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  1. Health costs are the #1 cause of Bankruptcy in America. 80% of bankruptcies due to health costs are people with health insurance. Socialised health care IMO is the only way to go. It works pretty well in every country that has socialised health care.


    Im sorry, but I dont feel like waiting in line just have my leg check. If I have the money I can go to my own doctor.


    As for unemployment, the way Canada handles it is you pay into it on every paycheck, the government invests that money so you gain interest for it as well, then if you happened to get laid off, or can't work due to injury(If you quit or are fired, you're inelligible) then you get a weekly income based on how much you paid into the unemployment fund. When you run out of money in the fund, you're **** out of luck. I think this is a much better way than trying to save money yourself, because 80%(number pulled out of ass) of people are incompetent when it comes to money, and thats not a good reason for them to be screwed over if they happen to get laid off.


    There trying to do that in my state, but im sorry Social Secuirty, Medic care, and other taxes on my paycheck is too much.


    As for Narcotics, you can't win the fight against drugs. All that money going into prohibition of drugs should go into harm reduction instead, such as safe injection sites, needle exchange, and drug education. Marijuana on the other hand should just be legalized and taxed like tobacco is.


    Yes lets make drugs legal so we wont have a problem sending addicts and sellers to prision.


    Why dont we let murder legal because it will lower prison population and lower the murder rate?

  2. Dude, the U.N. will one day become the Federation and be the only thing keeping the Romulans and the Klingons from coming in and pushing us around



    Thats the point. I dont want the UN to become a world government. Like for exsample is the EU. In a few years the EU will become one big giant nation.

  3. Well, call me crazy, but when an organisation allows the worst human rights offenders to join its club, I don't tend to take its views on human rights quite so seriously as I might otherwise.


    And dont forget this wonderful UN didnt believe the deaths in Sudan was genocide. ;)

  4. Im ready for you:






    For John Bolton:


    We need some one who will clean up the UN. We need some one who can slap the UN in the face sometimes. I believe I got the best picture for this:



  5. they all had to, it wasn't something he approved off, though


    I don't remeber people being forced into the Hitler Jugend :(



    In 1936, your automaticly join the Hitler Youth unless you pay a fee. Then in 1940, you a drafted into the Hitler Youth. He joined in 1941.

  6. It would be in everybodies best intrest if we stopped talking to B5C.


    He's already made his mind in politcs and god talks ot him(not the other way around)! He's a radical conservative christian, which means Jesus couldn't change his mind. so lets get on with this and be constructive among ourselves  :D





    I maybe Christian, but in a fundelmetalist sort a way.


    Im a Neo Conservative.




    You all need to read that book. If you all want to know the truth about Neo-Conservatism.


    We are Wilsonians with steriods and we follow these points.


    * Advocacy of self-determination by ethnic groups

    * Advocacy of the spread of democracy

    * Anti-isolationism, in favor of intervention to help create peace and / or spread freedom


    By placing a democratic state in Iraq is helping the world. By providing another peacefull democratic state in the middle east will stableize the region and plus start re-start the flames of freedom in the middle east?


    Do you think the Ceder Revolution in lebanon would have catched on without the democratic state in Iraq? We now have women asking for the right to vote in Kuwait. The Kurds and the Student movement in Iran is much stronger now than 2 years ago.

  7. Five guys in the same outfit, a uniform of sorts you might say, carrying the same make of gun. Seems to fall under the Geneva Convention to me.

    A bunch of Arabic looking men with guns. Not in uniform or clearly marked, and no indication of what side they're on. Pro-US, not terrorists? Anti-US, terrorists?

    A man clearly in uniform, though with his face covered. Wearing an indentifying headband. Geneva Convention!

    More covered heads, but all wearing the same clothing... a uniform of sorts. Two of whom are wearing headbands that... that... indentify? Geneva Convention.



    They are not the military of the Palestians. They are terrorists.

  8. That is false. No ties between Saddam Hussein's regime and any terrorist organization has been found so far. Just like no trace of WMDs has been found.


    You did it for the oil.

    Killing for resources is the oldest form of war. At least be honest.



    If this was for oil. Why in hell my gas prices are at 2.50 a gallon?


    Palestinians Get Saddam Charity Checks


    (CBS) Saddam Hussein has distributed $260,000 to 26 families of Palestinians killed in 29 months of fighting with Israel, including a $10,000 check to the family of a Hamas suicide bomber.


    In a packed banquet hall on Wednesday, the families came one-by-one to receive their $10,000 checks. A large banner said: "The Arab Baath Party Welcomes the Families of the Martyrs for the Distribution of Blessings of Saddam Hussein."



    Hussein: 'Americans should feel the pain'


    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- In an open letter to Americans, other Westerners and their governments, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on Saturday condemned the United States and Arab leaders who "rushed to condemn the event" of Tuesday's terror attacks on New York and Washington.


    "What happened on September 11, 2001 should be compared to what their government and their armies are doing in the world," Hussein's statement read, blaming 1.5 million Iraqi deaths on economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations.


  9. But we're talking about September 11th specifically, here. I'm not saying he wasn't a bad guy. His government, however, wasn't the one most closely linked to the attacks. I don't believe any of the hijackers were Iraqis, either.



    Their mostly Saudies, but we did bomb Afgainistian. Where they are orginal trained.

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