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  1. You know, Krook, you should phone Microsoft every day and say 'wheeeeerrreeessss mmmmyyyyy xxxxbbboxxxxxxxxx?'

  2. so, I read you've been flying your UFO all over Texas...

  3. You are sorely missed during our CoD4 missions, Krookster.

  4. Haha, I set my alarm clock to open with the Big Star version on the morn of the 25th.

  5. Jeez, lookit how these homos spam your comment box. Sounds like a mancrush to me, Krook. And congrats on the mike!

  6. omg that made me sound like such a homo

  7. I'm digging it, although I haven't played it in a day or two. I'm looking forward to giving you some covering fire in the near future...

  8. checka youra hotmailia!!

  9. You know, I wrote something really witty about theurging in here yesterday. I must have forgotten to post it .

  10. Buddy, get a new NHL disc. Pronto@!!##@@%

  11. A to the W to the O to the L, boi!

  12. Monday night, my bad brother from a different mother!

  13. Jags you need to clear out your pm box

  14. If she wants to dance and drink all night, well there's no one that can stop her!

  15. The sad thing is, its not the kids that are making the Oil bad. It's guys like Staios, Stoll and Greene who are sucking the life out of the team.

  16. I dunno, Kyle, Minnesota have no games without a point yet and Gaborik isn't even going! They could be the team to beat.

  17. Leave him alone, Laozi! His ball team is just about in the world series!

  18. Fantasticalitios!! Here's hoping the evil trolls don't destroy your village and kill everything you hold dear.

  19. Hey, how was A-town? Did you get all drunk and stoopid for your b-day?

  20. let's go spam up the NHL08 thread

  21. I predict Mats Sundin will miss ten games this season. And still end up with seventy points.

  22. nah Krookster, I haven't fired up the 360 in a few months now...

  23. How are you doing, Piddy?

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