him but every time I change me on the map, I can not talk to or anything. What I can do?
  11. Please help! The game is crashing after the kickstarter logo. I am attaching the error files for clues. I don't think is because of the font issue, I don't have that font on my fonts folder. Please help! FILES HERE: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6632759/2015-04-05_111018.zip
  12. Image above is example. they are just 'exceptional' weapon and have same description with normal weapon. Especially almost all weapon at OG's 2nd floor. Is this intended?
  13. Obsidian, While Manual-Resolving attacks on Caed Nua, with defenders present (8/8), if the attackers have a character that is capable of CHARMING; all 8 of your defenders turn and kill you. If you slay them, every defender you ever hire in your keep is an enemy for the rest of the game. This bug ruined over 150 hours of gameplay on a saved file. I cannot ever hire an employee in my keep ever again. No matter how many saves, reloads, etc. they are always enemies. Please fix this ASAP.
  14. Hi I crash every signle time I try to travel to Gilded Vale after leaving the collapsed cage and traveling through the woods. Is this a common bug and will it be adressed in this weeks coming patch? I really(!!) want to play the game, but so far I can not progress past the second game location:( Thx in advance
  15. Had a party member who was paralyzed. I cast Suppress Affliction on him He no longer showed as paralyzed on mouse-over. Instead he showed as being affected by Suppress Affliciton (all good so far). But he still couldn't move or attack. This lasted until Suppress Affliction wore off (and possibly until after the suppressed paralyzation wore off too) Suppress Affliction says that it negates all hostile effects for the duration of the spell, so it should have negated the paralysis.
  16. I was doing the quest for the Vailian ambassador and I had to fight the group once they found out I wasn't the real buyer. That's the first point my character started doing 2000+ damage per hit. Even though the weapon stats are normal, look at my stats on the left (Defense are weird too): I'm not sure if this is related, but it's also something buggy that I noticed:
  17. Hi, yesterday i loaded the new patch and since then i couldn't open any containers. i click for example a barrel, the opening sound appears, but nothing on the ui happens. There should be a loot/items window popup of the container, but nothibng appears... cheers, uspec
  18. Hi, so i'm at the point in the game where i need to or go and hand in a quest in Ondra's Gift but whenever i try and go into either zone my game crashes really hard on the loading screen and i need to go and shut it down in task manager. This is making it impossible to progress, despite me being able to go into other zones just fine. Wondering if this is a known bug? I've tried verifying the game cache over steam.
  19. I just got Sagani, a hunter NPC, and when I activated her Wounding Shot ability she ran right up to an enemy and died... I checked the range on the ability and it says it's 0.5m (base 6m) which makes no sense. The base range is 6m which should be extended by her Intellect which is 13. Instead it's decreased to melee range... My steam's Pillars of Eternity "Current Content BuildID" is 577767 if that helps. My game should be at the latest patch version as of Apr 5 2015 as steam is set to auto update this game.
  20. So I decided to try a custom companion and went to bar to hire one. I make a mage and remove Aloth from the party. As I go over my new mage to adjust her grimoire, I notice that all 1st level spells are unassigned (no written spells). So I click on them to assign them, nothing happens. 2nd and 3rd level spells work fine. I go back to the castle and bring in Aloth. Then notice that 3 grimoires he had in his quickslots are gone. They aren't in the stash either. I drop another character and bring in the new mage again and give her Aloth grimoire and scribe/learn a few spells from him
  21. I found bug in main quest. That it is step by step: I went to Domenels House gave them stone and took the quest to kill someone in knight's hall. In the Knights community I finished 2 quests (about machines and undeads) I found it more interesting so... ....so in Trading Company quest when Domenels appeared I killed them I believed that NOW Knights or the Travelers would give me new quest (domenels attitude was bad), BUT because I took Domenels killing quest (and didnt finish it) they said that I had good relations with Domenels so they wouldnt give me new quests. So...I went to Domenels
  22. Is this a bug? The axe icon is over the icon slot: http://prntscr.com/6p5834
  23. Description says it would pause in case 1 of your party members can barely scratch the enemy target due to targeted enemy high DR .. Critical to do something about it most of the times (change target/weapon/action ) .. Why would I care (to pause) when enemies can barely scratch my party due to my characters high DR ? Everything is going according to plan - no need for warning/corrective action .. If you set your tank properly and position him/her properly game will needlessly auto-pause for most enemy attacks vs your tank .. ( /s poor enemies cannot penetrate my armor - what could I to to
  24. Character Screen doesn't list temporary Accuracy bonus from resting in active effects .. Are there any other temporary bonuses provided by resting, besides the accuracy bonus ? They should be listed as active effects with remaining duration indicator ..
  25. After having killed some ogres, I saved my game and ventured forward. In a room nearby, I found a blank ennemy that I can't attack and that doesn't attack neither. The save game: http://v.ripoll.free.fr/Temp/5e16fb590e8d4078a6700f21fb512c58 11589519 EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel3.7z
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