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  1. 7 hours ago, xzar_monty said:

    I cannot comment on WotR, but P:K also had stats bloated to a ridiculous extent. The game also cheated against the player quite a lot. This was mean-spirited, ungenerous and completely uncalled for. Now, my question to you all is: have you seen anything similar in any other cRPGs anywhere? I have not. Games should be neutral, but to the extent that they divert from neutral, they tend to divert so that the benefit is on the player. P:K's approach was totally the opposite.

    What do you mean by cheating? What does the game do?

  2. 9 hours ago, Lexx said:

    I the whole town looks like a creepy cult site because it's just not real. If this location would be real, it would be the most fakest town ever, and I guarantee the people living there must all be neighbors from hell.

    While yes, LiS1 (I haven't played LiS2) also has its fair share of hipster stuff, it was still 100 times more down to earth than what this game is doing. It's like they had a huge checklist of hipster stuff and worked through it from a to z.

    The next point on my list is the dialogue. Everything feels so off. There are lots of awkward pauses up to a point where I wondered if they forgot to correctly master the cutscenes. These awkward pauses underlined with a creepy teeth-smile that every character has, makes it feel like you are interacting with aliens who pretend to be humans. 

    You have to make the right choices to get the real ending, where they reveal just that.

  3. Quote

    On Sony's blog, the developer says that Knights of the Old Republic Remake will be a "console exclusive on PlayStation 5 at launch." Lucasfilm Games later confirmed that the game will also come to PC.


    So, not a full slap in the face, maybe just a creepy caress?

  4. 1 hour ago, kanisatha said:

    What I hated most about DA:I was constantly having to kill packs of wolves. Cannot go anywhere without running into them as they constantly respawn. The generic enemy respawning needs to be hugely toned down.

    This is also a problem mostly with the Hinterlands, and the desert oasis area with the shards where you have to go through the same place several times.

    In the Hinterlands it's completely possible to end up fighting the same group two times in a row, because you didn't move away from their spawn point fast enough.

  5. 47 minutes ago, Theonlygarby said:

    Trying dragon age Inquisition again.  I like the writing.  Surprisingly I think the controls are actually worse on computer than console... which surprised me.  It does have the million quest markers problem but I'm trying to deal with it

    The trick is to leave the Hinterlands and visit the other areas ASAP. They're much more sparse.

    And to not take quests from the requisition people at camps. They're infinite.

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  6. 4 hours ago, bugarup said:

    Yeah I snickered at this too. Like, aren't they supposed to be covert from-the-shadows operators? Gotta be tricky to ambush someone when your dress is screaming "LOOK AT ME, I AM FROM THE ASSASSINS GUILD!!!!!" :banana:

    What kind of bad guys organization would they be if they didn't have uniforms?

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  7. They're currently in a bundle with -22%, that's 75€ for me at the moment. That's still pretty steep for a 20+ year old games.


    I'm hoping I'll get 5 and 6 for free, since I got the old versions they're apparently removing...

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