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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, so I finished the hall of the unseen on that vulcanic island and as I want to leave the temple, the game crashes. This happened 3 times in a row now and I'm afraid I can't leave it anymore. Repairing the game and reloading on the auto save at the last room does not solve it.
  2. So today, after having beaten the game once and taking a break from my second game, I decided to try and wrap up some loose ends I forgot about before Ukaizo. However, upon entering and leaving ANY area back out to the main map (I have tested this after the initial encounter, it is any area), the game takes a moment to freeze upon loading in. No matter if I leave out onto the boat or an island, I am immediately forced into the pre-Ukaizo ship battle text sequence between the other factions and the Guardian. Reloading the autosave made upon immediately entering into the main map doesn't fix the issue. I don't even have any option to leave back out of the text sequence. Also, the dialogue choices do not contain my crew member names during this, and instead are blank. Following this, I can however fight the Guardian and continue through Ukaizo without issue. I should probably also add that this only started to happen AFTER I downloaded the Rum Runners Pack and Beard and Hair Pack, and that I first encountered this bug after recruiting Mirke. Not that I could see any reason why they'd be causing this, just adding as many details as possible. To be more specific, about a month ago, I reloaded my pre-Endgame save on my first character in order to recruit Mirke. I then left said character at Fort Deadlight to wait for the first expansion, and continued playing on my second character. Multiple weeks later, I hopped on said character to change some of my party members hair styles to ones from the Beard and Hair Pack, and then quit out immediately without triggering any sort of area transition. At the time, I did not encounter the bug because I did not leave out to the main map during either session. Jump to now, where I come back to do some quests I didn't know about at the time. Reloading the pre-Endgame save before recruiting Mirke leads to the same result upon entering and leaving any area out to the main map. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rfq3v0ygdeqtbha/AABU5jHDWoWlyxerkSKtntHya?dl=0 Here is the link to the Dropbox containing a save before the bug occurs, a save after, a completed game save before any of the packs were downloaded (just in case), my system specs, the output log, and a screenshot of the missing names. All in that order.
  3. I just registrated to say thank you to the developers for patch 1.04, because in my case PoE runs on a Win XP 32bit machine with 2 GB Ram only. Before the patch the game crashed on leaving the tutorial area, but now I can proceed a little further ) I know that XP is not supported and 2 GB Ram aren't either, but so far it works (because XP doesn't need so much ram space like other win versions). Loading times are very short compaired to eg. Divinity Original Sin (that actually still suffers from the saving bug on 32bit systems) and overall performance is really good. Keep up the good work *thumbs up*
  4. Description: I have a progress just until the Gilded Vale map, but I cannot enter Gilded Vale because the game crashes after the load screen. I tried reinstalling but didn't work. Also, I played until that point with 3 different characters and each time encountered the same problem. I was thinking the problem is caused by my system(being 32 bit). In the 1.4 beta patch notes I saw this problem being mentioned as "fixed" so I gave the beta a try. However, the patch didn't solve it either. Output log and system specs are attached. It doesn't let me attach the saved game saying, "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Thanks. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  5. When entering the ruined house area (trying to stay spoiler free), I noticed that changing my custom formation had no effect on where my characters were spawned. The positioning of certain.... elements in the house made this problematic as I was unable to move certain weaker characters in a satisfactory amount of time. I found, however, that changing the portrait order on the bottom changed where characters were spawned upon entering the area. Any chance this could be amended to be clearer? Seems like there's some left hand and right hand disagreement.
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