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  1. I just visited Ondra's Gift for the first time and seem to have encountered a bug with the water level. That or the spring tide of the century. Initially the water level seemed just a little bit to high - all the lower streets (the level the Salty Mask is on) were submersed in water. Just enough to wet the feet of the NPC standing around there, so I thought it might be intentional (even if a bit strange). I visited the Mask, left it again and it was still the same. After I visited one of the Abandoned Houses on the topmost part of the map, however, the water level increased by a few meters
  2. I found some scrolls but cant use them. I placed them in Aloth quick item inventory, but I see in when hovering on a scroll: Requires 2 lore Aloth has Lore 8. image1 image2
  3. This is a copy from : http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398968788430/ As it just happened to me, and I was able to reproduce and confirm, I'm copying the report here (credits goes to Minera)
  4. Hello everyone, I encountered another bug where the item description can no longer be moved freely within the screen but stuck horizontally either in the middle of the window or at the bottom. Interestingly I could only produce these bug with "books". Additionally to this, it once happened that the item descriptions stayed opened though the inventory window had been closed. It was not possible for me to upload files here (Error This upload failed), that's why I uploaded two screenshots and a savegame on DropBox: Attachements Cheers
  5. So the game reads my Intellect as 9 when it's clearly at 10. What gives?
  6. I casted kalakoth's minor blight during a fight, and it ate both my existing weapon sets. Even though combat is over, I have the wand that gets summoned as part of the spell, and I can even move it to inventory -- it didn't disappear. So it appears the spell never finished properly. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420421174 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420418288 I think it was caused by the transition that occurs right after winning a fight to defend your stronghold, it began while the spell was still active. My other wizard also c
  7. Hey guys while looting the sky temple, I found a bug. Not sure if it is re-producible by others but I was able to do it after re-loading my save every time. It can be used to potentially get infinite of the items and by selling them infinite cash. Also the Animat pet has been buggy for me like that the whole time . The bug is done by right clicking the grimoire once and then left clicking anything else (except the money pile which breaks the bug). Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA6p4E0YSYk
  8. In Od Nua level 3 there appears to be an unassailable enemy amongst the Ogres. Clicking on the target does nothing. Fireballing it does nothing. Whispering sweet nothings to it does nothing. This is with patch 1.03 Screenshot
  9. The bestiary entry of the Cean Gŵla looks really ugly because the font used is missing the circumflexed w. May I suggest that if adding the character to the font is not an option, misspelling the creature "Cean Gwla" for the title only would still look much better than what we have now. Edit: Oh, this obviously also affects the Pŵgra entry.
  10. I take it those clusters of black pixels I highlighted in the attached screenshot are not supposed to be there, are they?
  11. So I understand that the various factions in Defiance Bay are at odds with each other and that choosing one will result in not being able to interact with the others. That makes sense to me, even if I messed it up in my most recent play through. However, I found that when aligning with one (the mafia-like one), I had already completed quests with both the dozens AND crucible knights. As such, the game has now locked me out of ALL factions, as I am at a "faintly good" reputation with each of them. Is this a bug or intended? I like the idea of exclusive faction quest-lines and such, but the
  12. Hey there, I don't know the exact rules regarding exploits, but since it's a singleplayer game I think it's alright to post them here. If not, moderators know what to do ***************** After having collected the remains during the Buried Secrets quest, and upon returning to Wirtan, it's possible to get in a dialogue loop that keeps on giving money (and I assume but haven't checked-- Aggressive disposition). Link to images showing how it's done: http://imgur.com/a/gPo3C Text-version: - Select "I found more than bones" - Select "[Might 15] [Lift Wirtan off his feet] I will
  13. Hello again, As per norm, I've just noticed an issue that might have been happening to me for a long time; the AoE bonus area provided by int modifiers on my cipher's abilities seems to work only occasionally. In fact, I thought this area was part of the red circle itself up until I noticed that sometimes I got a yellow circle surrounding it (as it is usual in the other classes) and sometimes I didn't. This difference happens while casting the same skills -so not an ability issue- and can vary within the same fight. I don't have pictures right now, but I'll upload some as soon as it happens
  14. Hi everyone! I have a huge problem with in KotOR 2. I'm DS male (5 lvl Sith Lord), I've already trained Bao-Dur and Atton for Dark Jedi, and now I have a problem with Handmaiden. When I start conversation and ask her about her mother, then becoming a Dark Jedi, she agrees. Kreia says "Betrayal"... And here we go... After this, there is a cutscene in Telos Academy where Atris says Handmaiden betrayed her and her sisters. Then she goes to meditate and my screen goes full black, I still hear Telos Academy theme playing and noises of surroundings but only thing I see is cursor. I can check my equi
