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  1. Hi, I noticed that when entering to the Hall of Stars in Twin Elms it'll keep you giving xp under "Location Discovered!". I'm guessing this would also prevents users (or Steam users only?) from getting the Explorer (Visit every map) achievement as well. Just did a small screenshot, but I could have keep doing this as long as I wanted. See here.
  2. I created 2 level 11 hierlings (paladins) to compare max might and min might builds for my new playtrough lay on hands and resurection paladin abilities were as expected higher on might 18 plaadin but Silver Tide healing was about double(around 80 endurance ws around 40 endurance) on might 3 character (stats M 3, C 18, D 4, P 18, R 19) than might 18 paladin (dont remember other stats since i just wanted to compare Might effect on paladin powers) expected behaviour: might enhances Silver Tide as it is healing effect Will do aditional testing to confirm the bug, and maybe track down t
  3. Most items that add to constitution add zero to your constitution. Example - Snerf's folly(ring), fulvano's Boots, bracers of all consuming rage and troll hide belt to list a few. Yet the girdle of eotuns constitution works fine
  4. This is a bug that happened after 1.0.3. It worked in 1.0.2 so it seems to be a bug. The problem: Changes from console command "skill" does not persist; every time i reload the game, the changes get reverted. An example: I want to change the player stealth to 10 1.) Enalbe the cheat console by typing in "iroll20s" 2.) Change the stealth-skill by typing in "skill player stealth 10" 3.) Look at the character screen: stealth got changed to 10 (or more if you have some bonuses or set some points in it already) Until here it works. Now here comes the bug: 4.)
  5. I started a new Game and the prices in the Black Hound Inn are ridiculous high. The two Rooms cost 8250 cp and 11250 cp. One Potion of Minor Endurance cost 37500 cp. Other Prices (at the Black Hammer Smithery for example) are normal. When my Repution goes up the Prices change to normal values. In my Savegame you can see the high prices and then you can talk to Sweynur and finish the Quest and see the Prices are back to normal. SaveGame: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/HT1PF9MNMK9 Edit: I did a bit of testing and i think the Bug is related to the German Text Fan Patch.
  6. When I start the game in steam, I can only click in "New Game". Options two and three stay loading and, during the game, I cannot save game. Please help. O.S: Windows 8.1 Intel i7 4700MQ 2,40 ghz Graphics: Nvidia 740M 1 ghz RAM 4 gb I have tried even updating to new beta 1.04, but still nothing. I have verified cache, unchecked Steam Cloud, but nothing, I cannot save games.
  7. Hello! I have very strange bug. I skip part of Level One Old Nua there Kana and hero had conversation. Now, after I returned to Old Nua quest is bugged. Conversation with Kana lead to endless XP bug. My hero (only him - not all party) getting more and more XP. More of that. Even If I go there without Kana - still have problems. Some monsters on Lvl 2 (Xaurip Priests as example) now became immortal. I kill them - but only red circles disappear. Monsters still walking and attacking my heroes. I think somehow game is broken. I think reason - that I had bug with *errorName* Anima
  8. Description: The game crashes when I try to enter the Black Hound in. Steps to reproduce: Attempt to enter the black hound in. Uploads: Your uploader's 1mb cap is to small for the save files (or even a zip of all of the files with best compression) and won't accept .zip, .dmp, .log, or .ini files. Here's a google drive link to the zip instead: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0LEiSl05KJjRkhCWkZwQU00V1U/view?usp=sharing
  9. Orlan's Bramble Ring decreases the PC's int by 1 instead of properly increasing it. It works fine on other party members. It will repeatedly remove 1 int if it is equipped and unequipped. I tested it by unequipping it enough to reduce my PC's int from 18 to 7. I had to load a save in order to get the int back to normal.
  10. According to the thread Wailing Banshee, I'm supposed to be able to speak to Niah after I've gotten the log book from the lighthouse in order to unlock dialogue options to resolve the quest without having to attack Lilith. However, in my game, Niah is no longer at the location where I first found her, at the square platform at the docks, just a short ways right from the lighthouse. The NPC is missing, and I can't find her anywhere along the docks in Ondrana's Gift. Here's a link to screenshots, my save game, and system info: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/curm1fsga3vvyds/AADWG2x21
  11. If an enemy is casting something and cannot attack the disengagement attack still occurs and spell continues to being cast. I don't know if it supposed to be but it looks strange.
  12. I moved an open book window to the lower part of the screen and now I cannot move it up again. I cannot read any books! I can only move the window left and right, and down, but it will not move up past about 10% of the screen. Help.
