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  1. I'm coming back a little late to this, but the physical attacks this character puts out are so effective that it's kinda putting the rest of its arsenal to shame.  And the bear is super useful as a resummonable tank.

    I'm kind of leaning towards abandoning the Bloodmage aspect altogether which is ironic considering I started out trying to complement a caster build, but oh well.

    Looking at either pure ranger now or something else.  Boeroer your Bleak Walker idea is actually really interesting now.

    Question though: does Sworn Enemy stack with Marked Prey?  Edit: it does, sweet..

  2. 18 minutes ago, dgray62 said:

    I was considering hiring a warlock (berserker/blood mage) companion with Rekvu's scorched cloak as a companion to my MC, who would be built using thelee's Firedancer build. The idea is the warlock could run into the empowered storm of holy fires (with a serious burn to reduce fire AR ) and be healed while surrounded by foes.  I like your build idea, Yosharian, but I wonder if the cloak is somewhat wasted on a ranged build. It seems like you instead want it on a melee caster who can jump into the midst of the fray and cast fireballs, walls of fire combusting wounds (if confused) oneself while surrounded by foes. But perhaps I'm missing something.

    I mean you say that but upgraded Dragon's Dowry deals 15 fire damage on a 15% chance per attack, it's not insignificant, also there are not many other good cloaks available for the build

    Trolls Stitched heals 5hp per 12 seconds, DD will deal more than that back to my guy in fire damage right?

  3. L01 [PL1] 
    L02 Resilient Companion
    L03 Vicious Companion
    L04 [PL2] Gunner, Two-Handed Style (Wizard)
    L05 Marksman
    L06 Protective Companion
    L07 [PL3] 
    L08 Merciless Companion
    L09 Predator's Sense
    L10 [PL4] 
    L12 Stalker's Link
    L13 [PL5] 
    L14 Practiced Healer
    L15 Driving Flight
    L16 [PL6] 
    L17 Survival of the Fittest
    L19 [PL7] 


    This is what i came up with for passives, no idea which Ranger actives would be useful really

  4. 3 minutes ago, Raven Darkholme said:

    sRanger is a good mc for blood mage but I would not go Arcane Archer, either go classic ranger or sharp shooter.

    Still less "good" than a single class but the pet and some of the ranger passives synergize very well with mages.

    Why don't you like AA?


    I was thinking of using Maia for this build so Gunhawk is an option


    ALso if you could elaborate on those passives I'd be very grateful

  5. 27 minutes ago, Raven Darkholme said:

    Hm I never tried Fury Shaper but in my opinion a single class Fury Shaper is much better, because the PL8 Ward is just insane.

    Maybe the multiclass is more interesting as you say, but since the mage already gets a lot of spells and can be played in a very diverse way I kind of doubt it.

    (Not everyone is gonna use the same spell every encounter or at least you don't have to)

    I worded the line about the regen weirdly.

    What I meant is that the blood mage passive regen is already scaling with PL, so other sources of increased healing can make it very powerful, Dawnstars Blessing, items with increased healing, Mercy and Kindness from the chanter etc

    what's dawnstar's blessing?

  6. 30 minutes ago, Raven Darkholme said:

    Hm as far as i remember from Scordeo's recovery also applies to reload time, no recovery = no reload.

    Blood Mage multiclass can be really good in a solo play (even tho I would not recommend Arcane Archer), but in a party I honestly would keep it single class.

    The main reason to multiclass a blood mage would be better sustain, but in a party you should have enough sustain as single class.

    You still get healing from corrosive Siphon and later Concelhauts Draining Missiles.

    You can boost the PL scaling BM regen by quite a bit if you really want to, but you also have the option to use bdd potions with wall of draining (should not be needed if you have a priest in party).

    The PL 8 and 9 spells are just too powerful and even solo a single class bm is a serious consideration.

    Yeah this was my worry, that I'd be losing much from multiclassing and not gaining all that much, however perhaps multiclassing e.g. Fury Shaper is weaker overall, but more interesting?  I'm only playing on Veteran, so having the ultimate build is not necessarily the endgame here.

