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  1. I was looking through my extensive collection of star wars books the other day, and started thinking back to all the different series. For exampe the Jedi Academy Trilogy, The Thrawn Trilogy, Rogue Squadron... I have to admit, Rogue Squadron was probably one of my favorites. Dang, I used to want to be an X-wing pilot so bad. I think the Wraith Squadron sub-series was my all time fav. Just curious what you guys think.

  2. Visas, definately. The handmaiden isn't that tragic, yeah she kinda had a tough childhood. Sibling rivalry really sucks. However, I think Visas's story of having her whole homeworld wiped out, and then being taken as a slave by some really creepy dude who can't even talk, is a little more tragic. Of course I'm biased because I think Visas is pretty hot, and am not at all impressed by good ol' buzz-cut brianna.

  3. Waru? I had forgotten all about Waru!! I'm not sure about endor/forrest moon thing, because Admiral Ackbar (coolest fishman ever) says "the forrest moon of Endor". Now whether that means the actual forest moon is named Endor, or it's just a nameless forest moon in the Endor system is beyond me. :thumbsup:

  4. I just saw it. Having not read Miller's work, I didn't know what to expect. I was actually kinda dissapointed how it turned out. I don't mind garbage in a story that serves to tell the story, but it seemed like this had violence just for violence sake. It was Ok, i guess, but i don't think it was worth the 7.50 I paid to get in. If you liked the comics, you'll probably like the movie though, and it did get a lot of good ratings, so maybe I just missed the point *shrugs*.

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