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  1. Description of the issue:

    All entries in quest log, both quests and tasks, were wiped after fight with Medreth. Quest log restored only after full game exit.


    Expected behaviour:

    Quest log stays intact and updates appropriately.


    Steps to reproduce:

    I am unsure if this is repeatable, but this is what I did to the best of my recollection.

    1) Quick saved near Medreth after letting Nyfre leave.

    2) Talked to Medreth, lied about Nyfre leaving north but did not meet the requirements to pull that off.

    3) Combat started, straight away quick loaded to see differences between conversation options.

    4) Honestly told Medreth about Nyfre, combat again.

    5) BB Rogue got maimed during the fight (anything could be relevant...)

    6) Opened quest log, appeared to be empty.

    7) Went to inn, rested, created new save.

    8) Tried loading the earlier quick save, quest log still empty.

    9) Full game exit.

    10) Loaded the save from after resting at inn, quest log is now restored and seems to have progressed as expected.

  2. Description of the issue:

    Mouse scroll does not change zoom level at second floor of Dracogen Inn, but instead only moves object highlights.

    On zooming in, highlights pop out of their correct location and enlarged transparent silhouettes of characters and doors are projected close to their actual location.



    Expected behaviour:

    Mouse scroll zooms in and out. Object highlights stay attached to the objects. Characters do not project giant ghosts copies.


    Steps to reproduce:

    Currently I am not able to reproduce this. I noticed the odd behaviour after entering the inn's second floor for the first time. When I then went back downstairs, zoom was working normally. I entered the second floor again after exiting the game and zooming seemed to work normally again.

    DxDiag included for system details. DxDiag.txt

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