    Also "You can boost the PL scaling BM regen by quite a bit if you really want to" can you elaborate on that

  7. So I got a Blood Mage build, this is what I got so far (was considering using Fassina hence the unique culture), this is just posted as a reference since it's mostly stuff from the old build that was an Evoker:



    Race: Human (+1 MIG, +1 RES)
    Culture: Vailian Republic (+1 INT)

    Ability Scores:
    MIG: 15 -> 15
    CON: 07 -> 10
    DEX: 15 -> 18
    PER: 18 -> 18
    INT: 19 -> 19
    RES: 04 -> 05
    Active: ?
    Passive: ?
    Endgame Equipment:
    Grimoire: Ninagauth's Teachings (unique spells)
    Ranged: Dragon's Dowry (Fire damage on self) [Volatile Runelock, Blazing Fury]
    Armor: Fleshmender (HP regeneration) [Boiled Leather, Poacher's Tackle]
    Belt: Girdle of Eoten Constitution (+3 CON)
    Feet: Boots of the Stone (Resistance to MIG afflictions, +1 DEX, +1 RES)
    Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves (+2 DEX, +1 Arcana, +1 Evocation PL)
    Head: Acina's Tricorn (+5 Ranged ACC)
    Neck: Amulet of Greater Health (+25 HP)
    Ring1: Ring of Focused Flame (+10 ACC with Fire keyword)
    Ring2: Ring of the Marksman (+1 PEN, +4 ACC with Ranged weapons)
    Shoulders: Rekvu's Scorched Cloak (Fire damage heals while injured)
    Note: apply the Frostbite or Serious Burn injury using Frost or Fire spells on self.

    Might: Resistance (Boots of the Stone)
    Constitution: n/a
    Dexterity: n/a
    Perception: n/a
    Intellect: n/a
    Resolve: n/a

    L01 [PL1] Fleet Feet
    L02 Spirit Shield
    L03 [PL2] Infuse With Vital Essence,
    L04 Mirrored Image
    L05 [PL3] Combat Focus, Llengrath's Displaced Image
    L06 Two-Handed Style
    L07 [PL4] Flame Shield, Secrets of Rime
    L08 Scion of Flame
    L09 [PL5] Farcasting, Ryngrim's Enervating Terror
    L10 Llengrath's Safeguard
    L11 [PL6] Chain Lightning, Heart of the Storm
    L12 Arcane Reflection
    L13 [PL7] Tayn's Chaotic Orb, Spell Shaping?
    L16 [PL8] Wall of Many Colors,
    L18 Spell Resistance
    L19 [PL9] Minoletta's Missile Salvo, Prestige
    L20 Tough

    Important Spells:
    Level 1: Fleet Feet, Spirit Shield, Slicken*
    Level 2: Miasma of Dull-Mindedness, Mirrored Image, Infuse With Vital Essence, Curse of Blackened Sight*
    Level 3: Llengrath's Displaced Image, Ninagauth's Death Ray*, Fireball*
    Level 4: Minoletta's Concussive Missiles, Ninagauth's Shadowflame*
    Level 5: Ryngrim's Enervating Terror, Llengrath's Safeguard
    Level 6: Chain Lightning, Arcane Reflection
    Level 7: Citzal's Martial Power, Ninagauth's Killing Bolt*
    Level 8: Wall of Many Colors, Wilting Wind*
    Level 9: Minoletta's Missile Salvo, Meteor Shower*


    So as you can see, it's a primary caster that fires nasty ranged physical damage when it's not casting spells, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it basically.

    My issue is that since I moved from Evoker to Blood Mage there's a lot of empty levels since the Empower talents are useless.  So, I considered multiclassing.  I want something to complement the ranged attacker style of the build without moving away too hard from the caster style.  Things I was considering:

    1) Barbarian, probably Fury Shaper: I read this and was inspired (thanks Boeroer):



    You can try to multiclass with a Berserker or Furyshaper:

    Frenzy (faster casts, more dmg - if Berseker due to Tenacious: +2 PEN)
    Bloodlust (you will kill a lot and often benefit from even faster casts)
    Frenzy Ward: even faster casts (stacks)
    Blood Thirst (this is the bomb - no recovery after kills with spells...)
    Spirit Frenzy (Stagger foes with all spell dmg)
    Savage Defiance (emergency heal)
    Brute Force (pick the lower defense automatically which is great)
    Fear Ward: great for not getting attacked in melee while casting
    You will lose Power Levels (2) and the high level spells - but you can spam spells like crazy at a certain level. It makes for a more interesting experience during the mid game but I think it's lower endgame power due to the lack of those very impactful PL8/9 spells. However - Blood Thirst + spells like Delayed Fireball (with the support of Magran's Favor + Sun & Moon + Gloves + Ring) just make me laugh. I also like to stand in my own fireballs with the Fractured Casque + Scorched Cloak + an injury. Look really Warlockish and heals my buttocks while I'm nuke-spamming the heck out of everything around me.


