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  1. Darth Nihilus

    This guy killed Katar; an entire 'planet', with the Force. Enough said.



    She is a contender, but she was a Jedi Master, and was the Order's Archivist before the first collapse, so she would have to be somewhat formidable.


    Count Dooku

    We know that Dooku was a former Jedi Master, and was also an expert duelist and a master of the Makashi stance, which would make him deadly to other lightsaber-wielding combatants.


    Darth Maul

    He was a mere apprentice, and yet was skilled enough with a Sith blade to kill a Jedi Master. I think that speaks for itself.


    Darth Malak

    He was cunning enough to kill Revan once, and was able to muster an army that almost toppled the Republic. He was able to corrupt legions of Jedi Knights with the Star Forge, and was a powerful combatant.


    General Grievous

    This would be the obvious winner, except for the fact that he wasn't a Force user, which means that his decision to wield lightsabers as weapons was an extremely poor one. My vote would definitely have to go to this moron.



    We know that Revan was one of the most powerful Force Sensitives who ever lived. He was also a strategic and charismatic genious. There's no way that Revan's in the running.


    Mace Windu

    Mace was a Jedi Master, and was able to go toe-to-toe with Palpatine. He mastered the most difficult lightsaber stance, as well, so I don't think he's much of a weakling.



    Are you kidding me? Sion was 'immortal'. He could not 'die', which means that he's one of the most powerful, as well as twisted, Force users who ever 'lived'.


    Luke Skywalker

    He was the most powerful Force Sensitive of his time, was the son of Darth Vader, and resurrected the entire Jedi Order. Enough said.

  2. Crying? Um no shh, your a fanboy who finds Star Wars characters "hot". To defend Architech, who has hardly done anything to yourself, may I ask do you have a girlfriend? One who has wouldnt be talking about Star Wars characters, especially pixels in such a way, and one who has a girlfriend wouldnt be posting lame pictures of himself weilding 2 kiddie lightsabers, or as his sig.


    That's not entirely true. I have a girlfriend; been with her for over a year, actually, and I think Mira's hot.


    Just saying :-.

  3. Ok...it took me 3 years to finish this game...well...I did put it aside for a while, but anyway I just finished it and have a few things that are loose ends in my head.


    What was the point of the cut scene between the droids near the end? I had the impression there was going to be conflict with Goto's droid but the game never went back to it.

    There was a sequence where HK-47 and his HK-50s confronted G0t0.  It was cut.


    In the Library of the Jedi compound you meet a NPC, I forgot the name, that you seem to remember from somewhere....I don't think I ever did follow up on that. Did I miss something important?


    Only if you played as a female character.  The Disciple is a party member, if so.


    At the Sith acadamy there are some doors you needed to blast open. Again, I forgot to go back to them and when I remembered I was already outside the academy and could not re-enter. Same question...did I miss something?

    Not particularly.


    Where were the assissin droids being made? I assume that was a quest that was deleted from the game, but I want to make sure.


    The HK Factory in the basement of the Telos Military Base.  It was cut entirely.

    Anyway...I'll run through it again, I think I did a bad order for the planets. I got most of my party way too late in the game for them to be helpful. I did Goto's planet, (name escapes me), last. That is a mistake.


    Just have to see what patch NWN2 is up to.....damn buggy game that one is.


    Happy New Year y'all..........


    Ps ..any good mods for the game?

  4. The title of 'Best Star Wars Game of All Time', for me, at any rate, is a toss-up between Tie-Fighter and Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. No game since Dark Forces II has featured Force Destruction, which is still the funniest Force power ever created. There's something about roasting twenty stormtroopers with a giant fireball that just speaks to me.

  5. HK-47. Give him Charric (that beastial +4 disruptor rifle) and Master Sniper Shot and he'll just tear through enemies. And besides...well...he's Hk-47! I'd be a crime not to use him!


    And by the way, Mandalore is a terrible ranged character. Because you can't take his armor off, and that armor prevents any Dexterity modifier above 0 from factoring into his Attack rolls, he ends up missing an awful lot. No, use his Strength Implant and give him a nice sword or something.

  6. Light Side gets Master Heal, which is EXTREMELY nice, but overall Dark Side wins for raw power. Because there is no cap on Storm damage like there was in Knights of the Old Republic 1, you can can just do absurd damage with enough modifiers, killing entire groups of enemies with just one or two uses.

  7. Love can very easily lead to the Dark Side. Strong emotions of all kinds have the potential to bring you to darkness.


    But this is the great problem with the Jedi Order. Passion, anger, and love are all human and thus bring greater power and understanding to those that allow themselves to experience these things. The Jedi purport to help other human beings, but how can they do this when they do not think or suffer like others? The Jedi have good intentions but are unknowingly arrogant and blind to the extreme.


    Just my two cents.

  8. She was very ignorant and small-minded before Revan came along, but after her ordeal, be it Light or Dark Side, I think she was able to really open her mind. Even now she remains loyal to the person that helped her achieved a higher understanding.

  9. Yoda was hilarious in the old trilogy, but in the new films he just drives me up the wall. The scene where hes breaking all of Luke's stuff and cackling is just pure physical comedic awsomeness. But wow, is he lame in the new trilogy or what? It was better when he only occasionally said thing backwards. BAD idea to make him speak backwards EVERY DAMN LINE.

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