  13. Like the title says really, when casting the spell Call to Slumber, the enemies affected by it become prone for the entire fight, instead just the 14 seconds
  14. At the Ondra's Gift I only see the water, nothing else. The first time I entered the Ondra's Gift everything was right. I found the dead boy and told his mother. After I exit the mother house, all the map is covered with water. I attach two images of what I see now. I exit the game and enter it again, but the problem remain. Everytime I comeback to Ondra's Gift all is water covered. I'm using Steam on Linux. uname -a Linux tormekia 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 23:30:00 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux System Info: Lenovo ideapad z510 Linux Mint 17
  15. After clearing up Purnisc house and finding real person return to Kaenra in Goose and Fox inn. Select the second option (lie) and return the ring to Kaenra - quest is marked as complete and you receive an amulet in reward. You can still talk to her and continue selecting the second option - even though you don't have the ring anymore she will continue giving you the each time you talk to her. Selecting the first option (telling the truth) you'll receive an amulet but she will not be bugged anymore.
  16. Not sure why it triggered, but it just keeps scrolling upwards. quicksaving then quickloading didn't resolve the problem. moving to another area did!
  17. Step 1: Equip a weapon with Coordinating (+4 accuracy / * 1.25 damage when attacking same enemy as an ally) Step 2: Enable your Reckless Assault Step 3: Attack an enemy with your 5 teammates Well, the damage and accuracy would be ridiculous. My rogue has 400 + accuracy, and the damage is 28k to 40K. However, his deflection becomes -286, which means Reckless Assault stacks with itself too many times. Please fix.
  18. Description: The wording on Firebug says ""A fearsome ball of fire that bounces from enemy to enemy up to eight times, causing burn damage" but when i cast it and Eder is tanking, firebug will bounce to him as well. Steps to duplicate: 1.) Have a level 9 Druid, and a Tank of some sort (I used Eder). 2.) Engage an enemy group with at least two enemies. 3.) Cast Firebug once the enemies are grouped around eder. 4.) notice firebug will bounce to eder as well as the enemies. Expected Results: Firebug should not bounce to allies, or the wording should be changed to reflect this if the function
  19. I have found a possible bug, I have noticed it with the bow Borresaine, when equipped by a ranger, havn't been able to test it yet. Crit effect: stun, should be increased/decreased duration with crit/graze, however the effect seems to last 7.5s whenever the shot hits/crits/grazes as well as if the effect hits/crits. Combat log indicates 7.5s for stun under any condition. Is the duration of the effect altered on crit/graze of the effect or the initial hit? Also is this a bug in the application of a duration modifier or simply in the combat log?
  20. Description: Talking repeatedly to the Records Keeper in Ducal Palace can give you inifinite Reputation. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: After asking the Records Keeper in Ducal Palace about the records from the time of the Saint's War for Edér when you are still not established in Defiance Bay you have the option to identify yourself as foreigner if you have 17 Resolve. After some talking you get the option to answer to get reputation (for example 1: "I don't know." [Honest] and then 2: "I'll help you any way I can." [benevolent]). You can repeat this endlessly. Important Fi
  21. This spell is bugged. Its Foe Beam kills party members. Steam screen-shots reads as illiegal on this forum and I can't be bothered to jump the hoops on this one. Hopefully anyone who've tried the spell can confirm. To Reproduce: Create a cipher with said spell. Send Calissa to attack the wolves. Target the wolf opposite Calissa with the beam and watch Calissa get mauled by the beam. Other Info: Will provide if needed.
  22. I'v read a bit about it already, but I seem to be the only one with this problem? When I send someone on an adventure, the character just magically gets ordered back without me doing anything. So I was not able to finish a single adventure yet. There is stil a number as if someone is out on an aventure, but that's not the case. Edit:
  23. Sagini keeps asking me about someone called Thaos, I have no idea who that is. Unless I'm forgetting something, I assume it's a character from the main story who I haven't encountered/been told about yet. Bug, yes? (Her asking.) (My journal just after she asked.) Edit: Can't seem to upload my save file due to max file size restriction. Sorry.
  24. Hope I found the right spot to post this issue here. Does not seem too serious to me. There should be an autosave available when entering the sanatorium. Quest: The Man Who Waits Problem Description: After talking to the Head Warden Ethelmoer start the questioning with Audmer. Instead of asking for any suspicious activities first choose "Do you know anything about the Awakenings". After that the dialog option for the quest disappears and the quest is not updated. Workaround: Use quest dialog option in the beginning. Savegame can be provide if necessary. Cheers, Goldfishs
  25. Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept says it's foe damage but it clearly hits my entire party.also the priest spell Prayer Against Treachery doesn't seem to work on a target thats's already dominated.
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