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  1. No, all your saved games should be saved to Documents\My Games\South Park - The Stick of Truth\save

    What operating system are you running? Have you tried running the Stick of Truth as administrator?


    Embarrassing as it sounds Im using XP and yes I plan on improving soon just to lazy. And I should be the administartor there is no other then me on the computer. I will check and see hope that is the case.

  2. Hello their I'm new to Obsidian forums and I just purchased South Park: Stick of Truth. I'm not having any problem except I can't seem to be able to save my games. For example sometimes I can't even click on the "save game" or "load game" button they appear not clickable when I press the escape button. But when manage to click it which Iv notes I can when I click Main Menu and get a caution window about losing my save until last checkpoint and yes or no question then I press no and can access the save and load. But when try to save my game I get a caution window about overwriting my saves etc and option "Yes" or "No". I click yes but then another caution window pops up and says "File was not found".... Is this common?

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