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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** WORK IN PROGRESS *** WHAT THIS IS NOW <-------------------------- in comparison to:- -----------------------------> WHAT IIT COULD BECOME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ < WHAT THIS IS NOW > 1) INFORMATION: (TY@thelee) - Lots: From Simple Facts to Deep Theory 2)
  2. I'd like to do this without a mod since I'm on my first playthrough (lvl 17 on veteran) still getting achievements, but focus > 90 being the highest just sucks. How do you guys code conditionals for casting ONLY once ascended? Right now I tried to hard-code in a few [smoke-invis>red hand shot] assassinations to basically guarantee full focus before letting him cast, but that often doesn't work bc for various reasons he isn't full before getting to the casting blocks. I'm not sure if you can export the AI scripts (or how to), but if it would help to see what I'm trying now
  3. Now, in an interview, Grounded director Alex stated that they are hoping to add climbing to the arthropod's AI, but are having issues with programing the behavior. I propose a possible solution that I'll separate into two parts: Animation and Navigation. For Navigation, the solution would be to enclose each arthropod in two ellipsoid hitboxes; a smaller hitbox for their main body, and a larger hitbox for their legs. The larger hitbox intersects with geometry and is used to determine whether a surface is walkable, while the smaller body hitbox is used for physical collisions to prev
  4. Is there currently a way to enable AI for summons in turn based mode? Thanks in advance. Dawson
  5. Hey, not really sure of the standard structure of forum posts on here. However, I saw a potentially game breaking bug. I watching a streamer play PoE 2 on turn-based mode. About half-way through the Port Maje content when he went to Gorecci street, combat initiated and enemies along with his player characters were unable to target and attack each other, instead the AI would simply just keep walking into his characters. No spells or any actions could be taken. Upon reloading the streamer encountered the same issue several times and even when attempting encounters in other areas the
  6. Been mucking about on a friends laptop while recovering from a leg injury playing Deadfire, loving it so far as I'm a long term fan of games like BG/IWD/Divinity/Dungeon Siege etc. Planning to pick up the Obsidian Edition for myself via GOG over the weekend and start a full POTD run ( with a split 4 faction run at the obvious point to fill out the achievements unless there's some way to copy them over from my mates machine ? ). I'll also probably be using the Unity Console Mod and More AI Conditions as the only actual Game Affecting Mods beyond the Portrait Packs, and Unity only fo
  7. The interface for changing the ai is "unoptimized" and it takes a few minutes to make a small changes because I have constantly move things one input at a time then re-adjust slider. Wondering if there is a file location to make my own faster.
  8. Dear I have reason to believe that Nalvi pet wide party effect doesn't reduce recovery time. Atleast in-game tooltips doesn't show it. I compared it to Abraham who does. Base Nalvi Abraham. Deck of Endless possibilities keeps being used endlessly when AI uses it. It will show -3/0 uses per encounter left and keeps counting down everytime it's used. Greetings
  9. Hello folks, I'm looking for a little help in setting up my AI the way I want: I'm using a Druid(Shifter)/Chanter(Troubador) I have Brisk Recitation turned on. What I want is to pause until I have 4 phrases, then summon skeletons, shift, and attack. My AI lines are: Always true - Brisk Recitation (Self) Always true - Chant 1 (Self) - Although it says Missing String 1, I don't know why Self: At least 4 phrases - Summon skeletons - Enemy/Most enemies Always true - Wolf form shift - Self Always true - Attack - Enemy/nearest So the problem is that the logic runs through its iteration and
  10. Hello, Ever since the release of the game, you had updated the scripting to add different conditionals and outputs, such as allowing us to turn on modals and other capabilities not originally present in release. However, we are still missing a critical condition that would be extremely helpful for managing ciphers. Can we PLEASE get a conditional for the ascendant self buff? The ideal is, for Ciphers, to allow the AI to define that spells will only be cast if the ascendant buff is active.
  11. I've been trying to figure out a way to create an AI behavior for summoning creatures. The problem I run in to is my character will cast another summon when the previous summon is active, which then removes the previous summon for the new one. I need a way to create a condition where if there's an existing summon, they won't cast a new one. I've tried using "Not Has Summoned Weapon", "Animal Companion is not Active". I don't want to just use a timer setting because the summon could be killed off early. Anyone have ideas or found a conditional combination that works for this setup?
