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  1. Hi All,


    I just wanted to find out if this is a bug. I searched on Google and I found a lot of issues with this Quest but nobody mentioned this yet...


    Situation as follows: Quest Name -> Against the Grain.


    I offered Sweynur a round of drinks I go then and negotiated them for free but the game still charged me 6 cps?



    As far as I can see here:




    My hero has got Honest 1 so it should be free?



    "Get a round of drinks for them, ask Pasca over at the counter for free drinks if you have 12 resolve or an honest disposition of at least 1, else it'll cost 6 18px-Copper_pand_icon.png?version=ca97fd. You can use your own drinks if you have any. Bring the drinks to Sweynur. [Diplomatic] approach now resolves the feud, without requiring any attributes."


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