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  1. Apologies if this has been previously addressed, but not having much luck with the search function. Currently am playing Trial of Iron and have reached the point where I can enter the Pit, though I have a few outstanding character questlines and all of the White March to go.


    I understand that Trial of Iron mode only allows one save game, and have read that in this mode, the final pre-Pit autosave before the endgame is overwritten during the course of finishing the game in the dungeons below.


    But most of this information is from posts dated 2015, so wondering--Is this still the case, that is, if I want to play White March or other unfinished content with my Trial of Iron party, should I plan on doing so before jumping in?


    Thanks very much for anyone who can help me with this. I would very much like to complete the main storyline before playing the expansion.

  2. Sorry if this topic has been previously covered but I am new to the game and just trying to absorb everything.


    Obviously, to get to Defiance Bay, I have to build the corresponding structure, but other than that, can I just walk away from this pile of increasingly entangling responsibilities? (I am role-playing an anarchist-artist who would never choose to become a 'Lord of the Manor,' and also, the amount of time devoted to dealing with everything stronghold-related was extremely distracting for me in an earlier test run. )


    So, I suppose my actual question is, if I walk away after building the first structure, will I still have to deal with the bandits, the ensuing events and quests, the politics, etc?  I can see that as something worth doing at some point, but I'd prefer not to on this first playthrough.


    Thanks in advance for any insight, and thanks to Obsidian and community backers as well for this superb RPG.

  3. Ok all of you, please don't off-topic my thread to death.  And picking on an old and venerable dwarf is just uncalled for.  Volourn's been making forums more fun for a long time...


    if you think Trollourn makes forums "fun" you need to stick with that forum you originally quoted from. (w00t)


    V. is the reason i rarely go to rpg forums anymore--not that anyone cares-


    he's always there, always hijacking everyone's threads with his Bioware obsession, always ROOFLing..okay, maybe occasionally he's funny, but first you have to suffer through an endless monologue of why he's right and everyone who doesn't agree with him is totally and completely a "moron"


    --and i'm leaving again before he lambasts me with some insane and illogical megacrap --!!


    btw, your post was extremely amusing and very indicative of life on the internet.

  4. Well, I'm doing my usual pre-weekend crawl thru the internet searching for crpgs--this one has apparently just shipped in the U.S. It's supposed to have been out in Europe for awhile. Reading the description, it's hard to tell how much "'RPG" is in the mix. I know combat is realtime--just curious how combat-heavy it might be. I'd be interested in any feedback.


    Also, anybody heard of a turn-based fantasy strategy game called The Dominions? I believe it's Swedish.

  5. To return somewhat to topic:


    Baldur's Gate is a fine game and a landmark series in crpg's, but it did not do everything right--no game does. Hearing it extolled endlessly for it's perfection is tiresome. Unfortunately, there are Bioware fans just like there are Trekkies--beings worshipping at a shrine which they somehow feel gives them validation.


    To say that Baldur's Gate did eveything better than IWD is partisan and inaccurate.

    My early post in this thread was an attempt to get some positivity going for what I feel was a very under-rated game. I don't play very many games over twice, (let alone ten times or a hundred times ) and if I enjoy one more the second play though, I think it deserves a word of praise.


    But why is it necessary for BG's prestige to have to put down IWD, it's developers, it's publishers, etc ad nauseum? Can't both games co-exist on their own merits?

  6. I have to agree that if you are looking for story-driven games, Arcanum. Fallout and Planescape:Torment have to top the list.


    Baldur's Gate is more of a lifestyle than a game-I have sampled each and finished only the original and TOSC-the endless micromanagement of characters through huge long-loading maps tossed the replayability for me and having infinite options to fetch and carry and argue with scripted NPCs is not more interesting to me than strategic combat. But anyone who is into rpg's at all has to consider this a landmark series.


    Divine Divinity does indeed feel pretty story-driven, contains some memorable characters and is very dialogue heavy for a title that is probably most properly classed as an action rpg.


    Diablo and D2 are addictive and challenging games but I can't in all conscience endorse them as story-driven. The best cinematic cutscenes evar tho. NWN kind of falls in here for me, too, being all about lewt and making your character into a god. NWN does have a somewhat stronger story element, but realtime and crummy dialogue options make it basically combat driven.


    Lionheart?????? :( Like ToEE, marred by the spectre of what it could have been if not ruthlessly shafted by developer/publisher problems and the need for greed.

    Both those games had some great strengths and possibilities but end up just leaving you feeling...used.

  7. As ar as the music I am clueless, but totally agree about the game experience.


    Due to the absolute lack of decent pc games right now I decided to replay IWD/HOW. I am at Lower Dorn's Deep at the moment, and I can't say how much more I am enjoying this game the second time through.