    Not interested in Berserker, but Fury Shaper looks interesting.  My issues with this are that I'm not sure how it will interact with a firearms user since they don't have 'recovery' per se, I'm wondering if that recovery reset will get wasted a lot of the time, also does Frenzy / Frenzy Totem even affect reload times?

    2) Ranger, probably Arcane Archer or Gunhawk: initially I looked at Ranger for obvious reasons, Gunner talent and other good stuff. However I'm wondering if this is gonna complement the spellcasting that much, really.

    3) Don't multiclass at all and just keep it single class cos the gains aren't worth it?

    4) Chanter or Monk?  Dunno.

    PS: I'm not interested in any of the other classes

    Thanks for reading

  8. 14 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    I don't understand. You can never have 0% recovery (only when having Blade Cascade or similar effects). Maybe you mean you'll have 0% recovery penalty from armor?

    That only means that you have no penalty from armor. That penalty prolongs your normal recovery time. But Mob Stance will not reduce that armor penalty (only Armored Grace and some pets do that) - it directly shortens your recovery time no matter the armor.
    Even if you are butt-naked a Great Sword still has 4 secs of recovery (at 10 DEX). Mob Stance would directly shorten that recovery time.

    Contender Armor does the same: it lowers recovery time directly, it does NOT lower the penalty. So even if you reach a recovery bonus that balances out the pentalty you can still stack more bonus because then you are actually faster than naked. Same is true for Miscrean't Leather and Devil of Caroc Breastplate. They reduce recovery time directly, NOT the recovery penalty.

    It may still be the case that you don't need Mob Stance - but maybe not for the reasons you thought. It's effect is quite limited if you are not fighting a lot of enemies at once. It is noticable if you are surrounded though.

    Generally speaking you can't have too many recovery time reducers or action speed buffs. THey have linear returns so more is always better. What you mean might happen if you take Armored Grace and an armor-penalty-reducing pet while wearing a very light armor or robes: once you are at 0% recovery penalty  it makes no sense to stack more. But that's not the case with Mob Stance, Contender's Armor and so on. Everything that says -x% recovery time or +x% action speed is good to have and will benefit you. You just have to decide if it's worth the cost. 


    Ah right.  I was thinking to have Armored Grace, Contendor's Armor, and an armor-penalty-reducing pet.  I'm not sure if Mob Stance would have much benefit then, because I only have limited engagement slots.

    I also don't know how much DEX would be optimal in this situation.  I thought 15 DEX would be best, but I'm not sure.  I'd have to reduce my STR to boost it more.

  9. Alright I updated the build again

    Some thoughts:

    1) spare discipline will be spent spamming mule kick or clear out depending on whether im against groups or single enemies

    2) cipher focus is on casting affliction-causing spells that are boosted by void helm and the empty soul, any spare focus will be spent spamming puppet master, re-upping borrowed instinct and casting ancestor's memory lategame... if i end up being unable to use up my focus then i'll switch out superior deflection for disintegration or something

  10. 5 minutes ago, Boeroer said:


    Right, so I'll stick with Cleaving Stance.  I'll have 0% recovery, so I don't need Mob Stance, and I won't have a lot of Engagement slots anyway.

    I must admit that Psychovampiric Shield looks ace, but I'd have to ditch Fighter Stances for it.  Not sure if that's worth it.. maybe it is?  It looks to me like it will be really good against bosses and tough opponents, while Cleaving Stance is just a 'win more' button.  Maybe I will go for it.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Haplok said:

    Personally not a fan of the various Fighter Resistances you've picked: Body Control, Fearless, Unstoppable. Highly situational and effects ca be gotten from items, food, spells or Chanter Invocations. So I see some room. I'd pick Ectopsychic Echo ASAP (same as Secret Horrors). Mule Kick or even Hammering Thoughts could wait.

    Charge is also situational - quite expensive for what it does. I guess some mobility would be nice. But maybe its not so urgent.

    Well, I figured Charge will help me interrupt enemies when I'm not near them, maybe I can't get to them in time to use Mule Kick.  I get Discipline back from Interrupts.  Secondly, I thought Charge would be useful to escape bad situations since I don't want to be flanked and I'm not going to have Disengagement immunity.

  12. 20 minutes ago, Haplok said:



    Btw., no offensive powers on the cipher, just CC?

    Not even Disintegrate?

    Also I'd push Secret Horrors higher. I'd want to use it ASAP on a CC character.

    Well I figured I'd be using all my Focus on my other spells, and be spending Discipline on physical nukes (e.g. Power Strike).  I don't have much experience with Cipher lategame because I never really used them a lot.

    Which powers would you ditch/keep?

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