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  1. If you found that difficult, try playing as Mira through that part of the game. I found it impossible. I had to exploit shortcomings in the AI to get through it.


    It isn't that hard. Just slap on a melee shield, and shoot him down. Or you could just run him through the mines with the occasional Rapid Shot.


    Be careful though, even if Mira can't make the mines go BOOOM, she can still be hurt when Hanharr does.

  2. I just love the Whatchmen. Huge amounts of HP (CON) huge amounts of skills (even more useable in KotorII) and Neak Attack (always usefull IMO) and the hybrid thingy.


    But honestly.. I've never run out of force at higher lvl's (then again I have never played a 8 WIS char either...

  3. Anyway - my believes are that true evil, is neutrality. To sit idly by while te world rushes by, is truly sinister. When your not doing something to help the world (in the case - the galaxy) your automaticly un-helping it (lol)...


    how can "sit idly by while the world rushed by.." be truely sinister, thats probabally the... *blank* est thing ive ever heard, if your truely sinister as you say, you would make the world worst and much other stuff, not by just leaving it be :(



    My meaning was that even if you just went out and killed every sucker you see, you would still keep evolving the world, and the force. Doing nothing (guess what) doesen't evolve the force!



    Ironically, you repeat Kreia's position. "Apathy is death."


    I didn't realize that.. but it's still my official position.

  4. I've tried adding that cheat thingy on my PC, but I just can't get it to work. Maybe I'm just plain stupid. First of all, I don't know where to put the "EnableCheats=1" line? I've tried to put it right under the "[Game Options]" headline.


    And when I enter the game, I just really don't know what button to press.. could someone give me an explanation ( for example: locate your M key, then go 3 keys to the right, and 2 keys down).




    KSE, or Console, nothing else to explain its something which is self explanitory


    What a useless reply.








    Instead of making a new thread, I wanna know if the last dialogue with Kreia is the one about if she knew Revan? Beacuse I want to know if it's worth increasing inflence with her.


  5. I mean You will never find a jedi Robe on Peragus and the difficulty of the enimies increases with ur level i think, so why cant the items?


    I have found robes on Peragus. Right after Kreia left Atton and myself I found a Baran Do Novice robe, and on another playthrough I found a Padawan robe...


    I think the system is too random though.. how many Sith Troopers carry around Bindos Band?

  6. IMO means 'In my opinion'


    To get to HK-47 the fastest, go to Nar-Shaddaa first of the four Jedi Master destinations.


    However, it's not a good idea to rush through the earlier stages of the game focused entirely on one object, such as getting HK or jedifying a favourite NPC.  It makes the game feel shorter and more broken.  Stop and smell the roses. :)



    Been there, done that...




    Thanks, btw!

  7. Hi!


    This playthrough I want to have as much influence with Kreia and HK-47 (Kreia comes first, then HK). I just want to know what planet(s) I should go to to get HK-47 asap.


    Thanks in advance /SDL 3




    [Edit]: Just a small question: Does anyone know what IMO means? I've been trying to figuer that out for ages now...[Edit]

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