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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I have encountered the problem: my cipher character don't get the bonus of attack from "soul whip" ability. See attached screenshot.
  2. Okay, so I see lots of posts about Berath's Blessings, lots of questions, some with good info, most with nothing. I decided to actually look into it and put together a full comprehensive list of what Berath's Blessings is, how it works, and what the options are as a result. That way all the info is in one thread, not 52 random scattered ones. First up, what is Berath's Blessings? Berath's Blessings are points that are awarded to you for getting achievements in the game. For example creating a custom adventurer will give you 1 Berath's Blessing. Berath's Blessings can be used to buy perks when you start a new game with a new character, it is NOT a new game + system. Also it is only perks, there are no penalties you can buy. How many Blessings can you actually earn? As of Patch 2.0 with Beast of Winter installed the answer is... 83. The points required to purchase all Blessings is 82, so this means you will be able to purchase all existing blessings in the game if you get all Achievements and have the expansions installed. Note, there are multiple 1 point Achievements, so you could in theory get all Blessings without "Platinuming" the game. This information will be continuously updated as the game is patched and/or new achievements or Blessings are added. Key fact! Berath's Blessings is 100% optional. You do not have to use it, so if you don't want to take advantage of it, you don't have to. To even access the menu you must click the Berath's Blessing icon in the New Game menu, so it is fully possible to build a new game without ever even looking at it. So, what are these Perk's anyway? Below is a full list of all the perks available at this time via Berath's Blessing. I am going to break it down by point cost, then the in game "name" of the Blessing, and lastly a description of what it actually does because some of them are very vague and unclear. 3 points - +5000 Starting Money: Begin the game with 5200 copper, remember you always have 200 copper at the start, if both money perks are taken you can start with 55,200 copper. 3 points - Bonus Skills: Gain +2 to all skills from your Class such as Mechanics or Arcana, it also applies to all characters that join your party. Bear in mind, it is class only, background skills get no bonus. I say +2 specifically, because multiclass characters can potentially have only 1 point in a Class skill, which if doubled like the toop tip says implies you get 1 bonus point, but you will get 2. Obsidian has not said if it was meant to be Watcher only but I assume this is by design, since the Stats perk specifically says Player Only. 4 points - Experienced Ship Captain: Start as an Expert rank Captain. Captain rank determines turn order in ship to ship combat, but has no other impact. 5 points - Fine Equipment: The wardrobe at the beginning of the game will contain a set of Fine armors (Brigandine, Robes, Leather, and Breastplate), and a set of Fine weapons based on your proficiency/class choices. 5 points - Unique Item Vendor: A unique Vendor appears in Port Maje, see below for an item and cost list. 8 points - Upgraded Ship Sails: Begin the game with two Ship upgrades, Stormwind Sails which give +15% combat speed and +15% travel speed, and Improved Warship Reinforcements which give +15 hull health. Both items work like any other ship upgrade and can be removed from the starter ship, additionally they can be purchased from in game vendors. 12 points - Start at Level 4: Begin the game at level 4 instead of level 1. 12 points - Explored World Map: Begin the game with the World Map fully exposed with no "fog". 15 points - +50,000 Starting Money: Begin the game with 50,200 copper, remember you always have 200 copper at the start, if both money perks are taken you can start with 55,200 copper. 15 points - Bonus Attributes (Player Only): Begin the game with a +2 bonus to all stats, these bonus points cannot be seen or modified in character creation, and as stated only apply to the Watcher. So about that item Vendor, he appears in Port Maje right in front of the Market area. He is standing at one of the carpets, can't miss him. Another added bit of trivia, he is also unique in that he is the only character in game you can initiate a real conversation with (dialog window) that has no water color portrait (or at least he was, until this was fixed in the patch I believe!). But what does he sell? Credit goes to Lunattic for putting this list together. While I don't personally think it is a spoiler, I will spoiler flag it anyway just to be safe. I do also want to add one thing, all of the items this vendor sells can either be found as loot, or in many cases, purchased from other vendors in the game. However, he will sell them for significantly less than the normal in game vendors will. So for those concerned a "unique" item may be hidden on the Unique vendor, don't be. I hope someone finds this info useful, it was a pain putting it together but I feel like it was worth it.
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