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  1. whatever happened to the numbers man?

  2. you're so anonymous on here now

  3. so, fishman, are the Oil set for the start of the season?

  4. nobody except you, noob. don't lie and say you didn't hit on her. the proof is in laozi's comment section dumbass

  5. learn to spell first and then we'll talk about it, spammer

  6. lose the e-stalker, or we're through laozi

  7. quiet, forum whore

  8. You would have been proud of my wedding speech Laozi. It was the like the birth of legend stuff.

  9. my brother is getting married tomorrow. can you write a 'welcome to the family speech' for me by about 9 in the morning? just post it in the comment section of my profile. lol

  10. got it and listening to it with Piddys' songs. Thanks!

  11. Krookie :

    hahahah the one "in the blond" as if you're WEARING the blonde. haw haw haw


  12. and whats the postal code on your new cardboard box?

  13. do you live in texas, btw?

  14. i'm pretty sure you can use the word mother without it being screened

  15. what she thinks is irrelevant, dumbass. It's what I tell her that's important

  16. laozi, you keep this up and you can have the halfwit!

  17. i told you boi, stay away from my women!!

  18. don't worry, one day the magical internet fairies will show you how to work your computer

  19. stay from me ****er


    what's that supposed to mean to those of us who speak human?

  20. stay away from my e-bitches!

  21. laozi just asked me to give the old 'cyber reach around'

  22. i'm glad to hear you don't wear berets, Ron, there's hope for you yet!

  23. how's the hangover?

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