  12. Hello, I finished the game once , 60 hours in and everything works perfectly. I just restarted a game with the bonuses just to have fun and decided to dig deeper into the Custom AI builder editor. From my experience it is really buggy, here are few things I've encounter: - The text of behind menu appear through pop up menu. I don't have a screenshot but if it happen again I will post one here. - When trying to select a condition, anything, like "Companions: Health", in this menu, only the middle option is clickable. It is hard to explain but the pop up selection menu has a li
  13. After playing around with the AI behavior editor for a while, I've been able to get my party to do most of what I want them to do own their own. I've actually needed the help of the mod on Nexus that gives more options though, like checking if a Cipher's focus is maxed. I actually have several suggestions to make the editor better but most of them are kinda petty or have already been mentioned in other threads in the past, so I will only mention what I consider a major suggestion here. There needs to be an option to continuously check the conditions while an ability or spell is being cast
  14. So I've made a Battlemage (Fighter/Wizard) and I love it. The wizard side is almost exclusively there for the buffs - mostly, I just have my character spam the buffs at the beginning of combat, since they can be cast instantly, and then move in to fight. It works really well. What I'd like to do is program the AI to do that for me at the start of combat, since it's a bit cumbersome to shift-click through all of my buffs at the start of every combat. The problem is that nothing I try quite works out. If there were an "On Combat Start" option it would be perfect, but since there isn't, I tri
  15. Is there any info or a guide on which AI preset uses which spells / abilities and how / when etc(say, a difference between CC and Damage Aloth)? Also, what is a general difference between Defensive and such? edit: I'd still love a Deadfire AI editor for Pillars / Tyranny...
  16. Anybody else bugged that when trying to build AI profiles the conditions are all over the place? Self Has:... followed by Target Has:... followed by Self Allies:... etc, etc. I love the AI possibilities but I find this aspect constantly annoying as I keep having to scroll up and down to find options I know are there *somewhere*. Maybe if enough of us find this annoying and voice it, we might see it changed in a future update... Thoughts?
  17. The companions with "Attacker" classes in my party use skills themselves without having any behaviour set. Both slots are set to "No Behaviour Set" for all companions. A.I. is turned on and auto-attack is set to "Defensive" for some, and "Defend Self" for others. It doesn't seem to be a problem with spellcasters like Aloth or Xoti. (At least I haven't seen them use any spells unasked) Maia just throws out all her Ranger and Rogue attacks and is out of resources really quickly, despite no behaviour being set.
  18. 1. I'm unable to prevent ranger from casting Heal Companion on a dead companion. When adding "companion at 50% health", I'm unable to add and then save "companion != unconscious". This results in ranger trying to cast Heal companion whenever it is dead and getting stuck in trying to do so endlessly (uness I disable AI). Description of the Heal Companion skill in Polish is the same as revive companion skill in Polish, and claims that it will rewive my pet, not heal it - not sure if relevant. 2. I would like to request adding "companion" to priorities - I would like to cast enigmatic's /mage's
  19. Very often when party enters a map, load a save, level up modals from weapon proficiency and AI disable on their own. I know that they can disable in certain circumstances (like changing weapon), but those seem to be totally random (especially AI). When the issue occurs it might affect a few characters (for example one will have AI disabled, another modal disabled, another one both of them). It's totally, globally, cosmically annoying....
  20. To me this whole aspect seems like fun in itself, setting up a killer AI routine and just letting the game go to work. What conventions would be most effective?
  21. Letting the players essentially craft their own AI via this interface is great, but I feel it's missing some crucial options: 1. Include items such as potions instead of just abilities. This would reduce the burden of item micromanagement. Example: If [self: Health < 30%], [Consume: Potion Of Moderate Healing] or [self: Threatened by Multiple Enemies], [Consume: Potion Of Ultimate Badassery] 2. Allow the switching of weapon sets. Example: [self: Enemies in Melee Range > 1], [switch to Weapon Set 1]. This is for the purpose of switching between ranged and melee automatically, and why no
  22. I'm playing a Wizard and I've set it up so she'll cast spells while I manage the other characters. However I've recently encountered a bug where the game will not save the changes I make to her custom AI behavior. Since I've encountered this bug the same is now true for all party members. I cannot add, remove or switch out spells, neither can i change can i change the priority of the spells already in the Behavior list. Does anyone have a fix to this issue?
  23. First time posting, love reading all the theorycrafting that people do here. I love the added AI scripts PoE II and I had experience with a similar system in FF12's gambit system. However, I'm not that smart when it comes to setting up some great AI scripts as I often get confused by the differences between some conditionals. I'd love to hear some good set-ups or tips that people use for their custom AI scripts. I know it's difference for every class and purpose so feel free to share anything for any kind of character. I just started the game with Shattered Pillar Monk as MC. At level
  24. Despite setting my Ghost Heart Ranger's Animal Companion AI to "Aggressive", I still have to command it to attack when summoning it.
  25. Hello I was checking the ai behaviors and found some missing options that i think will improve it. Actually i can check if i have some inspiration but not for specific effects,this makes it hard to make a "buff yourself with this if the effect is not active" for example with spirit shield or arcane veil. You can add the action set with a cd and fix that cd at the duration of the effect, but an option like " only if not active" will be helpfull. Other nice upgrade would be if conditionals, and actions had a search bar so we could filter and so on. PD: of course hav
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