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Status Updates posted by Musopticon?

  1. A new traditional WRPG?!! Oh man, urge to come back rising...

    1. Musopticon?


      Bah, let's get this Thesis business out of the way first.

  2. Enjoy your short stay.


  3. I doubt there is need to report now. Thanks Hades.

    That PM was just annoying. The PM box freaking private, I want ****ing bots out of it!

  4. get to facebook, butt-for-face!

  5. Drunken rage! Or is it...?

  6. Zoma! Don't fall into the japtard trap! The downward spiral of eroge and fanboyism will kill you, believe me, I own a copy of Tsukihime and Fate/Stay-Night! Hang in there!

  7. You should feel THE LOVE.

  8. For some arcane reason, I hd always pictured you as just under 20 years old! lolwut

  9. You've become so funny that it's scaring me.

  10. Also, ********s

  11. I assume some of you were responsible for the largish prune of the latest Eddo-thread.

    I salute you. I got the guy to smile in his latest picture and now he looks even more of a retard.

  12. Wonderful! So, you finally accepted my irresistible masculinity and fell for me?

  13. Welcome back, you rascal you!

  14. Commenting just for the heck of it. Have at thee!

  15. Get active again, Captain


  16. *ignores TA*

    Uh-huh butt of Beyonce after banging. Red and spread all over.

  17. hah, you butt-for-face!

  18. You are doing that just fine by yourself.

  19. After you mentioned ****ting dicknipples, I'm wondering if I should hit on you or hit you. God****.

  20. get out of Pide's box! We's got cuffawkling to do!

  21. I'm happy that my content is all about space marines and sausages.

  22. I added you, also: Check the web for BoB 2: The Pacific. It's going to be awesome.

  23. You two damn well look alike when I say so!

  24. It is my duty as a forumite to sow seeds where they can flourish, to comment where I must and to post whereever the hell I want. And this comment box needs all those. Why isn't there comments here anyway?

  25. You admitted to being a hippie!

    Hey, everyone, a hippie!

    *points and laughs*

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