    This game has been dismissed as hack n slash and a "dungeon-crawler" as if that was some kind of stigma. Personally, I appreciate these qualities--the gameplay is fluid and transitions well with a variety of challenges, and the element of strategy, so often neglected in recent games, is crucial to survival. I remember liking the fact that I could roll my whole party at the time, but now it really stands out as a major feature after playing so many games with minimal involvement in character creation and the dreary cartoon cut-out Chosen One PC thing.


    If this game came out today, it would be RPG of the year.(not that there is any competition)

  8. If it is its a port, besides its not a CRPG.


    Since the HoMM series has absolutely nothing to do with CRPG's, and since Nival is a totally different developer than those you cited, I fail to see how your comments have relevance. Are you suggesting that every game that Unisoft publishes will have a bug which erases your hard drive? That is fatuous at best.


    For those who have played this series, the fact that it is not dead is a good thing. Perhaps it won't be the same as it was, but at least they have picked a developer who has done turn-based and has some potential to reincarnate the general jist of the game.

  9. Well, the link to the official Ubisoft site appears real, and the date of the news announcement is March 30th so i am hoping this is the real deal.


    Ubisoft did buy the rights to all of 3DO's Heroes properties back when that studio folded, so it can be expected that eventually they will release some Heroes games. 2006 would be nice, tho.


    More info on the release at Celestial Heavens, the HoMM fansite:



  10. I've heard a lot of hot defenses of pc over console gaming and vice versa but this is the first time I've heard it suggested that console gamers have less likelihood of being laid. ;)


    I think we need a survey on this issue. :geek:


    Seriously, gaming seems to be a problem in many relationships--not in mine, since my sig other has a corresponding t.v. addiction and we respect each others' personal obsessions, but it's a sad commentary on our times and mores when a person's choice of relatively harmless amusement disqualifies him or her from social acceptance. People seem to have some control issues getting madly out of hand--or else a bad case of superficiality.


    It's also amusing that a Troika product should be the downfall of the original poster--no need to blame it on your p.c. or your own gaming skills--the last Troika game(ToEE) I played was crash to desktop and pathing lag and lock-up to the nth degree. Stick to the older games with a lower end p.c.--and eventually upgrade when you truly lust for a game you can't resist.

  11. Glad you enjoyed it. I got the impression from the publisher's blurb that it contained some rpg elements--a society of pixelated characters within a computer world threatened with some evil or other? anyway, once it hits the shelves i may check it out--also the review you linked. it would be refreshing to play a non-Tolkeinesque rpg for a change (even though i always miss the pointy-eared elves and woodland dwelling rangers when i do.)

  12. I spotted ads for this game online as an import to us in the states, so it is available here, and as i recall the price was around $30.00--i also thought the plot sounded quite unique--am interested to hear any feedback from those on other shores who have played it.


    (unfortunately with my dial-up, downloading most demos is unrealistic. i would buy the game most likely tho if it is not in shooter format -- and not a bug-laden crashfest)

  13. u72title.gif


    I might have had a shot of Eye of the Beholder and Zelda: Link to the Past before but Serpent Isle was my first proper play of an RPG.  It took me about 6 years and a walkthrough to finish it.  I remember fondly the old days, wandering around Serpent Isle without a clue of what to do, endlessly trying to get through that swamp without falling asleep and going into the strange wibbly land of dreams.


    In retrospect I have to say I really dont enjoy games as much as I used to.  I could blame it on falling standards but the truth is I've just played too many games now and my brain won't let me enjoy them as much anymore.


    It's just a burned out phase--i've been there, looked uupon the scum of third rate games with sad tired eyes, shuddered as i searched desparately for a game in my collection which i could replay yet again, then decide that insomnia was better...but i become addicted again whenever the right game comes along so hang in there.



    as far as 'my first', it was the Nameless One. Unforgettable, just like they say :cool:

  14. rotten maggot infested bread would not be my first choice, no....


    but i am not too proud to refuse to sample a game that is developed by people whose past games i have enjoyed just because it doesn't fit into my idea of a genre--i enjoyed my diablo addiction, then i got over it and seldom play it now. but it definitely had no maggots.


    therefore i am curious to see what the boys turn out, even tho i am not fond of first person gameplay or real time combat for that matter.

  15. The jam on stage with the drunks was priceless. Only downside is I cant get the songs out of my head now.


    as long as they're suitably bawdy, that could be a good thing :blink:


    thanks for the mini-review SP--this is a game i've been following since the first notice over at rpgdot.


    btw, was this the pc demo you played i assume?..did it seem significantly dumbed down control-wise? that's my major worry, with the console/pc hybrids.

  16. Blizzard might not make CRPGs but they make stable, fun, well-supported games. Which is good enough for me.


    They have yet made a game I consider fun.


    well, you have yet to make a post that I consider fun, so apparently you have something in common with the Blizzard ex-team. :blink:


    I'm with Monte Carlo on this one. With such a dearth of gaming goodness for pc, it certainly sounds like a game worth following.

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