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  1. I'm in an entrepreneur class where we need to design and write a business plan and prepare ourselves for starting a new company.


    The idea I have is to start a graphics outsourcing company for the casual game, casino game market, and maybe in the future, AAA game titles.


    I put up an explanation of my business idea here:



    and the survey is here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ChQN...QT5FpQ6EQ_3d_3d


    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to fill it out. It's really short - just a list of names and another question.

  2. It's a perfectly sensible Sith name - with a touch of Roman classicism for good measure. Nihilus, with the root 'nihil' is the source for lots of juicy evil words, like nihilism, Annihilate, etc...


    If all character names were chosen with this much care and attention to detail, fantasy fiction would benefit as a whole.

  3. I agree that the future of mini-games should be more integrated with the general game-play, which is why Pazaak was genius. If you want to play cards, you can, if you don't you don't have to, and playing cards would be something that people would do in a Cantina.


    The gunner game could have been improved by having a means of bypassing it, and by having in-game consequences attached to a player's performance.

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