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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs, and I'm sure it's been remarked on already, but in the first conversation in White March pt. 2, where Deryan tells you about the Iron Flail, siege weapons is spelled "seige weapons".
  2. *shrug* I'm at 42 security and they never successfully defend it without some losses. It's a minor niggle, but annoying to keep rebuilding my sodding walls (if I don't want to drop everything and rush in to smack the attackers)!
  3. I'm just venting my frustration here, but what's the point of recruiting defenders for the keep if they can NEVER EVER defend it. Every single time I auto-resolve an attack with just defenders, and I have some damned good ones, I always lose at least one upgrade along with getting some debt. Also, not that I need the money, but even with all the upgrades and defenders, bandits always take 2/3 of whatever taxes you raise. If you wanted to have a stronghold that is meant to actually get better.. well.. you blew it. The reason I'm miffed is, that I was meh about this on the first playthrough, but with both expansions out and there being supposed upgrades to the stronghold management, it still just plain sucks. Great game otherwise, I just don't understand how you messed this up so badly, even after apparently tinkering with it.
  4. All speed items are useless now. The effect resets after every single dialogue, combat, zone transition etc. It's a shame, too.. I updated my GOG version to 1.03 just before looting the boots of speed. Oh and they are found .
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