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  1. Thank you both! I've abandoned this build a bit as I had more fun with my other Cipher/Ghost Heart character, but I want to develop this more and see how it fares at least until the end of the noob island. I'm liking the Trickster part, but I am not so sure about the Chanter subclass in the end - I simply do not seem to be critting that often! Right on, I'll drop it to 10 and bump PER. I will consider this, but I don't see it on paper. Skald could be critting a fair amount with high accuracy and hit-to-crit conversion, his non-offensive invocations are just as expensive as the Troubadours and his offensive ones are way cheaper. In addition he does not lose linger for his phrases. On the other hand, the Troubadour does not need to make it his priority to crit as often as possible which does make things easier and more flexible.
  2. For sure, had this problem as well. One of the two things might help you: For reasons unknown, the gamma slider in options is reversed. If you want to make the game brighter, set gamma to lower values. Equip torches. If you have them equipped, but they don't give light, switch weapons and switch back and that should fix it. Mine always stop giving light when loading. That is true, but it's not really necessary... It took me a while to figure it out but I think the torches are bugged and stop shining from time to time (loading, changing lighting in graphic options, maybe changing areas?). But they shine just fine with dynamic lighting off, you just need to unequip and equip again (or switch weapon sets). As for ambient lighting, yeah, the 'Lights' option does make you lose some. Now the gamma thing is just plain bad design.
  3. Hi, I am jut starting the game and considering how many times I have restarted already... I decided I need help. I will try to limit my questions only to what cannot be retrained later. I found PoE1 chanters a little bit boring, but now that a) there is multiclassing and b) chanters are awesome, I decided to recreate a kind of Bard I used to play in D&D-based cRPGs. These used to be rather squishy, but extremely versatile and with access to Wizard defensive and meele-enhancing spells on top of double wielding they could be extremely competent fighters. I think a Harbinger captures the essence of this better than a Warcaller so I'm trying to roll with that. What I'm having a problem with is deciding on the right subclasses as to be able to start the game without fear of wanting to restart again in a week. I am not willing to min/max and I would like to minimize the dependence on summons (but get some just in case) with the focus being double-wielding damage dealing and crowd control. I am going to play on Veteran with Expert mode. On the Rogue side Subclass: I think I'm pretty set on Trickster for RP reasons as well as access to defensive spells. None of the other subclasses strike me as particularly appealing although vanilla is an option. Any recommendations? First abilities: is there an obvious reason to pick Crippling Strike over Escape or vice versa? I'm asking because these are the things that cannot be retrained. On the Chanter side Subclass: I cannot decide between Skald and Troubadour. On one hand, some non-offensive invocations look amazing and that makes Skald less appealing. But if I farm enough crits, the Skald downside should not be a problem and Troubadour's downside is even worse. On the other hand, with Troubadour's modal, his downside should also not be a problem. So what gives? Is either one clearly better than the other in terms of the Invocations they can use and their cost? Starting abilities: I'm pretty set on the shield breaking invocation, but what about phrases? Are the first-levels any useful? Race & Culture: Aedyr Human Starting Attributes: Mig: 13 Con: 8 Dex: 15 Per: 15 (probably needs to be higher than that for Skald?) Int: 16 edit: actually it's 15 Res: 12 Sorry if the question is way over-analyzed for what it is but the amount of possibilities in this game does not make it easy! Especially with the fact that the subclass affects quite a lot but cannot be re-trained. Cheers!
  4. Could we get an option for lights that does not involve dynamic lightning and shadows? The 'Lights' option is a massive resource hog with all the shadows and flickering and whatnot. But if it's off, the light sources don't do anything and the game becomes extremely dark! Is it possible to add an option to have simple cones of light around the torches etc. without all the dynamic stuff? The attached pictures are form Port Maje governor's mansion, showing the difference between Lights option on and off. The lights are necessary to see anything, but they also kill my framerate. Turning off lights just disables any kind of lightning effect altogether. Can't there be something in the middle?
  5. After the very latest update plus an update of Nvidia drivers I have to say that the game is playable in native resolution for me - not stellar, but definitely playable. I don't know which one made it so, but nonetheless thanks for still working on it!
  6. Oof, that's tough. Yeah, but I'd expect to be able to turn down model details and lighting effects far enough to be able to play the game on any relatively modern PC. I find it weird that Obsidian would sacrifice playability at the altar of eye candy, and then not let players do anything about it. Especially seeing how good Infinity Engine games with their static 2D backgrounds look even nowadays when stuck with a hi-res mod. I hope something changes in future patches, I really thought I was on the safe side here and I don't fancy buying a new PC just to play the game. What kind of screen do you have? At 720p the text is really bad on mine (1080p). Which is weird, I played Torment on this at 800x600 and it was perfectly fine. Did you have to tweak it in any way? I'll try playing around with resolution some more.
  7. Hi everyone, I just started Deadfire and I'm getting ~20 FPS just walking around on the first island. The first fight itself was much worse, and even the inventory is annoyingly unresponsive. Now, admittedly, I'm running it on a not-very-high end laptop: ThinkPad T440p with i5-4330M, GeForce 730M GT and 12 GB RAM (at 1920x1080). Then again, it is an isometric RPG that was supposed to run similarly to the first game, which worked just fine. I saw the pinned thread, but that procedure did not really help much - and anyway, it seems like it's aimed at people who aren't getting as much performance as they should out of their gaming rigs and not necessarily those who effectively cannot play the game. So has anyone managed to get a stable ~30 fps with a lower-end PC? Is there anything more I can do other than massively decrease resolution (not really an option since the text is barely legible then)? Can I expect some sort of patches on the way, or is this it? I backed both Pillars games and this is a major letdown. Of course, I can't expect it to run on any POS computer I find at the scrap heap, but it's still an old-school isometric RPG so it boggles my mind that it would be doing this bad.
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