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  1. Hey Laozi, I just wanted to say I hope you're doing okay, send me an email sometime if you get the chance.

  2. Sorry I had to bail on you there, Bok. I'll be back online in a couple or four hours, hopefully.

  3. You ship that sexbox off to microsoftland for repairs yet? Modern Warfare 2 is less than a month away!

    meatshield for hire!

  4. She had a red red scarf around her neck

    Her eyes were green her hair was black

    Ooh she can drink down whiskey

    Ooh she can hunt down food

  5. I see you picked up the latest Call Of Duty game. thoughts? Impressions?

  6. have fun in Mexico, Laozi. And don't become another tourist victim!

  7. I'm doing well, pal.

  8. Seasons' beatings, pal.

  9. Man, what are your thoughts on the Oilers this season so far, like ,man?

  10. I take it they deleted your thread in WOT?

  11. who watches the watchmen?

  12. I'm bored with the internetz. Dont take it personally

  13. Didja get that last song I sent you, Drabs?

  14. We'll have to work on those counting skills of yours, pal.

  15. Laozi has jumped across the pond, I'm afraid. I don't know when (if?) he'll make his way back to the internetz. But I can still dole out ****ty relationship/life advice if you want, pal!

  16. Keep on keeping on, pal!

  17. hey, you can only have your property impounded so many times before it quits being fun and starts to be an annoyance

  18. no worries, drabs!

  19. awww **** did I jinx the Cubs chatting with you the other night:(

  20. I can't here GO's Midnight Voyage without thinking of you and I driving around cruising for teh ladies in a t-room trans am. Sporting mullets, mustaches and oversized ray-bans. Did I mention I picture this occuring in 1982?

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