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  1. Wookiepedia Also Removed Team-Gizka & Cut Content

    Wookiepedia has also removed them. Wookiepedia found that the cut-content is not considered canon. Their belief is that: Since it was cut from the game, the events never happened. They also have a similar belief as Wikipedia about the mod team and cut-content.


    I thought this information was important for posting, for it does bring up some questions and considerations. Since 'Team-Gizka' is said to be restoring 'cut-content', how do they 100% know that they are getting the story right? How do they know the order of how the dialogue should be played out? Do they even know if their translation of the cut-content is a correct interpretation? If they are making assumptions on how the cut-dialogue lines and events should be played, how does this constitute as a restoration effort.


    If 'Team-Gizka' doesn't have all the facts about how the storyline should play out, we are only getting their 'fan' interpretation of elements that are trivial. Fan-Fiction!

    They did? How very odd...

  2. 1. If we cannot use their progress report as a countdown to release, why the hell should anyone wait around for water to boil?

    You shouldn't if you don't want to.


    2. Why do we owe them praise of thanks when they haven't released any other story mods, which we can use to measure the type of success this group has had or not?

    You can't. You can only rely on our word.


    3. Does anyone besides me think this whole project is one big laughable con? I mean seriously, who in their right mind would waste 2.5 years on a game mod, which doesn't contribute to anything in the real world? If someone came up to me and said, "I spent 2.5 years on the development of a game mod." I would say, "Since you spent so much time on a game and nothing serious, why the hell should I hire you for my company?" What a big waste of time.

    You'd be surprised of who would. But really. As been said before, the team doesn't have to give anything. They don't need fan support. It's being done because they want to. Not because everyone else does. If suddenly the world turned a blind eye towards the project, it wouldn't do anything to break the mod in the slightest.

  3. And no one seems to have noted that the bug that went was the Major one, which seems to have been solved in a day :D



    Which makes us wonder...


    I should probably have noted that it was meantioned as being a repeat of an older bug. so I'd assume they already knew how to solve the problem-hence it being solved so quickly.

    The classification of bugs is the worst way to determine the length of time it takes to fix it. A major bug could take 3 minutes to fix while a tweak can take 3 hours to fix.

  4. Honestly. There is baiting going on on both sides. All I see is ignorance from both parties...let me clarify two things for Mr. Slayer and then lets drop it. Okay?


    Team-Gizka is wasting their time.

    Most people outside the gaming industry would think that. So you are technically correct. But it's our life to waste and to us, it's not such a waste. Personally, I think playing tennis is a waste of time. Perspective, people...


    Obsidian did a great job on "The Sith Lords". Gizka should respect the work in which was done. What a wasted lifestyle.

    Agreed. They did do a great job on the game...and technically, by restoring what Obsidian was forced to cut, they are respecting Obsidian since it's their work and these things were things that were cut which is paying respect to the storyline that Obsidian devised. It makes their work, their script, the actors VO not go to waste. Make sense?

  5. I hope Obsidian doesn't do KotOR 3.  Not because I don't think Obsidian couldn't do one justice but after the KotOR 2 fiasco I want nothing to do with KotOR and I think that Obsidian would be better off doing other games with other publishers than deal with the craptastic Lucas Arts.

    The problem Obsidian had were that they were a brand new developer and working with a powerful company like LucasArts really takes away any backbone Obsidian had, which led to the cut endings and rushed production. But after being around for a couple of years, they've become more experienced. The storyline in K2 was pretty confusing if you only play it once and a still a bit confusing even after a few playthroughs. Obsidian started this whole story with the True Sith and all that, and I believe that only Obsidian can end it and since it's their story. Obsidian was able to pick up from BioWare simply because K1 didn't have such an open end. The story was Malak had the Star Forge and it's a threat. Piece of cake.

  6. Actually, wasn't that just optional? If so, that also means it's possible that Revan and Lashowe never retrieved the holocron from the belly of the Tukata mother, or that only Lashowe retrieved the holocron, and gave it to Master Uthar. Just thought I'd point that out.


    From what I remember, you never had to do the Tulak Hord side quest. I still did it my self though. I'd say that if Revan retrieved and kept the holocron, then he/she has still got it with him/her (assuming Revan lives still) or if Revan did not retrieve the holocron or he/she did and gave it to Master Uthar, it's been lost and/or destroyed in the civil war that took place on Korriban shortly after the JCW.

    In terms of canon, it's assumed that Revan completed every quest in the game, provided the choices made were light sided or neutral.

  7. Only heard of it, but hardly saw it in game so far. So answer would still be no. Have only found mask of sith lord back in first KotOR game, though.

    Aletena actually sumed it up. Like the sword of Ajunta Pall, Revan retrieved the holocron from the belly of a Tukata mother (with the help of Lashowe), and either kept it or gave it up to Uthar Wynn. Either one was probably destroyed during the Sith rebellion.

  8. Hmm the keeper of Records is wearing the Exact same robe as Ateris in Episode 2, only a slightly diffrent colour. Wonder if that Robe is considered Cannon, and where lucas got the idea from hmm ...  :brows:

    I think you got it backwards. AOTC was made before KOTOR II. The record keeper in E2 was Jocasta Nu. K2s "keeper of the records" Atris was inspired from the movie. Lucas (or whoever designed the costume) did not get it from the game but it was the other way around.

  9. It can be interpreted many ways. Personally, I think it's referring to before Jedi Civil War when Nihilus was "created" in the first place. Theory: He was a Jedi at Malachor V. Exile activates the Mass Shadow Generator. Nihilus escapes by containing his conciousness in his armor but the echo from the Exile affected and thus Nihilus was born.

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