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  1. Oooh, a bakers' hat!! Your parcel = awesomeness. As long as that disc isn't full of sea and cake songs

  2. hey! Her hair grew back you ****!

  3. Is David Cross that bald guy from Arrested Development with the glasses?

  4. Not yet, the coke must have set off the dogs at customs

  5. tell me your CoD disk isn't broken!

  6. I need more Kevin Devine songs, Drabs!

  7. I can answer your question for Laozi. No, because half of the bands at SXSW are already signed, and everyone there is a 'hipster', as he likes to call them.

  8. The cardboard box I call my home has no fixed adress!

  9. With OJ Simpson or Sammy Sosa as the ref!!

  10. wow, i never realized what an **** Karl Malone is!

  11. Haha, that's usually a sign that I'll also be PM'ing the mods for my password! Just like at tADS!

  12. Not to sound like a queerbot, but you're the only person I can connect to on that game.

  13. Mescaline, young hookers and old Fraggle Rock reruns.

  14. Why must you make me relive the agony, horror and panic that accompanied the great appearance of the giant Stay Puft Man? I closed the book on that chapter of my life ages ago. Damn you all to hell.

  15. I took two weeks off starting at the end of next week. You'd better be ready to play the **** out of those new maps, Jags.

  16. And you'd better get me a GO t-shirt, mofo.

  17. and which city are you referring to? Gayville?

  18. hey we've got CoD friday coming up!

  19. U look so purdy in your picshoor

  20. You can find bacon on nearly any street corner in Vancouver. Just watch out for the heroin park.

  21. Hey, what happens in the ghetto stays in the ghetto, man.

  22. that's such horse****, man. Damn UPS!!

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