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  1. *smacks drabek into turning on his gmail*

  2. my watch is lovely, thank you

  3. drabek, you need msn, its where all the cool kids hang

  4. but laozi, you said you liked things up your , what did you call it? oh yeah, a 'poop chute'

  5. Drabek! I need more joe Jackson songs!!

  6. Get online, mofo!

  7. Having Don back is like x-mas in June!!

  8. best personal photo evah!!

  9. turn on your freaking MSN!

  10. quit clicking on your own profile!!!

    you too ron!

  11. best personal photo, ever!!

  12. so, Darque, how do you pronounce your name? Is it like Dark or Dark K?

  13. where o where has our ghostie gone?

  14. i'd rate you a six if i could, buddy!

  15. Hey Jules! What's shaking?

  16. she's cute and funneh!!

  17. I'll comment you, bastardos

  18. this new stuff is confusing....

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