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  1. I am having this bug, regardless of the number of party members (4 or 5). Pressing "1" selects all party members instead. Seems like this could be fixed by adding these options as a bindings option?


    I remember posting this bug already last week but could not see it? I apologize if this is a double post. 

    Save file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5aftspki66x8qpi/Boonkyo%20%28Tikawara%29%20%28452499b8-bb06-4dd7-94af-ab34e18c38f0%29%20%28757345748%29.savegame?dl=0 

  2. Bug: Marshall Forwyn is not in Great Hall (Battle of Yenwood); Crowd is not outside great hall (A Return to Court) 

    Repro notes: Appears to have been initially caused through beginning of Return to Court. At that time, the crowd was present but I had already clicked the entrance to Great Hall, causing the crowd to dissapear when I returned. 

    As for Forwyn, I was able to talk to him about backing the army but did not yet have an ally for troops. Now that I have sufficiently rep with Knights and Dozens, Forwyn is missing. 

    Consequence: Neither quest can be progressed as neither Forwyn nor the Crowd are available. 

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