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  1. So I completed the game recently and loved every minute of it.. Only wish was that it was longer. I have this feeling after every season finishes, I appreciate them but I'm an addict :)


    Anyway, I started to play again as a new class and realised I should've shrunk myself to get into the Horse****er's garage.


    What happens when you go in there? Are there any good weapons?


    Did anyone get Chef's PO box key? What do you get with it?


    Is there anything to do in the U move place apart from opening the front gate to open the storage facilities?


    Also what happens when you get all the Chinpokomon? I read in the game that there is some surprise.


    I can't go back to my old game as I used autosave. Both games are at the stage where I'm trying to recruit the goths so it will take a bit of time before I get there.


    Thanks for any replies.. I think I'll leave it a few months until I play as I don't want to blow my funny fuse.

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