  15. Now Eder can't knock people prone anymore?! ARRGGGHHh this is actually worse for me than all the bugs that got fixed >.< He can successfully land it but it's always 0.0 sec prone.... ie: broken. EDIT: Huh so I rolled up another fighter for testing and her KD seems fine so something got messed up specifically on Eder on my save as it was being patched. Tried removing him and re-adding him to the party and no luck so far but I'll keep experimenting. If anyone else has run into this and knows a fix, please let me know. EDIT2: Weirder and weirder. It's only affected my late
  16. [bug description] Hello, I have the GOG version of PoE, after installing the GOG patch I encountered a bug: I can't open any container in game. Combat loot containers, normal containers and hidden containers too are broken, I can hear the opening sound but no container GUI menù appears so I can't pick up any object inside them. Loading a previous savegame doesn't solve anything; loading a savegame created from a previous PoE build doesn't solve anything. [steps to reproduce it] - Install the GOG version of PoE (first build, non patched); - Start a game; - Verify t
  17. I have several bugs Lord of a Barren Land: I killed Raedric and looted his body but it does not register in my quest log or complete the quest. I have exited the hold and returned to gilded vale and still nothing happens. I also encountered the key bug in Raedric's Hold where I cannot use the key given to me by Nedmar. At all costs: I chose to protect Verzano. After killing Danna Doemenel the quest was not completed. To complete the quest I reloaded and chose to let Verzano die. This was the only way to complete the quest for me. Finally, several of my party members have blindn
  18. Current Content Build ID: 579590 What's gone done got broked? After downloading the latest patch on steam (It was ~578mb) and then loading up my game, i immediately noticed my characters feet were pink and any of my characters obscured by something, such as my rogue half behind the gate, and his pet dragonling. Weird, but i thought it might go away. Walked off and entered scouting/stealth mode and suddenly all my entire party turned a shade of pink. I tried changing areas and restarting the game, and also playing with the graphics settings but to no avail. Here are my
  19. As of 1.03. The Ring of Protection has the effects: Of Fortitude: +10 Fortitude Of Reflex: +10 Reflex Of Will: +10 Will Toughness 2: +4 Fortitude Reflex bonus 2: +4 Reflex Of Resolve: +2 Resolve When you equip it, however, the rings own +10 Fortitude/Reflex stats suppresses its +4 Fortitude/Reflex stats, so equipping the item grants +10 Fortitude/Reflex/Will and +2 Resolve, not +14 Fortitude/Reflex, +10 Will, and +2 Resolve as expected.
  20. Hello, AI stopped working, happens on Searing Falls. I have a feeling it happened while fighting the boss in the cave, I didn't realised it at first but I stopped taking damage during this fight. I thought it was odd considering the enemy. My companions are only NPC (Durance, Aloth, Eder, Kana, Sagani). Casted all available spell and also used summons (3 drakes, spider and the one from the horn). After that, the AI stopped attacking me (any fight, any map). E.g. I cleaned Pearlwood buff without taking any damage. I don't have a save from the earlier fight in the cave so I can't go back
  21. I've seen a couple of people posting this as an issue on reddit a few days ago.. Thought it might have been patched by now and it's my mistake, let me know if there's a special requirement.
  22. I found bug in main quest. I went to Domenels House and took the quest to kill someone in knight's hall. In the Knights community I finished 2 quests (about machines and undeads) I found it more interesting so... ....so in Trading Company quest when Domenels appeared I killed them I believed that NOW Knights or the Travelers would give me new quests (Domenels attitude was bad after I killed those group), BUT because I took Domenels killing quest (and didnt finish it) they said that I had good relations with Domenels so they wouldnt give me new quests. So...I went to Domenels house and...
  23. Hello folks. Just the description of the thread; My achievemens disappears to one day to another. I never used cheats, never. 31+ hours played with different chars, 12+ with the most advanced character. If I remember well yesterday I had them. So.. ¿ bug ? known bug ? I must bite my tongue and f*** myself ?
  24. After getting 2nd Hotfix for 1.3 I opened the game was at Readerics Castle decided to go back to the Stronghold. After a small period of loading the game crashed. Might have been better to have Primary character name + Location. Considering players with multiple characters would have a hard time figuring out which one is associated to which from random numbers. Anywho crash log + savegame attached. 2015-04-08_011946.zip 400a002a7e6943a2a75acf5bbdfabc39 8433216 RaedricsHold.zip Update 1: Worked after restarting steam But I ended up getting an event which doesn't seem po
  25. I'm reporting the ranger companion issue as well. I was playing in Caed Nua trying to find that wizard master guy in the "The Old Watcher" quest in the "Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1" area. I went up the back stairs where you walk across Dr. Manhattan's hand and pop out the cellar door in Caed Nua's courtyard. Wolf was still with me. Went back in the door with that creepy statue lady who's probably a cat lady in a past life. Wolf was still with me. Went downstairs and opened the heavy iron door and my wolf up and ran off. Probably joined a circus. Left a white circle behind as the only m
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