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Found 2 results

  1. I'm nearly at the end of the game (at Forgotten Sanctum, lvl 20 on nearly all companions) and I see abilities that either don't make sense description-wise, or are really weird to use in synergies. I was hoping for someone to change my mind, so I can have fun with new builds during a second playthrough. So, without further ado (I am playing on hardest (not PotD) upscaled, for reference, some things might only make sense for PotD: Mechanics: * Empower - I've barely ever used it. In fact, I've been spending empower points to restore class resources, but have totally forget ten about it once the Cipher got Ancestor's Memory. In what cases should I empower anything? Would empowering Hand of Breath for accuracy be a good use of empower points? * Marux Amanth on a Priest - what does echo do and what do I have to do to procc it? I guess it should re-cast my spell, but never seen it do anything. Barbarian: * Blooded - what is the point? The passive damage bonus is juicy, but why would I want to take the gamble and play on Bloodied or Near Death? How can I even control staying on low health without dying when I view the AoE heal-per-tick effects to be the most reliable way of staying alive? I was thinking I might get a good synergy with the Bloody Links armor and Barring Death's Door, but even then I get 2 or 4 attacks with the buffed damage at the expense of a lvl V and potentially a lvl VI spell (if Salvation of Time is used) which is bad. I would rather cast Champion's Boon on the Barbarian and hope for an over-penetration instead. It also plays terrible with Unflinching and the engagement bonus from Thick Skinned ( I've read somewhere it only works if healthy). * Crushing Blow - it seems terrible, as it has the same effect as Blood Thirst. Barbaric Smash at least has a chance to be free-of -cost finisher. * Vengeful Defeat and other abilities that procc on death - letting a character die in my experience means I've lost the battle either way. I know how to resurrect my characters, but usually, if someone does I'm on the backfoot already and about to lose the party soon anyway. So is there any point in taking on-death abilities? Also, is there a point in taking a resurrection ability when I can use scrolls? Priest: * Barbs of Condemnation - the debuff is identical to Shining Beacon and it targets For instead of Will. Is it fine to learn both? I find that For is typically lower than Will, so it actually has a good chance of hitting. Is it a viable spell (actually looks too good for lvl 1)? * Hearth of the Storm - why do priests even have this? Does it affect anything but Spark the Souls? * Quick summoning - is it worth it if I use only one summoning (Spiritual Ally)? Spiritual Ally has a very long casting time, but still, I'll end up benefiting from Quick Summoning 10% of the time.
  2. There are abillities which appear in more than one class, like Beer Fortitude, Toughness, One Handed Style. And they are avaiable with power level. But there is a problem with multiclassing, since you cant take a individual twice from different class. Also you probably not interested in taking both One Hand and Two Hand styles. With some multiclass combos (lets say Rogue/Fighter) it looks like you have many abillities to choose at low levels. But in fact you are limitted. Morover: Swift movment, and Monastic training are very niche passives. This is not equal for all classes. CIpher or Chanter have a few low level abillities, so there is a chance at least 1 will fit you. Rogue/Fighter have very few class specific.Ranger is another example of class with wide selection of abilities to choose from level 1. Solution: Rearange neutral class abillties to generally lower their level, maybe even keep them all at max 7. Also give 9 neutral abilitties at level 0/1: 4x defensive 4x weapon spec. Toughness. Especially Toughness is something you would really want level 1 (litterally scales with level). Bonus to elemental damage also could be leve 1. Generally all neutral passives could be just -2 power levels, and sometimes even more. "In other crpgs" it is common that at level 1 you get bunch of neutral abillities as an option, and you can pick them up whenever you want. Limiting most of neutral feats to medium/high level is hipster design. I do not think they are that powerful, to limit their avaiability so hard (at least most of them), but maybe im wrong. Solution 2: Man up, there is a balance reason it is that way. There is a case that Great Soul and Prestige could be really strong on MC, but you will sacrifize level 7 class abilities for it. Also for single class having them 4 levels earlier is nice bonus to. What you think?
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