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  1. I agree with anyone who says that Revan was beyond Good and Evil. Revan had a passion for justice and fairness that was nowhere to be found with the Mandalorians, the Republic or the Jedi Order and thus he waged war on them all. He was neutral. A seeker of balance.


    Also, him fighting the Republic to "prepare it" is really unrealistic if you think about it. Anyone who knows war knows that war always weakens the nations involved. By doing what he did, he didn't prepare the Galaxy for the True Sith, he only weakened it. Maybe he's not as brilliant a strategist as Kreia thought.


    Your forgetting something very important - Revan had the -Star Forge- to strengthen it back up duh - he just needed everyone to follow him and that was the only way to accomplish it. (the war)

  2. I also installed the media update patches (music and video), but noticed no difference. I may be wrong about the music, but the rendered scenes are still shown in the same resolution as before (640x480). I have the latest patch (1.0b). Can someone clarify this for me? Do I have to change any special settings to make the videos actually show in higher resolution/quality?




    I think your monitor has to support 1600x1200.

  3. I'm hoping this won't be considered a hijack.


    I can't seem to get the patches off of the nZone site.  More specifically, I can't get the .exe files.


    My default setup is Firefox 1.0.7 w/ GetRight, but I've tried downloading without GetRight, Firefox 1.5RC3 with & without, IE6SP1 with/without, and even tried FTP.  Is there some issue that I might be having, though I can download .exe files from other sites, or is it something with nZone?


    Working here on firefox

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